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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

+ 50 - 8 Days To Git 'r Done

With the exception of our mani-pedis and packing, I think we have the needs for the trip taken care of, hopefully.  Yesterday I walked the farthest for one day since the surgery, 1.5 miles.  Not all at once but as a total for the day.  Not much considering the walking we will be doing on the trip.  Enough that the knee is griping occasionally today.  Then there is the whole irritated tendon with a knot in the foot of the same leg.  With alternating icing and heat, the knot is almost gone.  Still some soreness.  As a result going a little slower today giving a little more time for additional healing.  This is to be expected.

Decided I needed to make a pair of pj's as I was checking my stock for the trip.  Cut those out this morning.  Also, doing some laundry.  Should do some dusting but will probably not get that energetic.  And there is still dinner to be cooked.  Just the usual daily stuff going on here.

Usual daily stuff like trees leafing out, flowers in bloom and lawn mowers running.  The winter has been almost non existent this year.  I think there were about 3 or 4 nights that the temperature was below 32 degrees.  Today the prediction is to be in the mid 90's F. for a high.  Tomorrow the temps are to drop about 20 degrees.  Guess the gripie knee could be a weather change and nothing to do with walking.

Not sure how much writing I will be doing during the cruise.  Depends on wifi quality and energy levels, I suspect.  Want to share another photo from Saturday's shoot for the closing today.  Well, maybe two.

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