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Friday, June 29, 2018

Friday, June 29, 2017

Just another Friday.  Hubby goes to meet his Ham buddies at a local McDonalds for breakfast.  Hubby is new to the group.  Several of the group had worked together at IBM.  All are retirees as of about a month ago or so.  Not sure Hubby enjoys it as much at the Donut shop group in Aurora during the 1980's and until we move to Springfield in 1993.  Hubby is usually about the only 'liberal' in these groups.  He is not shy to speak his piece and usually speaks in a peaceful manner.

After he left to meet the group this morning I set about getting some chores done for the day.  Walking for 20 to 30 minutes in the relatively cooler air (80 - 85 F, 26 -29 C) of a Texas summer morning was first.  Second was to water the few container plants on our patio.  The third planned activity was to finishing some of the sewing and mending for the grandsons.  Walking accomplished, I began filling the buckets to carry water to the plants.  The buckets have to be filled in the sink as we have no outdoor source of water. 

First bucket filled, second bucket goes under the faucet.  First bucket is carried the 25 feet to the patio and water is distributed to various containers.  Return to kitchen, swap buckets and head back out to the patio.  The watering process requires about 4 rounds of this swapping and filling.  Gets a few more steps added to the count and keeps the tomato plants growing and putting on blossoms.  Hopefully we will get a few tomatoes off the plants this year.

One other plant I have on the patio is a small gardenia bush.  I had carried a bouquet of fresh gardenias as a young bride.   I bought this plant last year for our golden wedding anniversary party to have fresh, blooming gardenias.  To make sure we had gardenias for the party, three blossoms were purchased from a florist and added to the little bush.  As I was watering the gardenia this morning I found the first blossom of the year.  Not huge but just as beautifully scented as any. 

When Hubby returned from the meet and eat with his buddies I had him come to the patio.  I pointed out the gardenia.   We both smiled and held each other for a moment.  You see.  Saturday is our wedding anniversary.  Fifty one years together and we still get mushy over a blossom.

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Life is being fairly calm this week.  Grandkid duty is over till mid July.  The Hubby spent Saturday and most of Sunday doing the yearly Amateur Radio Field Day.   Most years this event would occur on the weekend of our wedding anniversary or the nearest weekend.  In my younger years that could be a bone of contention.  After what will be 51 anniversaries this Saturday, I would rather see the smile on his face and hear his stories than eat a dinner together at a restaurant.

Maybe the reason for my preference is eating out is not so special anymore.  Maybe the reason is this time of year with back to back to back birthdays, Mother's Day and Father's Day there are plenty of celebrations.  But that smile on Hubby's face is to be cherished.  Because one never knows just how many more of those I will get to see.  The March Bicycle Wreck brought that tenuous thread of life back to the forefront of my mind.

This morning Hubby did run one grandson to what was to be some sort of sports camp.  Up at 5 AM because the event was on the south side of town in morning rush hour traffic.  To be certain to arrive by 8 AM, they had to leave an hour and a half earlier.  Austin may not be all that populous but folks flood the streets during drive time.  Most vehicles are one person per auto or in many cases jacked up extended cab pickups.  Cause it is Texas....  Gramps and Z the freshman arrived on time to find the place empty.  We still do not know what happened.  Oh, well.  Life keeps up hopping or Hubby at least.

I made a pair of what I intended to be pajama pants for our youngest grandson.  He would say we made the pants.  He pressed the foot feed for his learners sewing machine while I did the sewing.  The material was blue flannel with one inch round red and white Pokemon power balls all over.  Not something one would typically use for anything other than pjs.   Once finished, the flannel shorts, as Youngest Grandson called them, were instantly put on.  He ran across the street to show his buddy who had guided the material a time or two the finished product.  Youngest returned to the house with the broadest smile I have ever seen on that freckled face.

To these 'shorts' he added the black Pokemon shirt given as his 5th grade graduation gift.  And it was time to leave with his step sister to meet the rest of the family at the movies.  I sent a text to Son as to what he thought of the getup.  "Love it.  And J is over the top".  Once home he refused to remove the shorts as you know they are pajamas.  Next day the same attire went to lunch with his mom.  Back home at Son's place he began jumping on the trampoline.  Split the seam out from waist to waist and came in crying.  Devastated. 

Saturday I retrieved the shorts and brought them to my apartment and a real sewing machine.  Not sure if I could make the shorts/pjs work with that active kid, I headed to get more material to just make much bigger shorts.  While getting the material cut, I mentioned what had happened.  "Not a problem, just make a karate gusset" was the clerk's suggestion.  I had thought of additional material along the outside seams but this was so much better.  Additional online research about different ways other folks had done gussets and I was ready.

Sunday I measured and cut the gusset from the extra fabric from the shorts.  Basted in place, made adjustments and sewed in permanently.  Every other seam was resewn and the edges were over cast together.  That should kept the pants in one piece.  Since I had the extra fabric, I cut out and sewed up a shirt.  About 15 minutes worth of sewing would have the shirt finished and the machine started backlashing the thread.  The pants were picked up and I promised to call when the shirt was finished.  By the the arthritis in my upper back and neck was threatening me with a migraine should I continue working.

