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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Tuesday After Cataract

Monday, yesterday, Hubby had a cataract removed from his left eye.  Today, we returned to the doctor's office.  She declared he was doing just great!  We are now working toward a second surgery for the right eye after our US Thanksgiving.  Hubby had cabin fever this afternoon so he went to the INR check by himself.  From there he stopped to visit another ham operator.

Tonight we are just watching the run of the schedule on CBS.  NCIS, Bull and NCIS New Orleans.  Pretty laid back which feels good after a lot of running around for the last 10 days.  And the lack of political crap is restful, too.  Well, there is still plenty of political, like who the President Elect is choosing for his inner circle.  I can sign a petition for now. Gotta figure out what else I can do.

The super moon was out last night as I was walking the parking garage.  A young lady in what appeared to be a cheerleader outfit was on the top floor stair landing.  A fine camera was attached to a tripod.  Photo after photo was being taken.  I chose to just enjoy the beauty without the camera to obstruct the view.

Guess I will say good evening.  Need to go get a few of those steps in as I did little else today.  Ya'll have a good night.

Peace out.
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