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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Some Days.....

The end of the year tributes to all the famous folks that passed in 2016 left me realizing my age.  I know some folks call 70 the new 60 but it really does not matter.  It is when the icons of your child's childhood start dying that the age hits one.  Prince, George Michael, Carrie Fisher were icons for my son's age while the likes of Pete Fountain, John Glenn and Debbie Reynolds came from my aunts and parents era.  My life was spread across these decades to include David Bowie and Patty Duke era folks.

Death is just part of life or the end of it.  It is one thing when it is the names of stars or people one has seen from afar.  It is another when it is my own aunt that passes.  Even more when it is the 10 year old grandson of a high school classmate.  Those two losses were the last of folks I knew personally that passed in 2016.  Then today came with the first for 2017.

A year ago I reconnected with classmates from my high school graduating class.  There were originally 15 in the class.  About 4 decades ago we lost the first, Donna, in a car accident.  In May, 2007, Sue did not wake up from a night's sleep.  An email came today that now a third has died, Mikel, a man of very few words.

Friday I will go to the graveside service for Rowan, the 10 year old grandson of Judy.  A friend I stood with the day she was married 51 + years ago.  Saturday I will then attend Mikel's funeral service.  Some days are like that.  You stand with friends in their joy and later stand with them in their sadness.  Yes, some days ......
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