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Wednesday, November 30, 2016


So for some reason the festive mood has been lacking in my soul.  Been working on it, though.  After a fun few days with family for Thanksgiving, spirits are coming up to an almost ready to pull a few things out to decorate.   Been watching Christmas movies on Netflix to put myself to go to sleep at night.  That combination seems to be helping.  Now to get the body to cooperate.

Christmas gift ideas were bumped around during the Thanksgiving holiday in Dallas.   After we returned home my not so nimble fingers did their thing.  Now all but about five gifts are on the way to our home.  Now just to get the body in gear with the spirits moving around us all.  I even pulled one box I could reach down and had a look in side.  Angels and wiseman.

Watching the Rockefeller tree lighting program is fun, too.  Though singing in the rain might be more appropriate than let it snow.  I still need to get the Hubby on board with all this lower level of excitement.  Cause this man is one low level of excitement about Christmas.  Now contacts with folks in another state or country on his radio, that is something about which he gets excited!  And that is one of the things I love most about him.  But... someone still has to help me reach the high boxes.

The other thing that is part of the aging is looking and accepting reality.  Less mobile limbs can be more prone to fall from a ladder.  How much decoration is really needed to get a feeling of celebration.  A celebration of the birth of a child that brought a radical message to the children of Israel.  That message spilled over into the world of the Gentiles.  Then the believers worked to spread the word by what ever means necessary. Yep, co opted every single tradition found along the way.

Now to commemorate the birth the US Christians insist on trees in every mall.  Appropriate greeting of Merry Christmas.  Special cups at Starbucks.  Lights everywhere and as many gifts under trees as our maxed out credit cards can buy.  There are, also, the drives for food, gifts, clothing and other things to help those less fortunate.  That last sentence is probably the most important thing to remember.  Not just probably.  It is the message brought by that little baby boy.  As well as so many other prophets, persons of thoughts and sages through eternity.  If the world would all just listen, accept and act.

One organization certainly works toward this goal, Habitat for Humanity.  I think that's all I want for Christmas.  a donation to Habitat.  Cause folks need a home.

Peace and love to all,

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