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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

An Email Response

There is more going on in the US than just a presidential election.  Like veterans being asked to repay signing bonuses....  Yes, really.  Here are a couple of sights to visit.  New York Times and  

I had seen the information about the soldiers being required to repay the bonuses.  Last week I received the regular newsletter from Sen. Ted Cruz's email.  There at the end of the newsletter (here is the link to the newsletter on his site) was how the Obama was 'clawing' back the bonuses.  I had to wonder about the facts.  Googling brought up several links.  The one that caught my eye was on cause this was a military issue.  I figured that if there were a least slanted view it would be on a military sight.  Click here to read the story.

Guess the lawmakers were too busy sitting on their thumbs or playing political games to do the business they were hired to do.  You know the business of government like infrastructure and the military.  Of course now that it has become more public everyone wants to jump on board.  Evidently everyone except Sen. Ted Cruz.  Today I received this email in response to the one I sent expressing concern about the situation with the vets.  I asked Sen. Cruz to do something about it now since nothing was done 2 years ago.

Here is my email:

Congress was approached 2 years ago to assist the veterans with the situation on the signing bonuses.  Why did you and your colleagues not take care of 'business' at that time and change the law?  After all that is you job......  Well, maybe President Trump will say, "You're Fired!"  

Living blessed, Janice Adcock 

    On Friday, October 28, 2016 5:30 PM, Office of Senator Ted Cruz <> wrote:

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| October 28, 2016Greetings,

The following is his email response today:

Not deleting this email!  I guess 'For Liberty' only works for the "individuals, communities, and small businesses as opposed to special interests." like the military.  The military that actually keeps Liberty for All.

Texas Senator visits SAMMC 

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, center, visits with, from left, 59th Medical Wing Command Chief Master Sgt. Maurice James, 59th Medical Wing Commander Maj. Gen. Byron Hepburn, Southern Regional Medical Command Commander Maj. Gen. M. Ted Wong, and Brooke Army Medical Center Commander Col. Kyle D. Campbell at the San Antonio Military Medical Center during a Feb. 19 visit to BAMC. During his visit, Cruz presented a purple heart to a wounded warrior while touring the hospital and the Center for the Intrepid. (U.S. Army photo by Robert Shields) 
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