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Sunday, September 22, 2019

9-21 and 22-2019

It is nearing the end of baseball regular season here in the US.  My hubby is a huge St. Louis Cardinals fan.  After watching and listening to the games for the last 50+ years, I have become a fan myself.  It is almost a daily ritual from late March through September for us.  Saturday the game was a long one with lots of walks.  The lead changed hands probably 5 or 6 times.  The game was in the bottom of the ninth.  Cards were ahead by one run.  Carlos, who we like, was the closer.  Carlos walked the first batter after my man Yadi could not hold onto foul ball.

Hubby was on the edge of his seat.  Well, on the edge of his recliner sort of kinda.  Hubby is not an excitable person except when it comes to his Cardinals.  He gets concerned.  He will let out an oh no.  Or say he would not have called it that way.  Now remember this guy has the sloth as his spirit animal.  The team won and he did not even change his expression.  Our son called immediately from two states away about the win.  Hubby just cracked a smile.

Sunday afternoon was another cliff hanger of a game.  The Cards, also known as the Cardiac Cards, won with a tie breaker double base hit in the top of the ninth inning. Still Hubby showed little excitement even though this clinched a post season playoff berth for the Cardinals.  In addition the Cardinals' win made it a sweep of the Cubs in a four game series in Wrigley field.  The first time for that feat since 1921.  Still not much of a reaction.  That's the guy I love and cherish!

His tempered reactions have always been a huge reason our marriage has survived and thrived for 52 + years.  My quick temper was a negative from the start.  Slowly through the years he and his family have evened me out a lot.  Of course I have also been the one that was willing to take risks at times.  Some did not go too good.  Others worked out for the better.  Basically we have been a pretty good fit. 

Other than the ball games this past weekend we have had grand animal duties.  Son, DIL, two of the grandsons and Grappa (DIL's dad) all went to Arkansas to attend parents weekend at the granddaughter's university.  We chose to sleep at home but spend time at Son's home during the day and evening.  That means DJ was sleeping here, too.  With us. In our bed.  Friday night our first chore was a bath for her.  She was smelling like a dog.  She loves playing in the water so bath time is easy.  Once dried she smelled like cucumber melon.  Much better.

Cough and voice are improved.  But the breathing is still not easy as it should be with the heat.  Guess that about catches us up on all the happenings. 

Ya'll take care.


Friday, September 20, 2019

September 20, 2019

While at the pulmonologist's office yesterday, she asked if I was rinsing my mouth after using the inhaler.  I answered that I was actually doing it twice.  "Ah, you are an overachiever!"  Not really just do not want a case of thrush caused by the stupid inhaler meds was my thought.  She smiled and said she got it.

This is not the first time in my life I have been told that by a stranger.  A woman from the Springfield news paper had come to my home at the recommendation of a friend.  The friend had told them my house and yard should be featured in the Christmas edition.  The lady had shown up in the late spring.  No Christmas decorations in sight.  But she was still interested in the back yard for sure.  One look and her comment was, "You are an overachiever."  I did not consider it a compliment.

Last spring two friends that I had worked with for about 20 years were in town.  We met for lunch.  Over the course of the visiting one of the group said, "Jan, you were always too hard on yourself.  You are a perfectionist, an overachiever".  What?  Just doing a job following the 4-H motto 'to make the best better' makes me an overachiever?  That seemed to indicate that I was reaching beyond my capabilities.

What do the folks that set the definition of overachiever say about this? 

Definition of overachiever   one who achieves success over and above the standard or expected level especially at an early age.

I am 10 weeks shy of 73.  Why would rinsing my mouth twice instead of once make me on overachiever?  At 47 I had the opportunity to take a blank slate of a back yard and build the garden I dreamed of for years.  Why was having a vision and following through make me an overachiever?  How did performing the assigned tasks at work to the best of my ability make me a perfectionist and an overachiever?

