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Saturday, May 14, 2016

Day 14, April 4, Passing Up on Passau

Monday, April 4 was the day that the leg with the new knee said enough!  Our first day in Austria and I wimp out of the walking tour.  Knowing there were many more walking tours ahead, wisdom won out this morning.  Hubby would not consent to go on the tour without me.  Instead he brought me breakfast and lunch served to me in bed.  He kept the ice bags cold when I asked.  I lay with my legs elevated above my heart as the PT guy had told me to do to help reduce the swelling.

Hubby did sit topside on the deck.  He played on the internet and checked on me on and off through the day.  As the day wore on I became restless to exercise the knee as it was feeling stiff by now.  A warm shower got me going.  I dressed for dinner and we went on one of the small decks.  We arrived in time to get some parting shots of Passau as we were sailing toward our stop in Melk and Krems on the 5th.

I really liked the pastel beauty of these buildings in the evening sun.  We sailed toward a bridge and I realized I would see the fortress after all!

Veste Oberhaus is a fortress that was founded in 1219 with different parts being completed through the centuries.  That is a strange concept in this instant gratification world.

The former fortress was spread out over quite an area on a cliff above the river.   Along with the towers and walls the complex is around 2300 feet in length.  There are parts of the fortress from the river's edge up to the 344 foot hilltop.  The fortress was built by the first prince bishop of Passau.  It is now a museum, restaurant, youth hostel and theater.  So it has a new life.

 After snapping photos of scenes along the Danube we headed inside the lounge for evening cocktails.   By now we have made acquaintance with a couple of the crew.

Chaba is the cocktail chef so the cocktail and dinner time could be quite fun.  Add in Nebo and the evenings were very delightful.  This evening the view through the lounge windows were beautiful as the sun set behind the Danube Valley hills.  The perfect ending for a restful day.....

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