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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Thursday Evening

Late getting step count up lasterday (janice for yesterday).  Looks like I am on the way to doing it again or not.  The rotations were up to 110 rpm for about a minute or so.  Repaired knee woke me up to remind me not to go that fast again in the near future.  Today has been a move a little slower kinda day till the stiffness was loosened up some.

I started some of the laundry this morning.  The hubby decided to do the change over into the dryer.  He found my zip that had gone through the wash cycle.  It was still working.  Took a licking and kept on ticking.  Well, the clock is still working and counting steps.  It does not make an audible tick sound.

The apartment group has been cleaning and painting the parking garages this week.  Partly because of this incident.  The spraying and painting means our cars were parked where ever we could find room.  Kohl's parking lot was fine for mine.  The Jeep was there for one night then the hubby found an on site parking place for himself his pride and joy.  He moved my Icie to the same area this morning.  This afternoon the cleaning and painting was completed on our parking spot.  I went out and checked that the covered unassigned parking was complete, too.  Jumped in Icie and moved her to the assigned place.  Walked back to the Jeep and turned the key.  Not even a grind.

Why do we never believe that the battery is dead?  Why do we always take the key out, reinsert and try again with only the same result . . nothing, not a sound.  Not a click, nothing.  With all the gizmos that are in the Jeep I begin checking to see which may have still been plugged in using the battery charge.  Not the radio.  Not the chargers.  Not the ham radio.  Overhead lights left on maybe?  Well, it was much more simple.  Headlights left on because the fuse to remind a driver to turn off the lights was removed on Saturday.  Removed so we could leave the doors open during the futball game and not run the battery down......

We have AAA roadside assistance.  I could have called them and the battery issue would be resolved by now.  That is an unacceptable solution.  Instead a series of different scenarios will be used.

  1. Jump the battery using a 'spare, backup' battery that resides near Hubby's recliner.  This is used for power for one of the amateur radios on his chair side table.  (side note, my side table and surrounding floor space have an equal number of items I consider essential for my existence, too.)  I have no idea how the little back up battery will do this.  Remember I said not a sound.
  2. Use of a trickle charger.  Now this includes lots of yellow-orange extension cords and finding an available outlet.  The Jeep is not close to any building so I have to wonder if there may be some pushing of a Jeep to get near an outlet.  Or guarding the 300 ft. of yellow-orange extension cord till the battery charges enough to start.
  3. Call AAA Not an option and never will be.  Even though we pay for the privilege of not using it every single year.  Do not suggest it but once.  I know it will be shot down.  At least I get my $ worth by mentioning it ...  every time the battery dies.  That is why we have a trickle charger and a backup battery.  We carry AAA for me when I am alone on the road.  Or for towing never for battery jumping of the manly Jeep.  Woof Woof!
That is what is going on in Round Rock this Thursday evening.  Day of the autumnal equinox.  Equal parts day and night.  We are still in balance in here, too.  I found a dead battery, Hubby saved my Zip.  That's how it has worked for over 49 years.

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