My one and only child has a masters degree in Industrial-organizational psychology.  Click here for an explanation of what the degree focus is.  This sweetheart of a son tells me more often than not that I need to quit trying to please my dearly departed mother.  Mom was a perfectionist and expected her four daughters to perform to that standard in every way.  We were frequently reminded of our short comings. 

And why would my son say something about not pleasing his beloved Granny Mary?  Because when he opens a gift and thanks me I habitually say the same thing.  "Now if that is not something you like just return it.  The gift receipt is in the box", says me.  The last time I did it, he put his hand up palm forward and instructed me, "Mom, you are no longer allowed to say that at the time someone opens a gift.  You have a 24 hour silent mode before you can say it, okay?"  Fine, just fine.

A new goal in life is now to just chill.  Learn how to just enjoy the moment.  Do not worry if something is not perfect or if there is dust on the furniture.  Actually I have been doing that with sewing and dusting for several years.  Though I did remove the sleeve that I accidentally sewed in upside down, oops.  Some things I want to appear normal, teehee. I have a pile of mending, sewing projects and items for two non family members to complete.  They can wait till I can feel like I can do something physical without coughing fits. 

Momma would yell at me for reading non-assignment books noting they were probably just trash and a waste of time.  I'll think I'll just continue to read a book every few days.  Time I overachieved at pleasing myself.

Ya'll have a great weekend.  Or a lousy one if you prefer.  I'll be here quietly reading.

Here is a photo from the plane as we landed in Charleston, South Carolina, June, 2019.

the waters
writing their names
read by angles

© petra domina
(aka, Rock Lady)

Thursday, September 19, 2019

September 19, 2019

Today was the pulmonoligist appointment.  Three more tests to be done.  Breathing, swallowing and scan of esophagus.  Two tests on 9/26 and last one on 10/16.  Two medications stopped and two new ones.  All still seems good with lungs.  Depending on the test results I may be sent to a gastro specialist.  Educated guess was damage to voice box due to acid reflux combined with constant post nasal drip.  Oh, well I do enjoy a good mystery!

If you have heard of flooding in Texas, it is no where near us.  Our area only getting a few scattered showers.  That does not mean the folks in the Houston area are not in read trouble.  Really sad situation.  43 inches (1 meter) of rain in one area a single day.  And we humans continue to migrate to areas where floods are getting even worse.

Our trip in June to South Carolina was to several of the locations where the previous hurricane did damage.  Here are a few photos of our visit to Myrtle Beach at the Myrtle Beach State Park.  We did not spend very long on the beach but what time we were there was very pleasant.  The cool ocean breeze made the walking very pleasant.  Waded out and were surprised to find the water very warm, something like 87℉, 30℃.

Corn crop along the road.

Tobacco barn

Must take a flower photo

And sea oats

Castle remains

Notice how thick the umbrellas are in the distance?

And this is the public state park beach.

My Hubby of 52 years stands on the beach of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.  This was the last of the lower 48 states for us to visit.  Toes in the Atlantic and it was time to get some food. 

And time for us to gather to return to Texas.

Unfortunately this area of the beach lost 3 sea turtle nests to the hurricane.  Bummer.

Ya'll take care.  See you later.

Sunday, September 8, 2019

September 8, 2019

Image result for Oh, myTo quote a favorite Star Trek actor, "Oh, my!"  What the last 10 days have presented.  An appointment with the GP on August 29 proved to be more questions and no answers.  The process of elimination was begun.  Breathing test showed normal output though it did send me into a coughing fit.  Blood was drawn with some effort.  A shot in the rump and I was sent to get a chest x-ray.  Friday results from the x-ray was within normal limits.  No signs of pneumonia.  Blood tests would not be back until after the long Labor Day weekend.  The prednisone shot seemed to lessen the tightness in my sternum area.

