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Sunday, March 27, 2016

Day 1, 2 & 3, March 22, 23 & 24, Dallas to Amsterdam, The Netherlands

It is Easter morning.  This is our first full day on the cruise ship. The day of rest, did start with the sound of nearby church bells ringing  Ingvi is our ship's name.  The Kingdom of Netherlands went on daylight savings time this day. Now we have lost a total of 7 hours. We were up and about for a walking tour that started at 8:30 AM.  We were guided to a functioning Dutch windmill built in the 1600'a. People were definitely smaller then. A wooden shoe attired man, who is a volunteer, guided the tour which lasted for about one and half hours.   We met the miller in charge of caring for this functioning windmill.  Fascinating technology. 

No more activities except eating and resting for us today.  I will fill you in on our activities up to this point in our travels.

Tuesday, March 22, was travelling to Dallas for Sister time with youngest sister.  Thanks to a relaxed evening and morning we started the trip in good shape.
Wednesday, March 23, was our flight day, departure time was 5:40 PM, CDT, 10:40 PM, London.   The British Airways personnel could not have been nicer. From beginning to the end in Amsterdam.  Our bags were checked through to Amsterdam so no baggage to deal with on Heathrow. We arrived early at DFW anticipating longer waits due to enhanced security.  It took only about 25 minutes.  It took almost longer for us to get our shoes back on 😃.  Of course both airports had to do pat downs as metal knees do set off the scanners.  Heathrow even picked up the hooks in my bra!  Hubby has a metal knee so pat downs for him, too. We thanked them for keeping as safe as possible. A three and a half hour layover gave us plenty of time to stretch our legs and have a bite.

After a slight delay in takeoff, we left Heathrow for Amsterdam.  Time of arrival was 7:30 AM, CDT, 2:30, Amsterdam time. Another hour was lost upon arrival in Amsterdam.  As we waited at the baggage pickup we were met by the Viking representative.  A second couple was, also, met by the rep. Four young women assisted the four of us with our bags. Eight people and each had two bags of some sort.

Transport to the Mövenpick Hotel and once more everyone was beyond kind and helpful.  A quick visit with the next Viking reps to register our arrival to the hotel. Then to the concierge to purchase tram tickets and we were off to the canal cruise.  Oh, what a terrific adventure.  I have so many photos of the beautiful architecture throughout the canal area. We hopped off to visit the Anne Frank Hais. The line was over two blocks long in a cold, windy rain. We just took photos of the door, the sign and headed for a warm place to wait for the next canal cruise boat taking our tickets.

The canal cruise ended near the Central Station where it started.  It was nearing 7:30 PM, Amsterdam, 1:30 PM, 31 hours since Hubby had slept.  I napped on the Amsterdam leg of the flights. We had not had a meal since arriving, just some trail mix. We grabbed the #26 in the direction of the hotel. A thus began another adventure...  I'll post about that later. My eyelids are heavy and another walking trip is in the morning in Cologne, Germany.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

+8 Weeks One Day - 1 Day to Lift Off

It is here.  The day we leave on the first day of our trip.  We awake to news of bombings in Brussels.  It would be easy to let fear overwhelm our sense of excitement.  We will not allow selfish terrorists to destroy our joy.  Be vigilant and aware is the word of the day.  As we were mulling over the situation we checked the distance from Amsterdam to Brussels. About 250 miles. That is about the same distance as the Oklahoma City bombing was from our home in Missouri.  Fear will not win.

To catch my blog friends up on yesterday's activities one word covers most of the day, housework.  I hate coming home to a messy house.  Hubby just shakes his head.  After 49 years he has become accustomed to the pre-trip ritual.  There was a trip to purchase Euros.  The highlight of the day was dinner with Son and Ladyfriend.  They had just returned from a week in Seattle.  They had fun things to share.  On the way home after the visit I praised the Creator for allowing us to be in such good relations with our son and his family.  So many families do not have this joy.

It is possible these distorted souls that commit the heinous acts just lacked loving families?  Are they molded by the outrageous comments of presidential candidates?  Or religious leaders?  Members of their families or others in their circles?  As I thought yesterday while sitting on a bridge and could feel vibration from traffic.  Faith is a part of life.  I trust the folks that designed and built that bridge.

