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Thursday, November 3, 2016

COP ---- Change Of Plans

Last evening I had just finished up prep for our dinner and was allowing the main dish to 'sit' for a few minutes before eating.  Just enough time to take the garbage to the big compactor in the garage.  Upon my return down the hall, I met Hubby moving at Hubby high gear..

"Where are you going?" I queried.

"DJ and Bonus grandaughter are cornered by a rattlesnake!" was his response.

I grabbed my purse and caught up to him at the car in the same garage.  Off we went to 'rescue' dog and Bonus GD.  And the reason we were barreling across town was because Son called just as he was entering the ramp for his flight to Europe.  DIL was out shopping for a party dress for Bonus GD who had too much makeup homework to make a shopping trip.  We were the closest to her.  I had this vision on Hubby in a Super Duper Man outfit and me as Wonder Fat Woman.  We are not svelte people.

While Super Duper is driving Wonder Fat is texting with Bonus GD and DIL.  That gave us enough additional info to know dog and Bonus GD were not trapped.  They were safely behind closed doors.  The accelerator was not pressed quite as closely to the floorboard and blood pressures declined from full heart attack to minor stroke levels.  By the time we arrived the culprit snake was not to be found.  It was dark and even Super Duper was in no mood to hunt for trouble.  He did retrieve Bonus GD's sneaker that sneaky DJ, the dog, had carried outside.

Bous GD shared the back story for the call with Super Duper and Wonder Fat.  DJ started going out her doggie door but just barked and pulled back into the breakfast nook.  She continued to do this till the Bonus GD decided to check.  By this time she checked DJ is upset to the max and shaking vigorously.  Every time the dog stuck her head out the doggie door a cicada sound would start up.  Bonus looked out the family room window overlooking the patio.  There near the door was a rattlesnake.  A rattling rattlesnake.  Yikes!

Texts and phone calls started and that brings us back to where I met Hubby in the hall.  It was good to be standing in the breakfast nook with everyone calming down.   DIL arrived with party dresses.  A quick chat and then we all had to look outside one more time.  Still no sneaky snake ....  Byes and hugs that everyone was okay.  Then it was time for us to head back for our dinner.  The main dish had definitely sat long enough now!  It was like a celebration the nothing serious had happened to our little family.  And still no snake seen this morning.

This morning I was preparing to go to the Dallas area to assist my oldest sister with some packing and sorting.  She is 80 + years old and moving out of her house to live with her middle child.  Her oldest son who had lived with her had died last November.  She had held down a 5 day work week till 3 weeks ago.   She has just finished having each of her eyes operated on for cataracts.   Younger Sis contacted Older Sis and our niece to decide if Oldest was ready for help.

Long story, short, Older would like to have Younger and I help go through her dead son's belongings.  This time last year she was spending all day sitting outside ICU.  Mike, my nephew and her son, was in final stages of his body's system failure.  There were hopes for a kidney transplant.  He was too sick and passed away November 23.  He had lived with Older Sis on and off for about 15 years.  This was just 9 months after our mother had died.  A tough, tough year for Older Sis.  And now she is ready to go through his stuff.

Oldest finally decided she needed a few days to get herself sort of together.  That is a huge understatement.  Healing cannot be rushed.  Healing of eyes, healing of wounds, healing of hearts.  We three sisters will gather on Monday and begin the process of helping our Oldest move to the next step of healing.  Cause that is what we do for each other.  Fat or Skinny, Old or Young.  We, my husband, my sisters, my family stand arm and arm, side by side, day or night against what ever life throws our way.

May you be surrounded by caring loved ones.


PS:  If not, you've got a friend in me.

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