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Thursday, October 29, 2015

The Blues

Not sure if it is the time of year, my age or returning from a 50th class reunion but there seems to be a case of the blues hanging around here.  Low expectations, low energy, high weight, lard butt......  Or maybe it is the whole political atmosphere.  I think I hate this mess we call a democratic process.  Cut throat, meanness with a huge dash of self centered narcissism.  But be certain I do not want socialism, fascism, communism or any other ism or dictator.  I would just prefer things be a bit more civil.

We do not have cable so no Fox nor CNN in this home.  That does not keep the crazy from seeping into almost every encounter we have.  Doctor offices have one or the other on screen while I sit waiting for an exam.  No wonder my blood pressure is always high.  I do not work at not caring much any more as I, as an individual, really have no impact.  I, as a senior citizen, do not have the wealth to influence an election.  So I am finding it easier and easier to just not care.  To sit and stare at Netflix.

There was a time when I actually thought I could make a difference in this world.  I worked at district, state and a little on national levels on child abuse, social justice issues and even The International Law of the Sea.  No more.  I will recycle, drive my hybrid part of the time and a gas guzzling Jeep the other part of the time.  I will attend our grandchildren's activities with pleasure.  I will contribute to specific needs within trusted organizations.  I will travel and show respect of others.

circa 9/1963
But do not invite me to talk politics, 'cause most likely you really do not care what I think.  You are really only wanting to spout your views.  Most often those views sound like clips from Fox or CNN, not something truly researched.  Nor are the views coming from life experience.  Growing up poor was the norm in my life and most around me.  You would not know that from hearing the views now.  We grew up when jobs were abundant, blacks were just beginning to reach for equality and the future seemed bright.

Once I was young.  Once   .......  I believed ............

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