Today's devotional spoke of having faith as the men did walking into the lions den.  It is in that faith that I will board a plane for Europe.  It is in the faith that I live my daily life. It is that faith in the goodness of the vast majority of people that sustains me.

This will be my last post for awhile.  The adventure begins!  Blessings on all who visit and thanks for any and all comments.  In peace in love, Janice.

Sunday, March 20, 2016

+ 55 - 3 Days to Sitting on a Plane All Night Long

On Wednesday afternoon at 5:40 PM we will begin our adventure by boarding the plane.  If all runs on time....  It is DFW.  We then begin our time travel into the future arriving in Amsterdam at 1:15 PM.  We have lost 6 hours in the process.  We will gain it back on the return trip.  Pretty sure we will need the additional time to rest.

The mani/pedi schedules were sort of messed around as the business had disappeared.  It worked out as we found a different duo to pamper our feet and my hands.  Hubby's was yesterday, as reported.  Mine was this afternoon.  Very fun Mom/Daughter shop.  I did not even know there was such a thing as JC Salons.  Multiple individual salons in one location.  Anyway.  It will be our go to salon as it is only 3 traffic lights from our apartment.

I am not sure how these are going to work out but I decided to make my go to brownie recipe.  It is splattered with decades old chocolate.  Only two eggs on hand as we are clearing out all fresh food before leaving.  Recipe called for 3 eggs.  Had some liquid egg I figured would work fine.  Some applesauce was more than we would eat before leaving.  I substituted applesauce for part of the butter.  The liquid eggs had something funny looking as I poured into the batter.  Well, fudge, Southwestern style liquid eggs.....  Too late.  Time will tell.  About 15 minutes...

Before I started the brownies I was checking emails.  I was certain I heard a woman scream, "Help!".  I called to Hubby.  I asked he leave the door open in case he needed help.  He looks up and down the hall and there is more screaming.  Then a man storms out of the apartment across the hall.  Profanity freely flowing.  He does not see Hubby standing in the hallway.  He goes the opposite direction.  We knock on our neighbors' door.  A fight, some hitting and lots of crying.  And I am standing in the hall with a walking staff to protect us against whomever.  We make sure they are ok and leave the ladies to themselves.  A few minutes later there was a loud knock on the neighbors door and I am grabbing the stick, heading out the door.  It is a policeman.  I watch just long enough to make sure the ladies are ok, again.  Beware old lady with a long hickory stick, just saying.  Yes, I know it could have gone badly.  Open carry area.

The show, The Good Wife, is in its final season.  I never was really into the show till probably last fall.  Tonight the show is tackling the gun control issues.  A man's daughter is killed while sitting in the kitchen after a school prom.  The man has put up a sign saying the gun shop killed his daughter.  The gun shop is suing for defamation of character.  This will take about an hour to determine.  Unlike the real issue.  And slightly longer than the brownies.

Ding  .  Ding  .Ding     The brownies are done   Hubby is eating as I type.  I note I used applesauce.  He thinks he can taste that.  Okay.  Do you taste southwest flavors, like peppers?  No, why should I taste peppers.  Well ................ 

Saturday, March 19, 2016

+ 54 - 4 Days to Boarding Flight to Europe

It is just 3 days till we get in the car and head for Dallas.  Today we did about 95 % of our packing.  One more run at the electronics bag and the bathroom bag will be the end of the task.  And the bags are packed to the seams with clothing for 27 days.  So much clothing and still the closet is full.  Shoes on the shoe racks.  And we are taking 125 lbs of clothing and another 50 of electronics and bath items.

Lange's 1936, Migrant Mother,Florence Owens Thompson
As I am writing this post we are watching a documentary about another photographer, Dorothea Lange.  Her photos of the depression and dust bowl migrations were influential in helping the nation see the plight of the humans.

Later, she worked for the military photographing the Japanese interment camps of WWII.  She had started our in San Francisco as photographer of the wealthy of the area.  Her work on the depression and dust bowl were under the government programs created under FDR.

The photos and documentary made me realize the migration from the troubled middle eastern countries is not really that much different than running from the depression's lack of jobs.  Or the grit of the Dust Bowl of the American prairies in the 1930's.  The trauma of being uprooted is bad enough.  I cannot even imagine adding the trauma of war to that life disruption.  The loss of possessions, loss of income, often loss of hope.