On Monday. Labor Day, the breathing issue developed into at times a swallowing issue.  Cold liquids helped a bit as the tongue seemed to be swollen.  On Tuesday morning the doctor's nurse called to say the blood draw saw all things to be normal.  Every test showed all functions being normal.  Yet I could hardly talk to the nurse.  An appointment was made for the afternoon with the doctor's PA.  More checks.  Blood pressure up a bit.  Blood ox measured 99%.  Great.  We walked about 100 steps and the blood ox dropped 5%.  My voice was weak and I was dizzy.  I felt shaky which had been happening on and off recently.  EKG was taken.  Guess what.  Normal.  What the what?  Another blood draw to check for clots and two additional medications to be added to help with the swelling and coughing.  Depending on the results of the blood test a CT scan could be ordered.

Wednesday morning the PA called to say after a meeting with the doctor it was decided to send me for a CT scan without waiting on blood results.  Someone would call to schedule the time.  They did and Friday afternoon at 3:00 would be the time to show up for the scan.  Friday was, also, the day to attend a play, "Ann".  We were meeting Baby Sis, Youngest BIL and Youngest Nephew for dinner at 5:30 at Winebelly.   It might be close but we should be able to make it work.

Image result for ann the play
Governor Ann Richards
Except. . .  it seemed when the folks began working to put the IV in my arm to get more blood my body said 'enough, no more blood!'  In the process of wiggling the catheter and massaging to increase the blood flow the brain decided it was done.  Asking first for water and noting that I felt I might pass out things shifted.  It took quite a bit to get me stabilized again, ice packs and cold cloths certainly helped.  And apple juice never tasted so good.  As I was moved to the scanned my body was covered in perspiration.  My hair was wet as I lay down on the scanner table.

Image result for cat scan humor
The scan was quick.  I was ready to get dressed to leave to make it to the next appointment.  No you need to wait about 15 minutes to get the results of the scan.  If a clot is found you will need to go directly to the hospital.  What?  No I have fun stuff to do tonight!  Still being a bit shaky and sweaty I was placed in the sedation room.  I laid down and waited for the results.  Tick, Tick, Tick.

Strange the things one thinks of laying on a gurney, your body still sweaty from nearly fainting.   An attendant noted that if I went to the hospital in and ambulance the IV could be left in place.  If my husband took me to the hospital the IV would have to be removed.   My mind said, "Look, I do not want another prick.  So just pay for the ambulance."  Tick, Tick. 

Image result for WinebellyWe need to leave by no later than 4:30.  4:15 the attendant notes the radiologist is almost to my scan.  Finally she arrives to note there are no clots!!!  Great.  Every thing looked normal and my doctor would call and discuss the results further.  Catheter pulled, dressed and we were in the car by 4:30.  Horrible traffic in Austin and a couple of bad turn choices and we were late getting to the restaurant but who cared, no clot in my lungs.  The food was fabulous, the show was funny and we all had a great evening.

Saturday evening we met up with the FAB (our Son's) family for Hubby's belated birthday celebration.  Sis, Y BIL and Y nephew joined in the fun.  All day my breathing had done well.  The 2 block walk in the 100 degree heat to the cafe left me breathless.  Yep, heat definitely effects whatever this condition is.  Cold liquids helped.  Eventually breathing and voice was returning to as good as it gets now.  Hubby and I decided he would pick me up at the door when we left.

Now it is Sunday afternoon.  As I sit just typing on my laptop in a cool room with cool liquids breathing is almost normal.  I stayed in the apartment and walked around long enough to get the equivalent of a mile.  A distance and pace that 3 months ago would not even break a sweat.  Now I get winded.  I feel shaky and my hands have a slight tremble.  What next?  A pulmonoligist and hopefully some answers.

Ya'll all take care.  See you in a few.

Friday, August 23, 2019

August 23, 2019

It is staying so hot that we do not even want to open curtains.  Nothing has the chance to cool down at night with nighttime temperatures staying in the high 70's (24-25 C).  H u m i d i t y with no real rain is making my life a bit more challenging.  It seems my childhood asthma has reared its ugly head this year.  Yesterday was a scrimmage for the Bonus grandson.  We attended the 5:00 PM game.  98 degrees with 78% humidity.  Nope, won't do that again.  Thank goodness for a good air conditioner in our CMax.  But today I still feel tired.  I am tired of my body having weird new things for me to overcome to function.  Thanks for listening to my self centered rant.

