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Saturday, March 12, 2016

+47 from knee replacement, -11 Days to lift off

Well, I awoke to an empty bed and apartment this morning.  The Hubby was gone to an amateur radio gathering.  It was his lucky day as he won not one but two of the drawings. One was a small hand held two meter radio. The second was a shop vac. The guys at the hamfest told him he should buy a lottery ticket. He did not buy the ticket.

Was a bit of a rough day with nausea and headache.  I mean the entire head. Sinuses which leads to toothaches then to migraines if I do not deal with it immediately. By the time Hubs returned home the jaw and toothaches had subsided though the sinuses were still complaining. We went out for a late lunch then to REI to pick up a couple of items for the trip. 

On the route home we were near Andy's Frozen Custard shop. Actually it was a little out of the way but the chocolate custard is a sure cure for what ails one. A small cone for me, a strawberry concrete for the Hubs and a pint of butter pecan for tomorrow was the order.  We headed for home and arrived just as I finished my chocolate cone. That is when I noticed the blooms were fading on a shrub I was planning to photograph.

As soon as we got into the apartment I grabbed my camera and headed to get photos of what was left. As I was photographing the fading blooms I thought how it reminded of the time of life we are living. Mostly past our peak but still a few emerging blooms and some color and life left in the older blooms. One just has to look a little harder to find them. I continued strolling as an amateur photographer sill do, taking photos of the spring flowers. By the time I walked back to the apartment again my headache was finally gone. Nothing like chocolate, walking in the evening sun and nature to  cure life's ills.

Peace to all who visit this little part of my brain and life.
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