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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Helping Hands

January 11th, 2016 I showed up for jury duty call at the Williamson County Courthouse.  One judge in Missouri had said jury duty and paying taxes were the two primary ways the average citizens participates in our democracy.  Many think voting is the ultimate but that is really decided by an electoral college.  Sure, our votes can elect the electors for our state but still the president and vice-president are not elected by direct vote.

But this post is not about a civics lesson.  It is about what some would call the happenstance of life.  For me as a person of faith, I think of it as having a really good friend looking out for me.  And my listening.  I do not 'seek' only Christian medical personnel.  I just have faith that if I seek a person in a given field, what is needed will be in my path.  The latest surgery is a good case in point.

By chance I was the last person to be selected for jury duty.  All sorts of other folks were on the jury, too.  There were several delays as parts of the case were in objections that required review out of jury earshot.  So we 12 folks sat in a small jury room getting to know each other.  On person even brought a game for us to while away the minutes that led to hours.

My left knee just went into fits of pain for two days of the jury time.  One of the other jurors was a physical therapist at a local hospital.  I kept intending to ask her about different doctors.  The case settled and we were dismissed.  I had not gotten the information from her.  As I walked to my car she stopped to let me pass.  Quickly I asked her for the name of the best surgeon.  She gave me the name.  That was on Wednesday, January 13.  By Monday, January 25, I was on the gurney being wheeled into the operating room.

Today I am home healing faster that I would ever have expected.  Turns out all involved said I have the 'best' of surgeons.  I am thankful for all the helping hands of medical personnel,  people willing to share and a Creator that has our best interests at heart if we just trust what is in our paths.
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