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Saturday, April 9, 2016

Day 6, March 27 Kinderdijk, The Netherlands

Here are a few photos from Keukenhof from yesterday's tour.

flower beds in the shape of tulips
Bunnies for Easter

pictures cannot do justice
Over night we sailed from Amsterdam to Kinderdijk.  This is an UNESCO area containing centuries old windmills.  The technology was pretty amazing.  Our volunteer guide was a homicide detective in his other life.  We were able to go inside the windmill and meet the miller who currently care for the mill.

After learning how the windmills were constructed and functioned we were given a tour inside and around the windmill. These things were huge! 

sail at rest
 Each position has a meaning such as paused. dead miller and not running this day.  There were special settings during WW II to let the Allies know it was safe to fly into Germany.

gears inside of mill

Inside the living quarters.  

master bedroom

And now the more modern wheels.

That was the end of our time in the Netherlands.  We set sail  on the Rhine of Waal as it is in Dutch.

Check back tomorrow.  HOPEFULLY better internet connections for blogging. 
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