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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Sister Time

Only a little more than three days till my three sisters arrive to spend a few days in my little space.  Hubby is taking the opportunity for a solo road trip to visit family in Missouri and Tennessee.  He had decided this long before the decision for the sisters to come here.  Letting him go by himself is being a bit of a challenge for me.  After almost losing him in 2007 I am a little lot overprotective.  We joke about my hour and a half mental timer.  I will call him if he is out longer than that time.  I have been making it to 2.5 hours this summer.  But I digress.

Sisters will be staying here in my one bedroom apartment.  The king size bed goes to the older sisters.  Did I mention we are celebrating Oldest's 80th birthday?  So, yes, she and 76 year old get the bed.  Youngest and I will flip for the very comfortable sofa or the trundle bed.  Loser gets the trundle bed, that's how comfortable the sofa is!

We will be going one night to a MoTown Monday night at a local jazz club.  Plans are to arrive early enough to possible do a little karaoke.  My sisters have nice voices and can carry a tune.  I just sit on the bucket as I cannot carry a tune even in that bucket.  We will be taking dinner at the same club prior to all the singing and chair dancing.  Not standing on the chairs, mind you.  We will sit and move feet, hands and heads.  Anything beyond that could have serious medical results.

The next day is sort of an option for the birthday girl.  As we are near the LBJ library, the state capitol building and numerous other points of interest there is lots from which to choose.  Or we may drive the hour to Marble Falls for lunch at The Bluebonnet Cafe.  If #2 sister is needing to rest from two days of being in a car, we may just stay home and sort the family photos as well as scan several of them.  # 2 had back surgery last fall so we have to take care of her.  She and #1 both are in need of knee replacements.  Jack Allen's Kitchen or The Scarlet Rabbit are both options for our meals.

Day three has an open morning and early afternoon.  Probably more photo sorting and dividing between us.  A late lunch will be followed by time getting relaxation massages.  There is wine and goodies to share there, too.  We will then return home to melt into comfy chairs with foot stools and watch a little TV.  Anything from baseball to Fixer Upper will be on the table for viewing!

Day four is another lazy morning.  May need to do a couple loads of laundry or take in a local eatery.  Evening is joining some of the kids and grandkids that live in the area for dinner.  Transport to Ester's Follies, a live comedy show, may be by rickshaw for #1 & #2.  #4 and I are able to walk the block at least for now.

Have you noticed that no husbands are being included in this little time together?  We just decided to give them a break.  As a result breakfasts will be light and most meals will be eaten out or brought in depending on the mood!  That's how it is when the youngest , #4, is closing in on 62, #3 closing in on 70, #2 is 76 and #1 is 80.  Walkers, canes and transport chairs are optional.  Well, maybe not the canes.

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