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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

February 13, 2018

Most excitement for the day is nothing.  I am just doing nothing.  I upped the speed on my walking the last couple of days.  It has been chillier than I wanted to walk in with all the flu going on here.  So it was on the treadmill.  I know that 3 miles an hour is not fast for my 44 year old son but my 71 year old body does not like that speed.  So when I did my IT stretches today, back spasms.  Ok, one more limit to not press at this time. 

Yesterday was haircut day again.  The sticker price for haircuts is always a shock for me.  For about 15 years I cut my own hair.  It was not always great but it surely was cheap!  Now with the bob hair cut a six week maintenance cut is required.  Is it worth $$ to maintain 'a look'?  Since I do not see myself except in the mirror which I avoid the look is for everyone else.  So all you people looking at me better appreciate "the look".

As for everything else there is not much else going on except weather.  It has been dreary.  But no real measurable rain.  We need real rain.  At least with the misty, cloudy conditions the ground is not drying out further.  Local lakes are averaging only 84% full.  A large portion of Texas is either already in drought to borderline drought conditions.  Burn bans are in effect.  But things are looking up for some rain in the the next few days. 

Puzzle planet has been holding part of my attention.  At first the scenery and different vegetable arrangements held my attention.  Then it was European homes.  Next came holiday puzzles.  Lately houses, interiors, dogs and cats have my attention.  The dogs and cats have made me realize how much I miss having a cat to sit on my lap.  Or sleep on my side.  The reality is since I fell so many times, I do not need a cat to dodge while walking in our small space. Guess I'll just say bye for now and go put together a kitty puzzle.

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