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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Busy Weekend

Apparently I cannot read simple calendars anymore.  Last weekend we were to go watch our grandson play lacrosse against two different high schools, McKinney and Allen.  I had attend McKinney High my freshman and sophomore years.  My folks had moved the family to Allen during my freshman year.  I decided to attend Allen for my last two years in school.   Anyway, I had marked the days for the games to be Friday and Saturday.  We would leave on Thursday morning, spend the nights with my youngest sister, and attend the two games.

Put the brakes on, Hubby had a commitment on Thursday morning.  We would just delay the trip until Thursday afternoon.  That meant hitting rush hour in the Dallas Ft. Worth area.  Yuck.  About midnight Wednesday night I checked the calendar to get the addresses of the stadiums.  Well, fudge but that is good, too.  The games were scheduled for Saturday and Sunday, not Friday and Saturday.  We could travel on Friday morning and have time to see the great nephews and great niece.  That was just great!  Calls to Sister were made and all was good.

We had no problems on the trip up.  It was great spending the evening with the 2, 5 and 8 year old children.  We played basketball, watched them play on the trampoline, slide and generally have fun outside.  Dinner was pizza, more outside time before dark, baths and a Disney movie rounded out the time.  Back to Sister's home for the night.  Up and out of the house to reach the lacrosse field by noon on Saturday.

We pulled up to the field and noticed the game was not lacrosse.  And the boys were girls.  And it was a rugby game.  We went to two other possible locations in the area.  In desperation we called our son. Though the calendar had 12 a.m. Jr. and Varsity, the second time was 5 pm.  We were five (5) hours early.  Well, fudge, again.  Backup plan, check out one location for our 50th wedding celebration.

Fine.  Still over 3 hours till the game.  We headed out to visit our neighbors of 47 years ago.  They were not home.  Hubby had to talk to someone so he knocked on the door of the home we had built 48 years ago.  He then talked to the current owner for an hour.  I talked, too.   It was pleasing to talk to someone that enjoyed the home we built as much as we had the 6 years we lived there.  After leaving we stopped for a couple of items at CVS.  Still 2 hours till the game.  We decided to find the location of tomorrow's game.

I pulled up the team's calendar.  We both looked at the thing and confirmed Boyd High was the location.  Alrighty, we look up the address, put it in the GPS and head out to confirm the location.  The field was right there and the calendar still said Boyd.  It was still an hour till game time.  We drove to the parking lot, found a shade tree and parked.  It was good to see grandson finally arrive prepared for the 5 o clock game.  They lost but grandson played hard.  Visited with middle grandson after the game which was great.  A quick hug of Oldest and we headed back to Sister's home for the night.

Okay, day two mission accomplished though we did spend a huge amount of time in a car.  Son had reconfirmed on Saturday that the Sunday game was definitely at noon.  In McKinney at Boyd High which by the way was a change from the original location in a soccer park.  We arrived about 11:50 am at Boyd High stadium.  An empty stadium.  I pulled up the d&*(^ed calendar again.  McKinney High is now on the freaking calendar.  We drive to where I remembered the McKinney High stadium to be.  Sure enough there was the stadium and it was empty.  Hubby stopped to ask a stranger as I was beginning to google McKinney High.

We arrived across town at the McKinney High school and Hubby saw a man.  Another stranger.  I was saying the stadium is ahead around the corner.  But Hubby was no longer believing a word I said.  The nice stranger told Hubby the stadium was ahead to the left at the corner.  We arrived at the game at half time.  Oldest Grandson was swapped with different players during the game.  At one point he was hit with the end of a lacrosse stick in the right groin and down he went.  He came off the field limping and sat out the rest of the third quarter.  He came back in about half way through the fourth quarter.  He assisted on 3 of the scores.  Round Rock lost again.  Grandson visited with us, hugged and said he loved us and appreciated our coming to his games.  That made it all worth the mess ups along the way.

Our last stop was for a meal in Allen at a second location that we were considering for the 50th shindig.  We headed back home about 3 pm.  Smooth sailing all the way to the last 5 miles.  There was a wreck and traffic was at a standstill.  It took about 25 minutes to go one mile.  Ugh.  We had spent between 6 and 8 hours in a car with additional 1 to 2 hours on bleachers or in restaurants for three days.  Monday I crashed.  Hubby had another appointment in the morning.  He crashed in the afternoon.  That is what happens after a busy weekend with lots of travel time.  And a frustrating calendar.

I rechecked the calendar on Monday.  12 a.m. was still on the Friday calendar.  I had missed the 'a.m.' and that almost every day there is a game out of town '12 a.m.' appears on the calendar.  WTH.  And the game locations 'are fluid' I was told.  That is not particularly helpful for septuagenarians that are not on the email list to receive the notifications of changes.  Oh, well.  We at least made it home and were not in Dallas when the hail storms hit Sunday night.  Older sister's new car was damaged and both sisters' houses will need new roofs. What is a little calendar mix up in the big picture.

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