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Thursday, March 17, 2016

+ 52 - 6 Days to Flight !

My stomach has a slight feeling of butterflies as the time is now less than a week.  Subtract the extra day we leave to drive the 200 miles to my sister's home and it is just five.  Sister lives near DFW and will take us to the airport.  We will leave our car with her. 

Today is a no exercise day.  I have been sitting at the sewing machine and have noticed the knee becoming stiff if I sit too long.  Just stand up every few minutes takes care of the stiffness.  As for the sewing am making a pair of pjs for myself.  The pjs are using some of my Mom's fabric stash that I brought to my home.  Quite a bit of fabric was donated to a theater where Youngest grandson performs a couple of times a year.  There are still probably 2 or 3 drawers full of fabric to be used.  Of course, this is in addition to my personal stash.

Why make pj's?  Well, first it is free.  Second, I wanted lighter weight material to be able to handwash during the cruise.  Yes, I am very cheap.  Would rather spend the cash on a memory from the trip rather than paying for pjs to be washed.....  Need to do a repair on the tablet cover made 4 years ago.  One of the straps has been broken for probably 3 years.  Finally found a more dependable material to do the job.

Earlier this week I had decided to get a travel steamer to help with the wrinkles on the trip.  It arrived today.  Plan on testing it tomorrow.  I am thinking it would be a good idea to take an extra suitcase on the trip.  Seems I could put the cosmetic/bath rolling bag in it along with possibly shoes.  Then just pay the extra money to have it for souvenirs for the return trip home.  Any ideas out there about this?  Our tickets allow 2 checked bags for each of us.  Seems a shame for the fourth to be so small since Viking folks do most of the schlepping for us.  I like being spoiled...

Time to get back to the sewing machine.  Thanks for stopping in for a visit.  Hubby has fresh coffee ready to share.
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