Monday started with the promised migraine.  Medication and rest have me feeling this afternoon like I can tackle the backlashing issue.  After all Youngest needs that shirt for the upcoming cool nights in Canada.  Oh, and I need to finish mending the sweats for Middle Grandson, too.  And the tents I made a few years back are needing alterations.  I have some material I want to make up for my trip to a wedding.  What am I doing on this computer?  I have fun stuff to make!

Ya'll all take care.  And happy sewing, crafting or sports watching, which ever is your pleasure.


Shirt but not the shorts/pjs

Saturday, June 23, 2018

Saturday, June 23, 2018

The law of the land, zero tolerance, separating families is on my mind.  Relatives have felt the need to post things on facebook in regard both sides of the current issue as it applies to immigration.  Some quote the president that 25 % of the murders since 2001 have been committed by illegal aliens.  Here is a Washington Post back story on the source of that number.  Others note the conditions at the borders are not as bleak as painted by the media.  Others demand the practice of children being removed from both parents be stopped.

Let us suppose the no tolerance is expanded to all US, state and local laws.  Let's apply this to the posted speed limits.  I see these broken by the majority of  motorists in Texan every single day.  No tolerance, you break the speed limit your children are removed from you indefinitely.  They would be placed with other law breakers' children in a facility while you cooled your heels in jail.  Do you think the speed limits would be obeyed better?  What about all the folks that no longer have dependent children?  Or people that never had children?  Well, they would probably not speed either.  Riiight. 

Removal of children from homes or situations for their protection is a practice we use in the US.  So far as I can ascertain every state has some form of this type of protection.  Some are administered by the state, some by the counties.  This type of separation has a purpose of protection of the child not parental punishment.   I sent letters to thank Rep. John Carter, Senators John Cornyn and Ted Cruz for standing against the separation policy.  That part of the immigration issue was rescinded.

I am not opposed to enforcement of immigration laws nor traffic laws.  Both serve a legitimate purpose.  I will always oppose using children as hostages.  And let's own it, white American, our ancestors were immigrants.  Many of us are several generations removed from the boat that brought our great great great great great whatever from the other side of the pond.  Those fore mothers and fathers reeked havoc on the native population.  Some by accidental exposure to diseases to which the natives had no immunity.  Others due to beating them in wars.  Still others by government policies like killing the food supply en mass.  Yes, even President Grant did just that.

Herod tried to kill that would be upstart king of the Jews.  He had all the baby boys 2 and under killed, Matthew 2.  The man, the Christ's parents were forced to flee for their lives to Egypt to escape execution.  I must wonder what greatness might be waiting for a chance at life in one of the children of the immigrants that are fleeing for the sake of their children.  Yes, by worldly standards, I am weak.  But God, my Creator, is Strong and I choose to follow the teachings of Christ.


Tuesday, June 12, 2018

June 12, 2018 Grandkid duty

With blended families there can be challenge.  Four boys with a neighbor or two added to the mix makes for a lot of potential for conflict.  And conflict resolution.  Today was a fairly easy day as the boys have matured a great deal.  It was homemade pizza night so I do not have much energy to write about much tonight.  Grandkid duty following a restless night with not very good sleep has left me pooped out.  Add in almost 8000 steps and the bed is calling.  So goodnight for now.

Sunday, June 10, 2018

June 10, 2018

As I typed the title, my mind and fingers still said to start with 19XX.  Will my mind ever catch up to the new century?  It has been almost a fifth of the new century already.  Our oldest grandson celebrated his 17th birthday yesterday.  So this century has certainly had plenty of highlights to make it memorable.  Oh, well, old brain cells I guess.  Or maybe semi-cooked brain cells as it continues to be summer time hot in our area. 

Yesterday Hubby's amateur radio stopped by for a quick visit.  Those two were making a welcome home sign for a third ham (as amateur radio folks call themselves) buddy who had been gone for a couple of weeks.  Ham Buddy One's wife has a broken foot and there were a few steps to get to our apartment from where they parked.  While the guys played I went to the curb to visit with Mrs. Ham Buddy One.  I stood in the full sun for about 20 minutes.  I received enough sun to actually get a slight sunburn.  I am so Irish fair skinned!

Birthday dinner on Friday night had followed a week of deeper than normal cleaning.  Our place was full of dust in places like our clothing closet.  There was a major building project about 1/2 block from our apartment.  The contractors dug down several feet and carried all that soil away creating massive dust clouds.  Next, the hole was filled in with more stable materials.  More dirt and dust clouds.  Finally the building was complete enough that the parking lot was paved.  A few more dust clouds on Friday as trees were planted.  Looking forward to lost less dust now.  Of course we are in a mild drought so there is still dust.  Keeps me out of my chair a bit each day trying to stay on top of it.

On and off over the next two weeks we have grandkid duty.  That will be fun.  Busy.  Maybe a little expensive as we keep them occupied.  I do know one day we will be making homemade pizzas from scratch including the dough.  That should keep us all busy.  While the kids are old enough to not require care, we tend to keep them from drawing blood when there is an argument.  Hopefully we will be able to get together a Father's Day gift for their dad.

