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Tuesday, November 3, 2015


Carpe Diem #849 Yaks

The following is from Wikipedia:

Yak physiology is well adapted to high altitudes, having larger lungs and heart than cattle found at lower altitudes, as well as greater capacity for transporting oxygen through their blood[13] due to the persistence of foetal haemoglobin throughout life.[14] Conversely, yaks do not thrive at lower altitudes,[15] and begin to suffer from heat exhaustion above about 15 °C (59 °F). Further adaptations to the cold include a thick layer of subcutaneous fat, and an almost complete lack of functional sweat glands.[13]

Compared with domestic cattle, the rumen of yaks is unusually large, relative to the omasum.[citation needed] This likely allows them to consume greater quantities of low-quality food at a time, and to ferment it longer so as to extract more nutrients.[13] Yak consume the equivalent of 1% of their body weight daily while cattle require 3% to maintain condition.[citation needed]

Contrary to popular belief, yak and their manure have little to no detectable odour[16] when maintained appropriately in pastures or paddocks with adequate access to forage and water. Yak's wool is naturally odour resistant."

The above description of the yak sounds appealing.  Really like the no odor part.  The animal is beautiful in a majestic way.  It will only eat grass and not seeds so it is difficult to take on long trips.  That is okay as I do not think I will be travelling by Yak in the near future.

A yak is not an animal that I have ever seen except in photos.  If one looks at the primal astrology characteristics of yaks, well, I have met a fair share.  The folks born in late April to late May see the world in black and white, will not take no for an answer, not compromising, focus on the future, and much more. Click here to read more of the traits.  Yes, there are folks like that.

a gentle being
gazing across alpine grass
stands steadfastly

©  petra domina

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