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Friday, December 23, 2016

Happy Christmas

A crashing disk on my main computer is leaving me with only my tablet to do posts.  The tablet and google tend to not get along very well. That makes posting more of a challenge than I want to deal with this time of year.  Such a first world issue.  I do miss being able to journal about simple experiences of the season.

Our only child and his girlfriend have been on a vacation in Mexico.  Hubby and I have been on dog duty as well as a few days of granddaughter support.  I mean a 16 year old hardly is in need of care.  She needed transport mainly.  No rattlesnakes to eliminate as earlier this fall.  Well, there has to be Round Rock Donuts still warm delivered by Grandpa.  That gets him smothered in hugs which puts a huge smile on his face.

Speaking of hugs and smiles there was a bit of that in the parking garage.  As I was completing my 7500 steps by walking to the top of the garage and back down I came across a couple of young ladies attempting to jump start a dead car.  They could not get their cables to work.  I said I could not help but would call my hero Hubby that loves helping young ladies.  So a call to the apartment brought my big Teddy Bear to the rescue.  I left before he arrived as Granddaughter was waiting for transportation.   I told the ladies that Hubby would be big, 6' 2" and 300 lbs big but a real teddy bear.

The next morning Hubby joined me at Son's home and recounted the adventure.  The set of cables were broken.  As husband keeps a back up battery charger at the ready for his hobby of ham radio, he was able to use it to start the car.  He, also, told the young lady to have her battery checked as one cell appeared to be damaged.  He was then showered with hugs from the young ladies.  Yep, he smiled just telling me about it. 

Fast forward to last evening as I returned to our apartment to get our mail.  The same young lady was getting her mail.  She was still thanking me for the help.  Told me to make sure I told Teddy Bear that she had the battery repaired.  I noted our apartment number in case she ever needed help again.  Her response was, "Now I know where to bring a Christmas gift".  Not necessary as the hugs and smiles are all old folks need for a Happy Christmas.

Peace and Love to all during the upcoming Christmas, Hanukkah and New Year holidays. 

Janice aka Petra Domina (the rock lady)
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