I have become hooked on reading online books.  Mysteries mostly.  An occasional romance for fun.  Whatever is free with Prime is what I grab.  I've read about 15 books since the first of July.  No wonder I haven't sewed or processed photos!  Also, my tablet had been seeping the LCD stuff so I ordered a new screen for it.  And the new screen will not power up.  I am wondering if it is because I have an extra screw.

Now back to the football scrimmage.  The whole bunch of us were there, Son, DIL, Hubby, three grandsons and me.  The Bonus GS was on the sideline we thought.  How could we tell?  No numbers on a single jersey.  Really.  White jerseys, white pants, white helmets and no numbers anywhere.  All we had to go on was he had on white shoes.   About half the team had white shoes.  He has his own stance, crossed arms with most of his weight shifted to his right side.  Finally DIL located him.  I noticed his hair was hanging out of the helmet in back.  As soon as there was a change on the field we lost him again.  Oh, well.  It was the thought that counted, right?

We did join the gang for burgers or what ever at The Rock for dinner.  Air conditioning and cold liquid helped the breathing though I could still not make much of a sound above a whisper.  With the Bonus Granddaughter hundreds of miles away DIL is left in a sea of guys.  That is a bunch of testosterone there.

Wishing ya'll all a safe and fun weekend.  And if you are driving stay between in lines.

Sunday, August 18, 2019

August 18, 2019

Almost did it again as I typed the date for this post.  Almost typed 19 some year.  I think the 19 in the year keeps tripping my mind every time I come across it.  I did have to look up the date.  So much traveling and sleeping in unfamiliar rooms and beds has left Hubby and I weary.  Most recently sleeping at our son's home to care for Bonus Grandson's needs.  We slept in our own bed last night.  Not a perfect bed but our familiar bed.  A restful night with no alarms nor deadlines for the day.  Only climbing out of bed after a series of relaxing stretches for our sore bodies.  Guess you could say all the different beds have left us a bit bed sore.

It's 5:30 AM don't expect smiles.
Today is the Christian Sabbath.  We are definitely using it as a day of rest.  Cause this next week will be more Bonus Grandson helping.  DIL is working out of town so picking up from school will be a given.  With a student population of about 3,000 teens the traffic is an absolute nightmare.  We must arrive 15 minutes ahead of time this next week to avoid the 10-20 minute queue.  Hubby and I are in agreement on this.  Hate the queue lines both turning in and leaving.

Bonus Grandson, First day, Sophomore Year

It has been a pleasure being around Bonus Grandson.  Watching the healthy appetite consume the food prepared or purchased for him is a delight.  Pretty sure all teen boys have hollow legs instead of stomachs!  When it was decided that I had over purchased chips for the Saturday Meet The Dragons event one flat of 50 assorted packages was kept for the FAB home.  Last evening after Son and DIL had returned from the Arkansas trip more than a few of the small packages were attacked by Son and Bonus. 

All done!  And DJ has her open eye side showing.

The Arkansas trip was to settle in Bonus Grandaughter for her first year of college.  An exciting and emotional time for everyone.  Texts and photos had been shared over the last 2 days.  Even after the arrival last night the Bonus Grandaughter was calling.  Her cut finger would not stop bleeding.  DIL gave her advice about putting a bandage on really, really tight.  Finally the DIL stepped away for a longer, private conversation with Bonus Grandaughter.  DIL returned to share cocktails with us and Son.  She was teary eyed.  There are tough days ahead as all become accustomed to the new normal.

