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Monday, February 29, 2016

+ 5 weeks - 23

Ok, I seem to be able to not count or subtract.  It may be the leap year thing or something.  So I will give you the facts and you can decide for yourself.  We drive to Dallas on March 22.  We spend a night with my Sissy and fly out on March 23 at 5:40 PM.  My surgery was on January 25.  You do the math now.

Just for the record, the extension was 0 degrees without any warm-ups at PT.  No need for the second guy to be pushing down H A R D on the new joint like last Monday.  Flex, or the bend of the knee, was 122 without a warm-up.  Three pulls with a sheet and it was 131.  I am so very pleased with this as it makes everything involving movement so much easier.

To celebrate after a more aggressive workout at PT, I went grocery shopping.  I hate grocery shopping, usually.  Today it was great to just do something other than nurse and exercise a knee.  Gene met me at the grocery store gas pumps and we filled both cars.  We spent less than $14 for both cars as we had a $0.50 per gallon discount.  That was about 65 cents a gallon!  Good thing cause I blew $100 at the grocery store.

Finally returned home and put away the groceries.  Ate a bit of lunch, chicken salad on toasted bread.  It was time to elevate and ice.  Ahhhhh.  Total of one mile of walking left me tired and resting most of the afternoon.  You know, pacing......

Sunday, February 28, 2016

+ 35 - 22

Did not get the to do list done today.  Did get multiple accounts reconciled along with making some cheesy broccoli soup.  I did the cooking cause Hubby is worn to a nub.  Taking care of me is more than any one person could be expected to do.  In addition there are several activities for grandsons.  A leaky fridge at the Son's.  A few days of dog sitting over the last 5 weeks meant up and down during the night hours.  Poor guy just had to crash this afternoon.

Did you watch the Oscars?  I did from red carpet to the very end.  We actually did see a few of the movies that were in the mix, "The Martian" and "Inside Out".  Pretty sure both were seen with Sister during one of our many visits to the Dallas area last year.  As for the Oscars, I did enjoy seeing the dresses and even the cuts of the guys suits.  Looks like 'Mad Max' probably garnered the largest number of awards.  And you go, Sam Smith!  Finally for Leo d'C.

Maybe one of the biggest things I will enjoy about Europe is no political ads!  With Super Tuesday coming to Texas this week, TV is full of all the mud slinging ads.  One can hardly see past the signs that line every intersection.  Yep, ready for some sight seeing and hopefully very little politics.

With a 10 AM physical therapy appointment, guess I had best wish all a good nights rest. Hope to see you in the comments section.  And if you are looking for haiku, go to Thought Prints.

Saturday, February 27, 2016

+ 33 Days - 24 Days

Physical therapist has finally convinced me that pacing is the best road to recovery.  A proper balance between activity, icing and leg elevation has resulted in a perfectly straight extension and 128 degree flex.  The last is 12 degrees better than ever achieved with the right knee.  Reps of exercises have been gradually increased.  Time on my knee is to, likewise, be gradually increased.  But there still must be time of inactivity with legs elevated.

I am pretty sure Gene is ready for a little more help with the cooking.  And housework.  And I have been missing the grandsons' activities.  They probably do not care but I do.  We did have DJ the grand dog over night.  She only jumped on me a couple or three times.  And, yes, she caught the knee one of the times.  The good news is no pain!  I am getting tired of everything centering around my knee.  Everyone is sure I am so delicate.

It is slightly over 3 weeks till we land in Amsterdam.  Not soon enough to start packing but certainly soon enough to evaluate the outfits one more time.  Must make sure to have enough to last the trip!  There is still a suit to be purchased for Gene and a jacket to get exchanged for me.  Guess it is time for a complete checklist....  And that will not take any steps!

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

29 Days to Lift Off

Today, February 23, is my Granny's 133 birthday.  Forty-seven years ago Granny passed away and a bit of joy left our life.  Granny was 86 the day we buried her.... on her birthday.

