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Friday, March 18, 2016

+ 53 - 5 Days, Butterflies Taking Over!

Yes, the number of days till we board an international flight can be counted on one hand.  No more using toes and hands to count the months and then the days.  One hand on one person.  Or one foot if you would prefer counting piggies.  So I many count little piggies just for the heck of it.

Today this little piggy cleaned out the refrigerator.  That does not sound like a lot of fun as a way to prepare for a trip.  It was not.  The stove top was cleaned by the same little piggy.  Later today Hubby's little piggies will go for a pedicure.  That sounds like a fun thing to do in prep for a trip.  While he is being pampered this piggy will go to the market to get a couple of last minute things for the trip.

This piggy still has a little work to go for the pjs to be finished.  May or may not do that today.  Do not know if it was working a little pulling out old flowers and a few other things on the patio but my back/hip is being gripey.  Maybe even sitting at the sewing machine was aggravating the area.  As a result, that area has been getting iced after icing the knee.  Seems to be helping.  Buhr and Arthur are two of my least favorite members of the Ritis family.

It is time to leave for the pedicure so this little piggy best head for the transportation!  Thanks for stopping by and visiting for a bit.
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