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Sunday, April 10, 2016

Day 7 Cologne, Germany

On our arrival in Cologne we were greeted with cool temperatures and threats of rain.  Layers and umbrellas resolved issues for the 3 hour walking tour on this Easter Monday.  Crowds have been heavy up to this point in the trip due to Easter Week school break.

We learned so much history starting with the Romans to current day.  This is the city referred to in the phrase 'eau de cologne'.  4711 was the original fragrance created by Giovanni Maria Farina in 1709.  He name it in honor of the city, Köln, his home at the time. We did not purchase any of this rather expensive water of Köln. 

The Cathedral of Cologne has so many stories and myths.  It has the relics of the magi.  The well of Mary is below the cathedral.  It was begun in the 1100's.  Completed in the 1800's and under constant renovation.  An on site workshop employs some 40 workmen full time.
workshop area

repair pieces

 The Dom of Cologne

A side entrance.

The dark portion is not cleaned while the lighter colors have just been cleaned.
From the church we walked a couple of blocks to visit the monument to the pixies.

The walking tour was complete and we were ready for some lunch, a wc and a chair.  A person, Deanna, from Boston joined us for the afternoon time.  We ate at the Früh am Dom.  Wonderful red cabbage, sausages and beer.
Next we three visited the  Roman Germanic Museum.  There were relics for the time of Roman rule.  At one point we were in front of a cross section of a garbage dump.  I was almost kicked out for using a flash!  Oops.

portion of a tile floor

We had to head back to the boat as I was tiring.  As we stepped out the clouds burst open. Thankfully there was a large covered courtyard for us to await the rain to slow down. It actually stopped rather quickly after we started back.  The open air vendors along the walkway were closing up due to the chill and dampness.

Back on the ship we went for a hot cup of coffee. I went for a bit of ice on knee time before cocktail hour.  Hubby headed out for the better wifi reception in the library area.  Then it was time to change into dinner garb.  The food and service are delightful.  Soon bodies are saying it is time for bed.  We have been walking between 3 and 4 miles most days.  But just a couple of photos of the now sleeping Easter Carnival.


Good night, ya'll.
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