Granny had a mild stroke that caused her to be hospitalized shortly after Christmas, 1968.  In an attempt to follow her son home, she fell out of bed and broke her hip.  Surgery ensued as well as the remainder of her life, 7 short weeks, being spent in the hospital and nursing home.

Granny was in relatively good health up to the last.  Pepto Bismol and a dip of snuff kept her is fine shape.  She would walk the 4 or 5 blocks to the A&P, Woolworth's or Penney's to do a spot of shopping for Christmas and birthdays.  Granny would do a jig with her great grandchildren well into her eighties.  She would remind anyone misbehaving that Raw Head and Bloody Bones were lurking in the shadows to take care of bad children!

I loved sleeping with her between the flannel sheets of her bed.  Combing her thin, white hair is a memory I recall as a calming image.  I still use the sewing basket she gave me in my teen years.  Also, have the last can of snuff Daddy bought for her to have at my Mom's house.

One short month from today, March 23, will be the date we board the plane for our European adventure.  Unlike my spry Granny Chandler, I have required knee replacements, the last just 30 days ago.  I hope to dance a jig somewhere along the cruise of the Rhine, Main and Danube Rivers.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Waves of Memories

July, 1984
Several years ago I spent most of one summer scanning and organizing one box of Mom's photos.  Mom had about 3 or 4 of these boxes.  Plus albums where the pages have stuck to the photos.  Scanning the remaining photos was to have been my winter project last year and the year before.  It has not happened.  I scanned the 50th wedding anniversary album last winter shortly after Mom passed away.  That was all I could do because it was just too soon.  This year's surprise knee replacement has supplanted all projects.

The rehab of the knee requires exercise followed by lying with an ice pack machine wrapped around the knee.  Lying and scanning do not really work together too well.  However, lying and watching the little digital photo frame that is full of photos from previous scans and digital cameras has proven entertaining.  The frame was a Christmas gift we gave to Mom probably 8 years ago.  She loved it and called it a Rol-a-dex.

The photos linger for about 15 seconds.  Just long enough to generate a memory.  I felt I was lying on a sandy beach with a gentle wave washing across my soul.  Each wave accompanied by an aunt, uncle, sibling, niece, nephew, friend or child.  I lay basking in the warmth of the memories.  Treasured bits of the past that have created the mosaic of life.  A life filled with all sorts of events, feelings, and experiences.

Twenty-eight days out from the surgery it feels my family has been here to help me heal.  Encouraging each step of recovery as each photo watches in silence.  Again, I lie back with the comfort of the cold on my knee and relish each wave.  Gently rocked by the memories in waves of thought.

Mom and Dad's 50th wedding anniversary waiting line.
Arleigh and Mary Rogers' family, July, 1984

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

+ 24 = - 35

Yes, it is over 3 weeks since my surprise knee replacement surgery on January 25.  Yesterday's visit with the outpatient therapists resulted in reduced walking.  Yep, that is what I said, reduced walking.  Too much irritation in the knee with the total accumulated steps.  Do not be discouraged, though.  It means there is more flex and extension work. 

Gives me pause when thinking that in > 6 weeks an adventure in cruising will begin.  With lots of walking tours along the route.  Gonna keep the faith that set us on this path and believe with the proper rehab habits I will do great.  Well, and a cane for safety!

Gene is the usual supportive person he always is.  It bothers him when I try to do for myself.  He loves to 'fluff' me by getting the ice machine ready.  He will work to get the cover just right as an ice machine cools my whole body!  He prepares meals and does the grocery shopping.  This morning I was rotating pillows on the sofa and he could hardly contain himself from taking that away from me.  I never deserved this good man.  And not sure what he did to be punished with me!

Moving On

This particular blog was begun as a way to keep my stories and daily events.  Eventually I was posting to several photo memes.  I migrated those to Wordpress.  In the last year the blog has become dominated by the haiku writing.  Recently I was made aware that some of my original followers were lost in the art form.

