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Sunday, July 3, 2016

Waking Up

For some reason the creative part of my brain is feeling like a piece of dried up mush.  I want to write, to finish the stories gathered along the banks of the Danube.  The mind just feels dead.  No words.  No inspiration.  No desires.  I just want to sleep.  To let my knee heal a little more before jumping back on the bike.  To let my mind rest from all the input of the past several months.  Just lie down and watch mindless programs.  Reading and retaining is a challenge so I do not even try.

The beloved haiku writing feels like a withered hand is gripping my mind in a death hold.  Only half thoughts emerge to simply fall on the page.  Senseless words strung on a rotting cord.  Nothing worth sharing.  Or maybe it is that the 2 day migraine and the medications required to knock it have just left me senseless.  Or has my muse gone on a well deserved vacation?  Whatever the cause waking up is not in the near future it seems.
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