And I sit snugly on my sofa.  In the comfort of a modern apartment.  There is food in the pantry.  There is a man I love within easy reach.  My knee continues to heal nicely.  A luxurious trip await us in 4 days.  With plane seats the are a little wider and more leg room for our oversized bodies.  At the same time somewhere in the world yet another family is being uprooted in hopes of just not dying.

I will be accountable for this dichotomy at some point in time ....

Friday, March 18, 2016

+ 53 - 5 Days, Butterflies Taking Over!

Yes, the number of days till we board an international flight can be counted on one hand.  No more using toes and hands to count the months and then the days.  One hand on one person.  Or one foot if you would prefer counting piggies.  So I many count little piggies just for the heck of it.

Today this little piggy cleaned out the refrigerator.  That does not sound like a lot of fun as a way to prepare for a trip.  It was not.  The stove top was cleaned by the same little piggy.  Later today Hubby's little piggies will go for a pedicure.  That sounds like a fun thing to do in prep for a trip.  While he is being pampered this piggy will go to the market to get a couple of last minute things for the trip.

This piggy still has a little work to go for the pjs to be finished.  May or may not do that today.  Do not know if it was working a little pulling out old flowers and a few other things on the patio but my back/hip is being gripey.  Maybe even sitting at the sewing machine was aggravating the area.  As a result, that area has been getting iced after icing the knee.  Seems to be helping.  Buhr and Arthur are two of my least favorite members of the Ritis family.

It is time to leave for the pedicure so this little piggy best head for the transportation!  Thanks for stopping by and visiting for a bit.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

+ 52 - 6 Days to Flight !

My stomach has a slight feeling of butterflies as the time is now less than a week.  Subtract the extra day we leave to drive the 200 miles to my sister's home and it is just five.  Sister lives near DFW and will take us to the airport.  We will leave our car with her. 

Today is a no exercise day.  I have been sitting at the sewing machine and have noticed the knee becoming stiff if I sit too long.  Just stand up every few minutes takes care of the stiffness.  As for the sewing am making a pair of pjs for myself.  The pjs are using some of my Mom's fabric stash that I brought to my home.  Quite a bit of fabric was donated to a theater where Youngest grandson performs a couple of times a year.  There are still probably 2 or 3 drawers full of fabric to be used.  Of course, this is in addition to my personal stash.

Why make pj's?  Well, first it is free.  Second, I wanted lighter weight material to be able to handwash during the cruise.  Yes, I am very cheap.  Would rather spend the cash on a memory from the trip rather than paying for pjs to be washed.....  Need to do a repair on the tablet cover made 4 years ago.  One of the straps has been broken for probably 3 years.  Finally found a more dependable material to do the job.

Earlier this week I had decided to get a travel steamer to help with the wrinkles on the trip.  It arrived today.  Plan on testing it tomorrow.  I am thinking it would be a good idea to take an extra suitcase on the trip.  Seems I could put the cosmetic/bath rolling bag in it along with possibly shoes.  Then just pay the extra money to have it for souvenirs for the return trip home.  Any ideas out there about this?  Our tickets allow 2 checked bags for each of us.  Seems a shame for the fourth to be so small since Viking folks do most of the schlepping for us.  I like being spoiled...

Time to get back to the sewing machine.  Thanks for stopping in for a visit.  Hubby has fresh coffee ready to share.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

+ 51 - 7 Days, Holy Cow!

Exercise day and I rode the stationary bike again.  My Hubby walked into the gym area and said, "Wow, you are going fast."  I was not really going fast but it certainly was much faster than the barely able to make the pedals go around 5 weeks ago! I did bike for 7 minutes.  Did not get anywhere.

A little more walking around the complex then it was the 2 lb. weights for all the other exercises.  More icing and Netflix.  Watched the last of "To Kill a Mockingbird".  I decided the entire voting community needs to watch this movie.  All the folks that say they want the 'good old days' need to be convicted by this movie.  Not all things were good in the 'good old days'.

