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Tuesday, January 19, 2016


For about three days last week the only activity was sitting or laying on the sofa dreading to move that leg.  Extensive standing and walking had caused quite a bit of irritation.  A chance encounter during jury duty with a physical therapist had yielded the name of 'no bad experiences of knee replacements' doctor.

The left knee had not been hurting like the right knee.  Not pain with each step in quite the same way.  Just know it was being more difficult to stand and then move for any length of time.  Or sit with the leg bent...  Just could not take the first step without too much discomfort.  Finally made the decision to go see if some shots might make a difference in the pain.  Like was done in 2008.

Online request for an appointment had me in on Monday afternoon.  Online forms and other questionnaires were completed.  Some required printing, others were finished in the office.  The almost correctly pronounced last name was called out and the move was made to the exam room.  Hubby comes with as we are in it together whatever it is.  A few more questions by the nurse.  Then the doctor and PT person look me over and make notes.  Time for Xrays.

Stand this way with the knee straight.  Now a side view with it bent.  Bend with the knee straight on and it is done!  Back onto the exam table and in comes the news.  There is still a good amount of cartilage in the main joint.  Sure there is breakdown but not sufficient to replace the knee for that. But the kneecap was a different issue.  Nothing left, bone on bone.  Well, that explained the difference in the type of pain.  It does not make a difference in the outcome.  A total knee replacement.  And the trip is 9 weeks away....

To wait or to get it done took some time to think through.  Do we risk waiting until return from the European trip and be unable to enjoy all the beauty?  Do we risk not having as quick a rehab as in 2012 and not enjoy the trip?  Finally my life partner, my husband, the person that cares more about me than anyone puts it simply.  You cannot continue like you are.  So when the call from the scheduling nurse came this morning, the answer was yes.  Monday, January 25 will be the beginning of a temporary suspension of activity on this blog.  And lots of activity toward rehab of a new knee.....

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