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Thursday, March 3, 2016

+ 39 - 20

Been really great day.  After so many activities yesterday, today has been slow for me. As usual Hubby made a wonderful breakfast for me.  A little laundry and clean sheets.  Being able to put sheets on the bed has been a big deal for me.  Amazing how the smallest daily task can be an achievement.  Ok, that is being a little too much of a drama queen statement.  But it really is nice to be able to do things like climb stairs, make a bed or do laundry without the pain.

Hubby went to watch the Oldest Grandson in his track meet.  Last week on the mile and a half run, OG came in second by just a couple of seconds.  Today OG was about 25 seconds ahead of the next person.  Grandpa had to call to make sure I had received the text telling me about the win!

I was able to cross off about 3 things from to do list.  Added two we forgot to put on the list.  Oops.  That is at least one off the list.  Man, this is one boring day when I start writing about it.  Amazing how much I enjoy a boring day.  Here's wishing anyone that stops by a nice calm, boring day.
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