Starting today, this blog will be back to its original form of writing.  Thoughts, activities, etc.  A second blogger site, Thought Prints, will become my poetry site.  I will use the moniker of Petra Domina which is Latin for The Rock Lady, my nickname from a former neighbor!

There you have it.  I am moving on with a different location to keep in touch with all the folks in my physical and internet lives.  Love you all!

Saturday, February 13, 2016


Carpe Diem #918 Touch/Tactioception (Pain)

Full inspirational post is here.

circling tongue
warmth envelopes
her loins

©  Janice 'petra domina' Adcock

Thanks to Chèvrefeuille for daily prompts on 



Carpe Diem #917 direction


Today's post is about "direction" and Hamish has written a nice essay about it. As I told above my sense of direction is not great. Of course I can find my way out in the districts I know, but as in the above example new districts is something else. After visiting these new districts a few times I will for sure find my way out, but it takes some time to adjust to those new districts.

lost in time
overwhelmed by the beauty
of the sunset

© Chèvrefeuille

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the wind blows
the matriarch trumpets
the herd follows

©  Janice 'petra domina' Adcock
Thanks to Chèvrefeuille for daily prompts and for Hamish for his inspirations on 


Thursday, February 11, 2016

+ 16 days = - 41 days?

This is +16 following total knee replacement.  My first knee surgery was a great success with a nice rate of healing.  This second knee replacement is moving at an even better pace.  Sixteen days following surgery I can walk for fifteen minutes on a treadmill, easily.  Yesterday I was doing the stationary bike as well as the elliptical machine.  No, not at the speeds of an athlete but not bad for a 69 yr old sedentary blogger.

Now is time for a new focus.  Certainly I will continue the therapy and move into outpatient therapy but the focus will be Amsterdam on March 23.  Well, we fly out on the 23rd and will arrive on the 24th.  What will be the best things to see on the two days of free time in Amsterdam?  Anne Frank house and the Van Gogh museum. There is already a walking tour planned by the cruise company.  And of course there must be some shopping!  And lunch and dinner meals to two days.  Ok, my blogger friends in Europe I am needing suggestions!

We will have 23 additional days in various cities along the Rhine, Main and Danube rivers to enjoy Europe.  Now I need to be doing a countdown to the day we drive to Dallas.  And to take time to thank the Creator for guiding this old worn out knee person to a brilliant surgeon, staff and recovery health professionals!

Today is now day - 41 till departure......

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Helping Hands

January 11th, 2016 I showed up for jury duty call at the Williamson County Courthouse.  One judge in Missouri had said jury duty and paying taxes were the two primary ways the average citizens participates in our democracy.  Many think voting is the ultimate but that is really decided by an electoral college.  Sure, our votes can elect the electors for our state but still the president and vice-president are not elected by direct vote.

But this post is not about a civics lesson.  It is about what some would call the happenstance of life.  For me as a person of faith, I think of it as having a really good friend looking out for me.  And my listening.  I do not 'seek' only Christian medical personnel.  I just have faith that if I seek a person in a given field, what is needed will be in my path.  The latest surgery is a good case in point.

By chance I was the last person to be selected for jury duty.  All sorts of other folks were on the jury, too.  There were several delays as parts of the case were in objections that required review out of jury earshot.  So we 12 folks sat in a small jury room getting to know each other.  On person even brought a game for us to while away the minutes that led to hours.

My left knee just went into fits of pain for two days of the jury time.  One of the other jurors was a physical therapist at a local hospital.  I kept intending to ask her about different doctors.  The case settled and we were dismissed.  I had not gotten the information from her.  As I walked to my car she stopped to let me pass.  Quickly I asked her for the name of the best surgeon.  She gave me the name.  That was on Wednesday, January 13.  By Monday, January 25, I was on the gurney being wheeled into the operating room.

Today I am home healing faster that I would ever have expected.  Turns out all involved said I have the 'best' of surgeons.  I am thankful for all the helping hands of medical personnel,  people willing to share and a Creator that has our best interests at heart if we just trust what is in our paths.