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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Just Me

I am a United Methodist Church member as was my mother, her father and generations before.  Followers of John Wesley's approach to Christianity.  In tracing my husband's lineage, his niece discovered a connection of his side of the family to Francis Asbury.  The multiple-great-grandfather was a Methodist minister in Tennessee under the leadership of Francis Asbury.

The Wesley tradition is deeply woven into my makeup.  My BFF, Reba Jane, and I traveled the same spiritual path as children.  Reba Jane was really much better at living her faith even then than I was.  She was good to the core.  Still is.  I on the other hand have been anything but good.  I have not lived a faithful life.  There had always been faith but not the witness that should have been.

Quick tempered and mean spirited out bursts would be how many co-workers would describe me.  Impetuous, headstrong, going off the deep end would all apply to me.  While reasonably intelligent, I never learned to channel these abilities consistently.  There you have it, an imperfect person.

Yet there are people that still choose to be around me.  It always surprises me that anyone sees much to want to be around.  For what ever reason folks so choose, I am eternally grateful.  Grateful for friends that overlook the worst in me and choose to see the good.  The joy of seeing so much good in people, so much love and even when we do not share the same political views.

It brings me to a blog that I follow.  Here in the US there is a presidential campaign going on, in case you are living under a rock and have not heard.  This is being a particularly venomous campaign.  Not unlike campaigns of old in the US.  The divide in the country has spilled into the United Methodist Church.  As for that blog I follow, here is a connection to one post that nudged me to remember that George W Bush and Hillary Clinton are United Methodists, too.

George W. Bush and Hillary Clinton
Former President G. W. Bush and candidate Hillary Clinton at
Nancy Reagan's funeral  Credit:  Courtesy of David Chalian/Instagram
The issues of abortion and sexual orientation now threaten to split the "united" church.  Whatever the outcome I will still pray.  I will still worship that which I identify as Creator.  I believe that Being, Essence or whatever reaches all persons through different ways, different people, different spiritual practices and journeys.  After all, who am I to tell the Great I Am what to do and who to love or with whom to connect.

Peace and blessings,
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