Room ready and her sleeping buddy, DJ, joins her.
Even DJ will have a different routine.  Bonus Grandaughter always had DJ sleep with her from the time DJ was first adopted.  The nightly routine was Bonus Grandaughter would shower. DJ would wait nearby.  Once Bonus Grandaughter finished and headed to her bedroom DJ would follow.  This routine has been pretty consistent for the last four years.  DJ was confused the past few days.  Where was she to sleep?  Friday night I helped Bonus Grandson sort of herd DJ to his bedroom.  That is to be her new sleeping buddy for the next 3 years.

Of course school started for our other 3 grandsons this week, too.  The three older boys attend the same high school.  None of them even saw each other the first two days.  Considering the size of the campus and the number of students this is not surprising.  Anyway, one big beginning week behind us and a new one to anticipate.  Here are the first day of school photos of all the boys.

#1 Grandson, Senior Year

#2 Grandson, Freshman Year

#3 Grandson, 7th Grade Year

Since the three grandsons live with their mom and Bonus GS lives with DIL and Son no picture together.  But here are the three Adcocks together.

That tall one is just a bit over 6 feet (1.8 M) tall.  They are all taller than this grandma now.

These two boys have been BFF since birth as they lived across the street from each other.  We love our Nickles, too.

Back in Arkansas it was time for Son, DIL and Bonus Grandaughter to say bye.

While all that stuff was going on, Hubby was consoling DJ with lap sits and ice cream.

Me, DJ and Grandpa

That's about all from here.  Will work on processing more photos from one of the trips.  I've lost track on which are where and when.  But a couple days of relaxation and maybe a trip to the hot tub and I'll be back on track.  Still have a few vacation pounds to get off this old body of mine, too.  Need to get in some indoor walking as the humidity is awful here but no rain in sight.

 Ya'll all take care out there among the fellow citizens.


Saturday, August 10, 2019

August 11, 2019

We finally returned from the two week trip.  We slept in 6 different places in 5 states during those 14 days.  While we returned home on Tuesday, August 6, my brain was not wanting to read blogs little on write one.  While we are home for about eight weeks, there is still a sister time in the future.  Hubby will be spending more time with his brother travelling first by plane then by auto back to their roots in Missouri.

Wednesday morning early Hubby had to have a Mohs procedure on his right ear.  The procedure is a treatment for basal cell carcinoma.  He had this treatment multiple in other areas of his head and face.  Some have been large enough to require skin grafts.  Others just stitches.  The ear procedure required about 6 stitches.  Now his ear has a bit of it missing giving a different look, not quite an elf ear.  He felt good enough to meet our son and two of the grandsons for a meal.

As one grandson had a birthday while we were away and he was in Canada it was time for the card.  I usually make the cards for the family.  With only about 2 brain cells functioning after doing online grocery shopping I just googled for ideas for the card.  "Did you know 4 out of 5 people get money in their cards?"  Inside, "Happy Birthday # 5".  Now we give $10 for each year so he was expecting $150.  Nope.  He said, "Dad, they ditched me!"  Of course I had another envelope that said I had miscounted.  It contained said cash.

Thursday was hair cut day for me.  It had been almost 3 months.  Ugh, that was too long!  And so was my hair.  It felt like I had been wearing a blanket on my head and neck the last month.  Two inches (50 + mm) and considerable thinning allowed for a cooler head and no night sweats.  After the hair cut it was pickup time for groceries and my sewing machine.  I was cautioned to not use the pre wound bobbins and they interfered with the tension.  Okey Dokey!  Friday was just some rudimentary house cleaning and not much more.  Hubby met friends for breakfast.

Tomorrow we will be having another gathering for our Son's 46 birthday.  Letting someone else do the cooking.  Even the cake is being made by someone else.  The DIL loves making cakes but with a daughter leaving for college on Wednesday and school starting for the other four the same day, just not enough time.  Thanks HEB for making the cake.

Next week I will begin telling of the latest adventures of the last 2 week, 2600+ miles road trip.  We drove across 8 states, sleeping in 7 different locations in 4 of the states.  That's all for now.  I am ready for another nap.

Here is a little ditty that google made up of just a few of the photos I took with my cell phone.  Haven't even started on the big camera yet.