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Monday, February 6, 2017

Super Bowl Sunday

Last evening we joined our son, his friends and family for dinner and watching the Super Bowl.   Son is just an all around sports fanatic.  Oldest Grandson is a Patriots fan.  Bonus Grandson and Granddaughter are Texans fans.  Middle Grandson is a Viking fan.  Youngest Grandson is a Cowboy fan.  Son's FIL is a basketball fan.  Our DIL is a soccer and track fan.  The rest of the group were Cowboy fans.   Oldest, Middle and Youngest Grandsons were at their mother's home.  With that said the evening was pretty calm as non of us really had a 'dog in the fight'.

There was some conversations about the commercials.  Many of the commercials we had to ask what was being advertised.  Sometimes things can be a little too subtle for my mind and poor hearing.  Anheuser Busch commercials were each a little different, one provoking and one retro.  The Kia commercial with Melissa McCartney broke me up and looked like my attempts at activism.  Really.  Spam's commercial got the group talking about how long since anyone had bought Spam.  We two retirees noted we had been seeing it on daytime TV.  Son found that amusing that Spam had a rerun commercial for the Super Bowl.

Then there was the halftime show.  Son's FIL is a lawyer in the music business.  The forty somethings and the teens in the house were all listening and commenting.  I watched trying to figure out the technical parts of the performance.  Comparisons to Beyonce's choreography abounded with Beyonce winning the room.  I did not vote as I still live in the day of marching bands and drill teams at football games.  Just my preference.  But then the network would not show the bands and drill teams.  The commentators would talk about what we already watched.  And talk and talk....

As we all know the second half of the SB was about football.  The #deflategate king set all kinds of first for Super Bowls.  I found Son's chili, queso dip and other goodies just as entertaining.  Just saying.  The teens managed a food fight with the chocolate cake requiring Son to put on his dad voice.  Kids having fun.

We left after a round of hugs with everyone.  It was 9:45ish.  And backuped traffic in every subdivision we drove through on the way home.  We laughed together about all the parties being over and the traffic in subdivisions at that time of night.  What a first world problem!  We were home by around 10 PM ish.  I had only about 1200 steps for the day following doctor's orders to stay off that right foot.

A few last observations.  My conversation points during the evening.  Way too many political references.  Must broaden my reading.  I did visit with Son's FIL about the birding class he had given me for a Christmas gift.  Mentioned I could not hear the bird sounds that the instructor was pointing out.  He said she had super hearing and he could not hear things she heard either!  He was raised Jewish.  I want a menorah to honor that part of the heritage mix in the family now.  Really enjoy visiting with him.  My best talking is when I sit quietly and listen.

Thanks for stopping by and Peace Out!

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