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Saturday, December 26, 2015

the creek

Carpe Diem Special #188 Georgia's 4th, another choka

Bastet’s Choka Experiment: Meditation – Rhyming Choka : 7-6-7-6-5 repeated 3 times…rhymes in couplets until the last line.


reflecting, meditating
my thoughts contemplating,
watching the leaves blow around
without hearing a sound
looked at in simplicity
observing the east and west
there I began my day’s quest
thus I discovered death
with a baby’s breath!
I think babies born today
have just finished dying
from the world that they knew well
living that awful hell
we call being born
then, I saw death everywhere
for which I have no care
leaves and insects, passing days
a simple passing phase
why then should I fear

© Georgia (a.k.a. Bastet, 2013)

the creek

nighttime crossing of the creek
tears trickled down my cheeks
thoughts of those we lost this year
wishing them to be here
crisp air below
midnight moon sets mist aglow
rippling of creek waters
strokes hair of the daughters
memories bittersweet
music from the street
sings of life and days of old
again love story told
forgiveness and sacrifice
never once thinking twice
on the creek does flow

©  Janice 'petra domina' Adcock

It is impossible for me to not tell some of the backstory of this choka.  The weather was unseasonably warm around mid and latter November.  Three groups of the family had gathered for an early US Thanksgiving. During the gathering the temperature had taken a 30 degree F. drop.  On the return ride to our home we always cross over Brushy Creek.  As we approached the creek steam was rising several feet above the waters engulfing the road and bridge.  A beautiful sight in the moonlight.  The muses have been running amok pushing me to write about that night.  I hope they are happy now. 

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