Must be honest.  This whole thing with Trump the the number of folks that believe having fights and suing is the way to solve problems...  Not a very civilized way to run a nation.  Encouraging such negative behavior concerns me.  Are people really so searching for an answer they will go for this kind of bluster?  The numbers say they are.

Think I shall run away to Europe for a few weeks and pray some one millions come to their senses. . . .

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

+ 50 - 8 Days To Git 'r Done

With the exception of our mani-pedis and packing, I think we have the needs for the trip taken care of, hopefully.  Yesterday I walked the farthest for one day since the surgery, 1.5 miles.  Not all at once but as a total for the day.  Not much considering the walking we will be doing on the trip.  Enough that the knee is griping occasionally today.  Then there is the whole irritated tendon with a knot in the foot of the same leg.  With alternating icing and heat, the knot is almost gone.  Still some soreness.  As a result going a little slower today giving a little more time for additional healing.  This is to be expected.

Decided I needed to make a pair of pj's as I was checking my stock for the trip.  Cut those out this morning.  Also, doing some laundry.  Should do some dusting but will probably not get that energetic.  And there is still dinner to be cooked.  Just the usual daily stuff going on here.

Usual daily stuff like trees leafing out, flowers in bloom and lawn mowers running.  The winter has been almost non existent this year.  I think there were about 3 or 4 nights that the temperature was below 32 degrees.  Today the prediction is to be in the mid 90's F. for a high.  Tomorrow the temps are to drop about 20 degrees.  Guess the gripie knee could be a weather change and nothing to do with walking.

Not sure how much writing I will be doing during the cruise.  Depends on wifi quality and energy levels, I suspect.  Want to share another photo from Saturday's shoot for the closing today.  Well, maybe two.

Monday, March 14, 2016

+ 49 - 9 = Flight to Europe!

Oh, my goodness it is really getting close now.  Sissy called and helped me go over things she remembered were helpful when they traveled.  That helped immensely to calm a old lady's fears.  This is the first time to go overseas.  Like flying reeeeallllly high over water.  Pretty sure the back of the seat will not be much good if we hit the ocean.  I do not fear flying.  Really enjoy seeing the Creation from the height of planes.

As for the to do list, there are still a couple of things to do that may not be necessary.  Example is a dry run on packing.  Will just pack, weigh, measure and rearrange as necessary.

Today I was officially released from physical therapy.  Completely done at 7 weeks.  Full range of motion maintained for a full week without the therapist visits.  Increased strength in both legs in all tests.  Increased distance for walking and endurance.  Keep up the 3 a week exercises 2 x daily till the trip.  Then just enjoy the trip!  You see, the entire medical and rehab teams have been helping get this goal of making the trip happen.  We all succeeded, I believe.  Praises for answered prayers.

Dinner with the Son and girlfriend, cancelled soccer games and mostly just quiet filled Sunday.  This catches everyone up on what's been going on at 2601.  What's happening at your home?  Here is one of Saturday's photos.  Hope you enjoy.

Saturday, March 12, 2016

+47 from knee replacement, -11 Days to lift off

Well, I awoke to an empty bed and apartment this morning.  The Hubby was gone to an amateur radio gathering.  It was his lucky day as he won not one but two of the drawings. One was a small hand held two meter radio. The second was a shop vac. The guys at the hamfest told him he should buy a lottery ticket. He did not buy the ticket.

Was a bit of a rough day with nausea and headache.  I mean the entire head. Sinuses which leads to toothaches then to migraines if I do not deal with it immediately. By the time Hubs returned home the jaw and toothaches had subsided though the sinuses were still complaining. We went out for a late lunch then to REI to pick up a couple of items for the trip. 

On the route home we were near Andy's Frozen Custard shop. Actually it was a little out of the way but the chocolate custard is a sure cure for what ails one. A small cone for me, a strawberry concrete for the Hubs and a pint of butter pecan for tomorrow was the order.  We headed for home and arrived just as I finished my chocolate cone. That is when I noticed the blooms were fading on a shrub I was planning to photograph.

