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Monday, November 2, 2015

The Little Red Dot

There are two blogs I use for an outlet.  The first one is this Google owned blogger, a blog publishing service.  The second is on the Wordpress blog service.  I have not summoned the courage desire to develop my own domain.  Maybe it is because of the little red dot.  If you are on blogger you may be familiar with the red circle in the upper right of the google browser screen.  I am addicted to seeing the circle turn red.

Yes, this is my addiction, the Little Red Dot.  Why am I addicted?  The reason is pretty simple.  It is a notification of comments made by visitors.  It also notifies of bloggers I follow through Google + that have a new post to read.  So I read the comments left by visitors.  I visit other blogs and leave comments.  This is the community of encouragement in the cyber world.  This is one of the main sources of encouragement for my writing.

The Red Dot is there waiting for me to click.  Then I revel in reading the encouraging words.  Or the words of helpful critics.  All the words are for continued and improved writing.  Reading the other blogs, also, are forms of encouragement.  Encouragement in new forms of writing.  In introduction to different styles and types or poetry.  Of course the photography blogs give new standards to achieve.

Probably the greatest encouragement comes from finding so many nice folks sharing their talents, thoughts and surroundings.  Bloggers all over the world sharing in common interests.  People reaching out to each other through their words and photos.  Bloggers becoming cyber friends and then meeting face to face to share one another's cultural.  In a world where news cycles attempt to give the worst face to 'others' a click on the Red Dot brings a world of encouragement.

Be sure to go over to The Spin Cycle to give some encouragement by reading the posts.

Thanks to The Spin Cycle Host Ginny Marie

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