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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

+ 24 = - 35

Yes, it is over 3 weeks since my surprise knee replacement surgery on January 25.  Yesterday's visit with the outpatient therapists resulted in reduced walking.  Yep, that is what I said, reduced walking.  Too much irritation in the knee with the total accumulated steps.  Do not be discouraged, though.  It means there is more flex and extension work. 

Gives me pause when thinking that in > 6 weeks an adventure in cruising will begin.  With lots of walking tours along the route.  Gonna keep the faith that set us on this path and believe with the proper rehab habits I will do great.  Well, and a cane for safety!

Gene is the usual supportive person he always is.  It bothers him when I try to do for myself.  He loves to 'fluff' me by getting the ice machine ready.  He will work to get the cover just right as an ice machine cools my whole body!  He prepares meals and does the grocery shopping.  This morning I was rotating pillows on the sofa and he could hardly contain himself from taking that away from me.  I never deserved this good man.  And not sure what he did to be punished with me!
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