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Sunday, December 20, 2015

Silent Night

Public school Christmas programs were very common, almost the rule in the Bible Belt states of the US in the previous century.  For compassion toward persons of other faiths and non-believers lawsuits have eliminated these programs.  Now it is a winter programs. This is fine by me.  I do not want others cramming forcing their beliefs on me so why not have that same respect for others?

I digress.  Back to Ms. Thompson's Latin I and II classes of December 1961 and 1962. The last day of school before Christmas break we sang Christmas carols in Latin.  Adeste Fideles was one we sang in church so that was easy.  Silent Night required more thought even though the words were printed on the mimeographed handout.  Bits and pieces of the words come to my mind some 53 years later.  Thank goodness for translators to help fill in the missing parts.

   Silens nox, sacer nox
   Onmes est queis, onmes est lux
   Circum mater et puerem
   Tam tener et mitis
   In somno pacis caelestis
   In somno pacis caelestis

Today's challenge is to distill all the verses of the song Silent Night.

quite night
newborn child shines forth love
peace's hope

©  Janice 'petra domina' Adcock

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