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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

a conversation

Hey, Dude!

How's it going for you today?  I can only imagine the sadness you feel as you look at the mess we humans have made.  Repeatedly people, good people, people in line with the purpose of this Creation have set an example of how to live.  We either kill them, mock them or accuse them of being weak.  Worse yet we worship them.  We humans make idols as the only ones that have ever known 'the right way, the only way' to worship.  Then the ultimate insult is to wrap a relationship in nationalism.  I see it in so many religions of the world.

In the beginning were we to worship or just to be friends?  The person that rose up 2000 + years ago that I am most familiar was a Jew.  No where in those teachings do I read anything but love to others.  An appreciation for kind acts.  An appreciation for universal love and acceptance of others as worthy of love.  We humans pervert the words of  'the prophets' to justify killing, wars, hate, judgement and a myriad of acts rooted in hate.

So this morning I am here just to say good morning.  Hope today goes better for all of us.  By that I mean moving toward love of others and a true friendship.  I'll do my very best to have your back.

Your friend,
Petra Domina
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