Not much else going on these days.  Life of a retired person can be boring to others.  I like it.

May your week be filled with lots of love and joy.


Wednesday, June 6, 2018

June 6, 2018, Plateaus

Plateaus can be such beautiful landscapes.  For years I thought the Ozark Hills were upheavals of the land masses at some point.  Nope.  Geologists tell us they are an eroded plateau.  The Creator has had so much fun with this sphere where we all live.  Here are a few photos of that beauty I would like to share.

Another of the wonderful creations are families.  This is my husband's cousins on the day his parents home of 50+ years was auctioned off.  His mom and dad are not in the photo cause his dad fell the day before breaking his hip.  Dad Adcock was in surgery when this photo was taken.  Mom Adcock and I were in the waiting room.  Dad never left the hospital.  He was 89.  But the great memories of the times spent with the family still remain.

The following photo is my most of my Granny C's grandkids on my Mom's side.  We had gathered to see the renovation of the home our Uncle Clay had lived in since 1959.  The house was sold to a friend of the family following his death in 2006.  His daughter is seated second from the right.  Two of my sisters are in the photos.  Granny had only one grandson and one step grandson from her direct children.  She did have several step grandchildren from Grandad's first family of four boys.

As I age I notice the family gatherings have plateaued, too.  While there was a time when we would gather every year or two, it seems almost impossible now.  We are too far flung.  Or maybe just too lazy.

This last year has been a journey for Hubby and I.  It was encouraged by our DILove as she had us be guinea pigs in two separate weight loss programs.  Hubby has lost 40 + lbs.  I lost 20 + lbs in the last year, 30+ in the past 2 years.  Hubby hit a plateau about the time he fell on his bicycle.  This last week has seen him again to take off a little more weight.  I have hit not just a plateau but a small mountain.  I actually put on almost 5 lbs in two weeks.  Too many visits to 'sugar island' is the reason for my small mountain.  I recognize the problem so now it is just getting back on track.  It would help if my inner child did not want sweets when my old body was being too creaky.  Cause nothing makes me feel better than a strawberry shortcake sundae.

It's time for me to take a walk.  I will get over this little hill to see the next valley or maybe some gently rolling land.  Ya'll all have a good rest of the week. 

Sunday, June 3, 2018

June 3, 2018

Hot.  That is what this summer will be.  Photos are posted of the lush green of spring.  Here the grass is brown already crackles from lack of water when touched.  No lushness here.  Dry is, likewise, what this summer will be.  Clouds overhead are for shade only.  The clouds selfishly hold tight to their moisture lest they disappear.  Streams of dust instead of water.  It isn't even summer officially and it is hot and dry.  It is like August in June. 

For 3 hours we stood on the sidelines watching the young men do battle with sticks and ball.  The shaded areas too far from the field to be of use.  And while we are hot, the young men run to grab the ball in the basket at the end of the stick.  The game is lacrosse.  Those young men are glistening with sweat.  And still they run and battle for the ball.  Winners, losers or spectators the result is the same, tired and sunburned.

Saturday, June 2, 2018

June 2, 2018

Inspired by a recent post on YAM's blog, my mind started working on some things that have been on my mind.  Granted most of the things that have been on my mind have not been especially write worthy.  Stuff like:

  • "man, that window is dirty and needs to be cleaned"
    • did that on Friday
    • now I am thinking it looks better
  • "there is a breeze so maybe if I walk now I will not melt"
    • did get really sweaty, though
  • "Gene just snorted so he must have fallen asleep"
    • needs to use his cpap machine
    • he has it next to his recliner as well as the one by the bed
  • "what do I need to thaw for supper"
    • yes, I still call it supper
    • was raised to call lunch dinner
    • it was a farm thing I guess
Like I said not really worth writing about even though I just did.  I have been choosing to stay out of the political fray as much as possible.  Still signing some relevant petitions.  Still writing members of Congress.  But working to keep silent on things on facebook and here on this blog.  Yam's blog that inspired me was a cartoon about working together and sharing.

Tribalism has reared up like a monster it seems of late.  It seems no one wants common ground.  Calling each other names and fanning the flames of hate or at the very least discontent.  In thinking and reading about this tribalism a thought came to mind.  Family road trips.  

Yep, family road trips.  With three grandsons riding together in the backseat of our CMax for only a few miles it can be almost WWIII.  It can be the same with girls, too, as well as a mix like the Young family.  All of us who rode in a single auto with siblings know the scenario:  "He touched me!  Don't look at me that way!  You are gross!  I hate you!  This is my part of the seat, do not cross this line."  Then there are adults in the auto that attempt to negotiate but usually have to resort to something like "Don't make me have to pull this car over".

About the only thing that really changed all this bickering was the kids maturing.  And yet we adults of our celestial auto model earth seem to want to constantly bicker.  Just like a bunch of kids in the backseats of SUVx, vans and station wagons.  So think on that for a bit this weekend.  How can we adults be the adults in the road trip?