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Thursday, December 15, 2016


After two solid years of no haircuts today, Dec. 14, was finally the day.  The hair was long enough to be cut and donated to Locks of Love.  I did not tell Hubby a word as I left for a 6 month followup with a doctor.  "Very healthy" was the words used by the doctor.  As I left he commented on my hair.  Yes, that fluffy stuff that now extended to the bottom of my shoulder blades.  Little did he know it was not long to be attached to my head.  Next stop was a haircut.

Arriving at the hair salon, a quick measurement confirmed the hair met the 11.5 inch requirement for cutting.  Yeah!!!!  I had not made an appointment so the wait would be about 45 minutes.  No problem as there were numerous shops within walking distance.  With Christmas being only 12 days away, there were a few little filler gifts to get for the grands, son and DIL.  Forty minutes later I deposited the gift purchases in the car and returned to the salon.

The young lady was concerned that she would have to cut so close to my neckline to get the full length.  I assured her I knew what that meant and I was ready for the no hair on my neck style.  So after looking at photos to assure her it was what I was comfortable with, the prep and cutting began.  With a rubber band binding the hair together, she began cutting through the roughly inch thick ponytail.   And it was gone.  Around 30 minutes of cutting, thinning and shaping I emerged feeling lighter and cooler.  Cooler as in not overheated.
This is what it looked like 2 years ago before the No Cut began:

So here you have before:

 Really weird how the longer the hair grew the darker the ends were.  Had the red of my youth out at the ends mixed with the grey of course.

And now the after:

And a day later after sleeping on the new style:


And so is Hubby!

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