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Saturday, February 27, 2016

+ 33 Days - 24 Days

Physical therapist has finally convinced me that pacing is the best road to recovery.  A proper balance between activity, icing and leg elevation has resulted in a perfectly straight extension and 128 degree flex.  The last is 12 degrees better than ever achieved with the right knee.  Reps of exercises have been gradually increased.  Time on my knee is to, likewise, be gradually increased.  But there still must be time of inactivity with legs elevated.

I am pretty sure Gene is ready for a little more help with the cooking.  And housework.  And I have been missing the grandsons' activities.  They probably do not care but I do.  We did have DJ the grand dog over night.  She only jumped on me a couple or three times.  And, yes, she caught the knee one of the times.  The good news is no pain!  I am getting tired of everything centering around my knee.  Everyone is sure I am so delicate.

It is slightly over 3 weeks till we land in Amsterdam.  Not soon enough to start packing but certainly soon enough to evaluate the outfits one more time.  Must make sure to have enough to last the trip!  There is still a suit to be purchased for Gene and a jacket to get exchanged for me.  Guess it is time for a complete checklist....  And that will not take any steps!

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