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Saturday, July 22, 2017

Well, It's Saturday

After yesterday's activities of moving dirt and plants our old bodies woke up less than happy with us.  What would they have said if the bonus Grandson had not been here to help?  Hubby has been determined to not let it get him down and has been walking every so often even in this heat.  DJ is over for a night with the grandparents while the rest of the family go to a concert.  Concerts do not include dogs. 

DJ is a dog that is 2.5 years old now.  Not any puppy left in her.  She came in the apartment wanting the leash and muzzle removed.  That accomplished, a long drink of water and it was time to lie on the floor and nap.  Looks like Grandpa may join her in that activity pretty soon, too.

It really is the dog days of summer now with consistent 100 F (37.7 C) for the last few days and for the foreseeable future.  The heat continues to build in the ground, in the roads, on building walls, everywhere.  Overnight the air is filled with the heat radiating from the ground, roads, buildings.  The temperature will hardly cool below 80 F. (26.6 C) most nights.  It is just life at this altitude in a southern latitude in summer.

Old people stay inside in the air conditioned homes if possible.  Young kids still go outside and shoot baskets, play chase or hang with friends.  Of course some of them will stay in the air conditioning and play video games.  Who can blame them in this heat.  Even birds are holding their wings out to cool off  as they sit on the edge of the bird bath.

Speaking of bird bath, DJ just discovered the birds coming to the bird bath just outside the patio door.  She jumped on the door startling the white winged dove into flight.  The next few minutes were spent with DJ begbarking to go chase birds.  A stern 'no' helped to settle her down for a few minutes.  but she is back up looking for something to chew.  Thankfully an empty toilet paper roll did the trick.  And a little of the puppy comes out again.  Hopefully a day of rest and the two old bodies will have a little of the puppy back in them, too.

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Old people getting out of the Mediterranean Sea realizing they are not pups. 

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