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Saturday, March 18, 2017

Not Much To Report

It has been a really quiet day for me here on Saturday.  Thursday was laundry and cleaning the refrigerator day.  With a couple of 10-15 minute strolls I managed 6300 steps.  Friday was grocery and household shopping.  Step count was about 5400 for the day.  The best thing about doing the errands was that I could drive myself.  The boot had been my right foot thus making it unusable for the gas pedal.  It felt so good to be driving again I made two trips of it.  First stop was at WalMart, like I could not find a better first place.  I know but that is where we find the best price for the water we use in our coffee maker.

Since WalMart is somewhat all purpose, I strolled out to the bird and garden center.  Aaahhhh, flowers!  Stocked up on mealy worms, seeds for finches, and a small number of flowers.  Hoping  for the good aroma in the morning air I purchased petunias and stock in white, pink and peach colors.  A geranium and yellow marigold said they will add a little pop of color.  An interestingly shaped peach colored hibiscus held promise for a conversation piece.  Nothing like flowers for this old gardeners soul!

Back in the main part of the store the water and basic cleaning supplies were located.  I know there is a person that delights in moving the location of items around in stores.  They hope you will find something you really were not needing in the place of the item for which you are looking.  You purchase that 'how did I live without this item' as well as the item they moved.  For a person recovering from injuries this tactic is more frustrating than inspiring.  More likely to be inspired to say bad words than purchase newly discovered items.

While doing the search for the moved item I came across a family playing hide and seek. This particular threesome looked at first glance to be a young married with a toddler.  Now this was not just two on one aisle and one on the next.  No.  The young woman was crawling in behind the toilet paper in between the stuff on the other side of the display.  The young man had arranged more paper goods as a lounge chair and the toddler was messing around back and forth.  An older woman started calling names and the two older people emerged looking rather sheepish.  The toddler was retrieved and the group moved on while being versed in proper ways to behave in a store.

Eventually all items were located.  I stood in the check out line watching the young checker being very precise.  Money had to be counted twice.  Then the return money was recounted as well.  When she spoke to me I understood.  She is an immigrant from Russia.  I did not ask for a passport or other type of identification.  I welcomed to our country.  She told me she liked my flowers and we parted ways.  In the parking lot I was approached randomly by a couple for gas money.  Sorry, I do not carry cash.  You can follow me to a gas station and I fill your car up but that is the best I can do.  No, the tank was full.  They were not immigrants.  We parted ways.

After returning home with the water, 10 gallon bottles take up a lot of room.  Add to that the flowers and cleaning supplies there would not be enough room for the groceries.  Besides the space factor, the foot needed to be iced before much more walking.  We had dinner and watched a bit of TV and I was off to the grocery store.  There I found many of the items that were the loss leaders to be gone.  Butter for $2.49 is almost a steal except when the shelf is empty.  Really nothing to complain about, though.  If butter were needed there was plenty at the higher prices.

Groceries gathered and I headed to the one checkout that was open.  As soon I it was my turn a young man with 2 items was behind me.  I had him go ahead as I was still unloading my cart.  By the time he was checked through there were 8 -10 people behind me.  Each with just 2 or 3 items.  I tried to get them to go ahead and they would not.  Finally another line was opened.  One person told me not to worry as it was not my fault the store did not have enough checkers at the moment.  The young man that was checking me was not flustered.  He called for checkers and continued with my cart.  I asked how long he had been just standing waiting for someone to check.  He said about 15 minutes then it all hit at once.

Today I woke to the  Hubby kissing me as he left to go play ham radio again.  I stayed in bed for awhile longer but was uncomfortable.  Soon I headed for a cup of coffee and a bowl of cereal.  With Hubby gone I settled into his recliner for a little Poirot sleuthing.  I finished the cereal but not the serial!  I drifted in and out of sleep for several hours.  The body was saying, 'you sat around for 6 weeks so do not expect me to just start right up again, old girl!'  Eventually Hubby made it back home so I gave up the recliner.

Image result for rattlesnake in bluebonnets
Cooked a little dinner and took a walk in the nearby park.  Arranged the flowers near the pots to see if that will be their home for the summer.  Then it was time for more ice on the foot.  That brings you to be with me just sitting in my chair.  Ice pack on my foot and thinking about that Twix fun bar on the table.  That's almost all there is to report.  Oldest Grandson went for a hike with part of his Scout Troop today and came upon a big rattlesnake.  That is why it is best not to walk out among the bluebonnets because .. rattlesnakes.

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