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Saturday, February 11, 2017

Hoof In Boot

Image result for walking boot for therapyLast evening we attended the beginning of Middle Grandson's soccer tournament.  After faltering steps over the rocky path, I accepted a golf cart ride to the correct field.  The return walk was more stable as Hubby stabilized me with his arm.  This hoof in a boot is making it rather unstable to walk on uneven surfaces.  So I am staying put for the most part now after that little adventure that was a little too exciting.  Not to mention the acrobatics to get into the Jeep Wrangler on a windy day.

My last post was visited by a very nice lady, an artist.  She left comments that I took to heart.  I shall take in the information and process it.  There needs to be civil discourse to get the nation working for all again cause it is not just one side or the other.  The terms winners and losers should only apply to games, not a nation's government.  While the artist is weary of the work of righting the boat there must still be those who are willing.  We all have our part whether it is helping those who have jumped or fallen overboard or working to get the ship working and stable.

You see stability is something most of us humans enjoy.  Stable jobs, stable home life, stable economy, stable walking conditions.  I suspect there may be a few folks that like things unstable.  Keeping everyone a little off kilter.  I am not very into that whole keep things shaking theory.  Guess I am getting a little too old and set in my ways.  And afraid I will again fall.  My old brain can only take so many licks!

Peace to all,

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