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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Good Morning! 
For anyone following this bunch of nothing you know I am healing pretty good from total knee replacement of my right knee.  I am experiencing new awakenings in the muscles and tendons surrounding the incision.  More than once over the last week my knee has said "good morning" by sending a new twinge of what the heck has gone on to me?  It is quick and not terribly uncomfortable just enough to awake me. 
Every day things are getting easier and tomorrow I get to graduate to the cane instead of the walker.  At least that is what Darin said he hoped would be the next step.  I am looking forward to that.  I have enjoyed the sunshine over the last few days.  Everyone is excited about the wonderful weather.  Darin, also, said we might try walking in the yard with the 4 wheeled walker.  We have mole runs in the yard so trekking into the grass is going to take some amount of intestinal fortitude.

No big lessons today in the blog as I spent the day doing laundry and changing sheets on our bed.  Today is just a thankfulness for good friends that were willing to help at a moments notice today.  God has truly blessed Gene and I with the most amazing group of people we call friends!

You see it was not my knee that awoke me today but sounds coming from our bathroom.  Gene had a cold coming on yesterday it seemed.  This morning he was displaying signs of a touch of stomach flu.  And only about one cup of lemon lime drink in the house, I cannot drive yet and he is too sick.  So I became the caregiver today as much as I could.  But a call to the Davis household and in no time there was 2 liters of Sprite, a loaf of bread and a smiling friend on our doorstep.

So we are looking forward to a tomorrow with a much calmer start.  A real good morning.
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