As soon as we got into the apartment I grabbed my camera and headed to get photos of what was left. As I was photographing the fading blooms I thought how it reminded of the time of life we are living. Mostly past our peak but still a few emerging blooms and some color and life left in the older blooms. One just has to look a little harder to find them. I continued strolling as an amateur photographer sill do, taking photos of the spring flowers. By the time I walked back to the apartment again my headache was finally gone. Nothing like chocolate, walking in the evening sun and nature to  cure life's ills.

Peace to all who visit this little part of my brain and life.

Friday, March 11, 2016

+ 46 - 12 Days to Departure

Yea, I know one is not to publish one's absence.  Some how it just seems different now that we live in an apartment setting.  There is a busy street and dog walkers passing by frequently.  The door is a patio door with a strong stick keeping the door from being opened.  Anyway, not worrying just getting things gathered up for the fun.

Finally the Hubby started looking at the trip info on line last night.  Now if you are new to this blog, you may not know that Hubby is a man of few words and even fewer emotional expressions.  To see him smile is a big thing, to laugh out loud is a marked event.  After about 45 minutes of his perusing the My Viking Journey excursions one line a sound emerged.  I looked his way and he, with a smile on his face, said, "This is going to be fun."  You think!

The working out how to have clothing and all our gadgets for the trip has been rolling around in my head for several weeks.  On last year's trip to California and Canada I carried all the camera equipment in a photographers back pack.  It was heavy.  We have a rolling electronics bag that is the right size for a carry on with rolling being a key word.  Not an extra 30 lbs. of equipment on my back.....  Oh, and Hubby has a CPAP that must be carried on, also.  Trimming down all the equipment to just two cameras and not extra lenses, binoculars, Gene's 13" tablet and my 10" tablet, I think it may all fit!

While checking our preassigned seating for the transcontinental flights there was a pleasant surprise.  We have our own two seat row.  No climbing over strangers when we need to stretch our legs or other things.  It is over the wing but since it will be mostly night flying over an ocean that is fine.  The seats are a little wider and a few inches more leg room for my 6'2" Hubby.  He smiled at that too.  Two smiles in one night!

Guess all the looking and talk last night did something for him.  Still 12 days away and I noticed he has pulled down some of the suitcases!  However at the rate we move this is not bad.  I will close with this little preview of a new movie.  Our Son sent it saying that the Flash made him think of his Dad's speech mannerisms.

All ya'll have a great weekend.  Stay safe and have some fun!  Thanks for stopping by for a visit today.  Always enjoy your comments.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

+ 45 - 13

Still raining today.  This is a day for me not to do "heavy" exercises.  I did 1/5 mile on a stationary bike.  New knee did not even notice!  Original knee replacement, which never bent as well as the new one, complained.  Just get over it right knee cause this is going to happen.  It feels really good.

As the rain kept me close to home, Netflix filled several hours.  While Hubby picked his new shirts, a prescription and a couple of other items, I watched 2001 movie, "Spy Game".  Younger versions of Redford and Pitt were interesting to see.  When Hubs returned we watched "Finding Vivian Maier" and "A Ballerina's Tale".  The last two are documentaries.  The former is about an undiscovered photographer.  The latter is the rise of Misty Copeland to be the premier ballerina for the American Ballet Theatre.  Both are interesting and inspiring tales of following one's dreams.

Speaking of Netflix, with all the downtime icing and resting the new knee, lots of watching.  Watched all 17 seasons of  Midsomer Murders.  Binged the new season of House of Cards.  Re-watched all 9 seasons of Foyles War.   The Butler, and an unknown number of other movies.  I mean, what else is there to do lying on one's back with elevated feet and a very sore knee.

Just saw that Daylight saving time increases heart attacks up to 24% in the two days following the spring forward.  The change back has the opposite effect.  Just wondering what the 6 hour time change we will experience in about 2 weeks will do.  Jet lag...Guess we will see how it pans out over the next few weeks.
Till then we will probably just continue sleeping when we want and getting up when we want.  That is how retirement works for us.


Wednesday, March 9, 2016

+ 44 - 14

Last night and today has been punctuated by thunderstorms in our area.  Further north in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area yesterday there were high winds and tornadoes.  Today that area was experiencing flooding.  And so much for the weather report from Central Texas.  BTW the South by Southwest event is this weekend.  The President is to make a keynote speech.  With all the rain, the beginning will be soggy, for sure.

