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Friday, January 12, 2018

All Good

All good is a phrase we hear often from our son.  It is usually when we have had the tie or location wrong for a game or other event.  Earlier the week the 'all good' was a text answer.  For some reason my cell phone does not always notify me of a text message.  Or maybe I have on headphones living in my own virtual world and do not hear the text notification sound.  Anyway I missed a text string in regard a time for discussion on a lakehouse.

Our son's family enjoys water sports.  Boating, skiing, boarding, etc. one could say gets their collective motors running.  Hubby and I can enjoy boating.  Any thoughts of the other activities leave us sitting in chairs on the shore looking at the lake.  Well, Hubby will drive the boat for the activities and I can be the lookout for spills.  We have done those duties on and off over the years.

In our younger days we would rent various boats and water toys for our son and his friends to use.  Hubs drove and I was lookout.  I do not think either of us did much more than just jump in for a cooling swim.  Our next door neighbors' family were close friends.  They had a house their father had build on Table Rock Lake.  We usually spent a a couple of weekends with them on the lake each year.  Boating, hot tub, good food but more than that.  Time spent with precious friends.  Friends that were with us through good and bad times. 

We moved away from the small town and those neighbors in 1993.  We kept in touch and would visit over the years.  But I do not remember returning to the lake house after that.  Lives changed.  The brother lived in the lake house for a few years.  Irregardless, our family has some wonderful memories of the times we did spend with the extended Ellis family.  In the house that Don built.  On the lake watching Craig barefoot water ski.  Playing cards, eating turkey fries, telling stories and laughing together.

Pretty sure all good surely describes thoughts of any lake house for our little family.

Hope all have a safe weekend. 

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