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Sunday, March 12, 2017

Well, It Is Late Sunday

Here in the US the clocks jumped forward an hour.  Well, the web connected ones did.  The other 5 9 13 15 (after an actual count) we have in our one bedroom apartment still need a little hand doing for the forward jump.  Both cars will need manual updating, too.  Why on earth do I have so many clocks in such a small space I wonder during the spring forward and fall back times.  There are reasons.  Really good reasons.

  1. The one by my chair was a gift from my son.  It is a small crystal lovely heavy enough thing to take out an intruder if needed.
  2. The one under the TV can be seen from our easy chairs.  Some days our necks are really stiff.
  3. The one on the south wall was a gift from my Mom.  Its time is correct two thirds of the year.  I do not take it down to reset.  We just subtract an hour from November till March.  Keeps us on our toes that way.
  4. The digital clocks (#4 & 5) on each side of our bed go back to the time we worked outside the home. We each had a time two hours apart to arrive at work.  This meant seperate auto transport, too.  There's two more clocks : /
  5. Still want to know the time during the night and I cannot see over my Hubby.
  6. The one on the dresser could probably go away but I like it still.
  7. The one on Hubby's desk was a retirement gift.  I am not sure if he uses it.
  8. The small one in the bathroom was a sorority sister gift.  I like to see how long it takes to do a shower.
  9. The one in the closet was another gift.  It rests next to mirror where I put on my jewelry.
  10. The wind up clock by the front door was a gift from my husband.  It needs to be wound and reset.
  11. The microwave clock because it is built in and Hubby freaks if the time is not right.
  12. The stove top clock ditto with the microwave and they must match. 
  13. The coffee pot clock so it has the coffee waiting for us.  I has to match the stove and microwave.  Hubby is, well, Hubby.
  14. Hubby's Universal clock gift from our son.  Because we do not part with gifts from our son.
  15. Indoor/outdoor thermometer that never has the right time.  But it has a good measure of the outside temperature.
  16. Icie, my car so I know how late I am running.
  17. Wrangler, Hubby's car because Hubby like accuracy.  
Thanks to the programmers the 3 tablets, two laptops, two fitbit devices and two cellphones do the updating without intervention.  It will be a week before I get all those other clocks reset.  According to the clock on the wall, which is right 2/3 of the year, it is really late on this 'spring forward' Sunday.

For any of my readers that do not have to meet me at places you need to know I am always late. Everywhere I go.  Late.  With 17 clocks, 3 tablets, two laptops, two fitbit devices and two cellphones and I am still late.  My most dislikable feature is tardiness.  Maybe I will add a little time to all the clocks to see if that will get me on time for the next few months.

Thanks for stopping by for a chat.  I enjoyed our time together.


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