Hubby finished the taxes yesterday while I did errands with a focus on our trip.  Today we spent quite a bit of time making plans for our time in Amsterdam.  Looks like a canal cruise with a visit at Anne Frank House and possibly Van Gogh Museum.  Friday we have a bus tour of Amsterdam, The Hague, Delft and a miniature village.  There will be stops with tours in Hague and Delft.  Then Saturday morning, we take in the   Keukenhof Garden and tulip fields.  We are attempting to reduce the walking requirements and still get to see the sights. We realize we will not see everything but hope to get a sense of the area.

Hubby received a message that DJ the granddog was missing him.  Faithful Grandpa made the trek to Son's home and spent some time with the dog.  I think they may have napped together.  Back home we made pumpkin soup from a mix.  It had hot peppers in it so a bit spicy for me but the Hubby seemed to enjoy.  That just about covers the excitement in our 880 square feet world today. 

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

+ 43 -15

Really should not be playing on the computer, should be working on the to do's for the trip.  Yesterday did see a few more items marked off the list.  As well as 1.25 miles of walking, laundry and exercises.  It is amazing how quickly one tires doing 15 repeats of standing up from a chair in succession, no push offs with your hands.  I get winded...  Rest a bit and do 15 more in a slow motion manner to build muscle.

In a bit I will be heading to do a couple of errands.  Hubby has been listing some items.  There are replacement tips for our hiking sticks, 2 # weights for my continued strength building and one other thing I have been racking my brain to remember!  I just hate sporadic brain memory.  Oh, well.  As Aunt Sissy always said, "If you miss that little train in the brain when it passes by, don't worry.  It will come back by again."  So I am waiting for the train to come around again and playing on the computer in the meantime.

As I checked facebook this morning to check on where and what my family is doing, a bit of sadness came across my soul.  One nephew and his son are visiting Oregon over spring break.  That area is where my oldest sister and her family lived for about 2 1/2 years in the late 60's, early 70's.  A time when my sisters and I were young and still had most of life ahead of us.  My folks were in their early to mid 50's.  There was still plenty of life ahead of them.  One photo really sent tears to my eyes, Mike swinging his grandson.

Then it hit me.  In about a 13 month period I lost my sweet Aunt Opal, my Mom, dear Uncle Pete and Mike, my oldest nephew.  Add in the hospital and trauma times experienced by Mom, Aunt Opal, and Mike as well as a sister with health issues and I am feeling a little drained.  Maybe it is just the cloudy, rainy day or the fact that I am only 43 days out of major surgery myself that has me being a little maudlin.  The fact is I miss these people.  And so many others.  That feeling of missing is why I avoid looking into the rear view mirror of life.  Too painful.

Just play on the computer a bit longer.  Check on optional excursions to be taken in Amsterdam and other locations along the river cruise.  Holding in my heart the treasures given to me by the Creator during the years of my life.  And wait for the brain train to reach the station to remember the last thing needed on the errand run.


Monday, March 7, 2016

+ 6 weeks - 16 days

Today's meditation focused on letting go of worry.  My Dad was not a worrier.  Mom made up for it.  "Mary, why are you worrying about ...", Daddy said many times.  It was usually followed with, "Piss on ...." whatever the worry of the moment was.  They counter balanced each other for over 70 years of courtship and marriage.

The moments of quiet reflections left me wondering what I worry about these days.  Daddy left his mark on me in that I am not much of a worrier.  Surely there are concerns but few lead to a state of deep worry.  More an assess a challenge, plan a solution, then execute and believe in the best of outcomes is my type of personality.  It has not always worked out for the best.  Many failures are in the wake of my life.  And my relations with people are where many of the failures lie.  Not a people person but I no longer worry about this.

It could, also, be that I leave the worrying to others.  While a detail person on things I am tasked to perform, I am glad to just be a go-for when others are in charge.  There is one exception about all the worry, traffic.  I worry in traffic, especially when a passenger.  All the potential ways an accident could happen will engulf my thoughts.  It is the source of contention with my Hubby on almost a daily basis.  But sitting in the living room in our easy chairs, things run pretty smoothly, now.

