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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

What's Up?

The temperature for one thing.  It is August in Texas so 100 (37 C) degrees is pretty much a normal occurrence.  Rain is almost non existent making the ground even warmer not allowing cool downs in the evenings.  We are choosing to stay in our cool apartment.  Just seems prudent with the feels like temperatures in the 108 to 111 (42 - 43 C) range.

Grandkids are back from summer vacations but on yet another short trip to Seattle. From a photo from the parent today, looks the five grands are all done in with trips.  At least they are not having quite the high temperatures up there that we are here.  93 (34) to 67 (19) yes, they can just enjoy the air if nothing else.

The Hubby has been working on getting one of his amateur radios to talk to his computer.  This has not been successful so far.  Since I haven't a clue as to what he is trying to do nor how to do it, I just listen to his groans.  Surely is keeping him busy and even quieter than normal.  He is a man of few words, anyhow.  He did take time to go spin on the stationary bicycle this morning.

Speaking of which, I am back to over 5000 steps most days.  I get them from pittering around the apartment, walking around the big block, some treadmill and the stationary bike.  Have been staying within or below the caloric intake and output for several weeks.  Is the weight coming off, not much.  Am I building muscle?  Who can tell with all the fat hanging every where.  Am I stronger with more endurance?  Yes.  All and all, just being stronger is a great benefit.

While the Hubby was playing ham radio today, I was at work on a project.  Remember the material I purchased in Germany?   Well, the garment is cut out and ready to begin sewing.  I will have it complete before my three sisters arrive on Aug. 29.  The material is floral, happy colors.  All cotton fabric manufactured in Germany.  Well, I may not have it done since there is Grandma shuttle bus and short order cook duty next week.

Guess the summary of What's Up is:

Temperature                     up
Lakes                                down
Ham radio to computer       down
activity                             up
weight                               down ever so slightly
strength                            up
sewing                               moving along

So What's Up with you as we move into the dog days of summer in the Northern hemisphere?  Is it spring in the Southern hemisphere?
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