As for the upcoming trip I was quite concerned about recouping in order to enjoy.  After consults with PT and doctors, we will do what we can and just take care of ourselves.  Because Hubby tires easily, too.  And the to do list is being cut down daily.  The list is simple to work on with things like copies of all travel documents.  So no need to worry cause we have a plan and are acting on it daily.

Saturday, March 5, 2016

+ 41 - 18

Holy cow!  This is getting close.  And not one thing off the to do list yesterday or today.  However yesterday did hold news of sorts.  Basically I am released from PT to continue on my own.  The PT person and I agreed to have a check back in 10 days to see if all was still going well with strength and stamina.  Only to do the prescribed exercises 3 days a week with one or two days in between the work outs.  Also, the surgeon does not want to see me for 6 weeks.  Both told me my progress was exceptional.  God is good.....

On Friday after PT and the surgeon visit a stop was made at Dick's sporting goods.  A Christmas gift that I had neither the time nor the use of my leg to get exchanged, cannot be exchanged.  As there is no receipt and the jacket is now on sale, a refund will lose $30.  So I will wear a slightly snug jacket.  But that is okay cause I have two good knees now!

Thursday, March 3, 2016

+ 39 - 20

Been really great day.  After so many activities yesterday, today has been slow for me. As usual Hubby made a wonderful breakfast for me.  A little laundry and clean sheets.  Being able to put sheets on the bed has been a big deal for me.  Amazing how the smallest daily task can be an achievement.  Ok, that is being a little too much of a drama queen statement.  But it really is nice to be able to do things like climb stairs, make a bed or do laundry without the pain.

Hubby went to watch the Oldest Grandson in his track meet.  Last week on the mile and a half run, OG came in second by just a couple of seconds.  Today OG was about 25 seconds ahead of the next person.  Grandpa had to call to make sure I had received the text telling me about the win!

I was able to cross off about 3 things from to do list.  Added two we forgot to put on the list.  Oops.  That is at least one off the list.  Man, this is one boring day when I start writing about it.  Amazing how much I enjoy a boring day.  Here's wishing anyone that stops by a nice calm, boring day.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

+38 - 21 = Flight boarding day, March 23

This was another PT day with Chris.  He was telling me he could release me today as I have achieved all the goals set by the doctor.  That is being able to achieve and maintain over a period of days a flex of >120 degrees and 0 degrees extension.  That has been done both days this week.  I am to only do the exercises 3 days a week with stretching and resting a day in between.  Increased walking is to be done gradually.

Today Hubby needed me to assist with the trouble shooting of Son's fridge.  Basically I pressed a button a couple of times.  Another time I allowed myself to be sprayed in order for him to locate the water leak.  I did not get too wet.  With all the activity at PT, going back and forth to the apartment three times, and going to a restaurant for lunch, 1.25 miles is clocked on my Fitbit Zip.  An additional mile on the reciprocal bike and my knee is asking for another round of ice tonight.

I was able to get one small item off the to do list, a shoe issue.  The PT person had me remove the shoes I planned to take.  "These are worn too much", he said.  Instead of just cleaning those shoes which are 3 1/2 years old, I ordered new shoes.  That sounds simple enough but sitting with a laptop balanced so it is not resting on my knee is a little challenging.  The knee Hubby accidentally bumped a couple of times today.  Yep, time to say goodnight and get some ice on this knee.  After all it is only 38 days out from major knee surgery......

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

+ 37 - 22 Days

Oh, my it is time for a day to go vote.  Maybe some of the ads will calm down now that the primaries will be over in our state.  One other thing we must do before leaving on our trip is our taxes.  Our taxes are simple but we do dread doing them.  But not doing the taxes is not an option.  And we are glad to do our little part for the support of our nation.

The desk area where we will need to work on the taxes is currently a sort of ham shack.  Hubby has rekindled his interest in this hobby.  He is building little devices and gadgets to do all sorts of things I do not completely understand.  Measure voltage input and output.  Signal strength.  And then there is the portable ham station.  All very important.  I am very pleased he has his hobby.  I have mine, too.

We will have to put aside our hobbies for a day or so to get the taxes completed.  That will give us one more thing to mark off the to do list!  I really did get the to do list going this morning.  Now to get moving on what we will need to get done.  Today I want to be Scarlet O'Hara because tomorrow is another day....