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Friday, May 29, 2020

May 29, 2020

Two days ago our little patio had to be cleared of a few things.  Actually management ask all things be removed as there are to be repairs, wall washing and new paint.  Son and # 1 GS (grandson) came to do the lifting.   "Mom, do not even thing about picking up that pot!"  Yes, sir!  So my job was to direct.

Patio umbrella needed just to be removed and carried to Goodwill.  It had broken again and Hubby did not want to mess with repairing yet again.  #1GS smiled broadly and said I can use my truck and take it for you, Grandma!   I grabbed a couple more items and that all went to the pickup, too.

As a fountain in Springfield
As a planter in Springfield
Son was moving small garden statues, boxes of rocks, etc into our apartment as well as gathering pots onto one side of the patio.   # 1 GS was taking the liner out out of the fountain.  One move and the entire pot fell into about 4 or 5 large pieces.  It was slightly at the time it was purchased at a bargain basement price.  I had reinforced the area of the crack initially and re-patched it twice since then.  Often times held together with a sturdy strap.  It was about 20 years old.  #1 GS was horrified when it fell apart.  I told him its history.  Looks you got your money's worth out of it.  Now I am having fun conjuring up a way to use containers I already have to make another fountain.

The other thrilling thing about the pot breaking was #1 GS was excited about loading more stuff in his new truck!  Gotta love youth.  As an aside about this guy, he won the Defensive MVP award last night.  The awards 'banquet' was a Zoom meeting with only the food we had in our houses. 👵 
Son and # 1 GS had the project done in no time.  There are numerous items gracing our living area that originally lived on the patio.  We drag our chair and love seat out each morning to enjoy the early morning sounds.  The birds keep looking for the fountain.  So I am not the only one missing the soothing sound of flowing water.
Hubby and I decided to rethink the patio arrangement.  The objective is to gain a bit more room to move around.  We decided on a rectangular shaped umbrella.  The new umbrella will allow the bistro table to set closer to the patio fence.    Eventually we may eliminate the round soft side planter.  It was purchased when the area outside our patio was bare soil.  We used it for vegetable gardening attempts.  We learned several things that did not work.  The petunias seem to like the area!

I'll finish this post on a totally different subject, my recovery from Nissen Fundoplication surgery.  My voice continues to remain strong.  I have not used any asthma inhalers in a week.  Minimal nasal spray use and no issue with post nasal drip.  The primary symptoms that caused the health journey over the last year appear to be almost completely resolved.  Friends and family have noticed the significant change in my voice.  The purpose of the surgery appears to be a true success story.

The only things left as I see it are these two.  The physical recovery from all the messing around in my abdomen with the instruments.  The second is the stomach adjusting to the re-enforced junction to the esophagus.  The new junction and size of stomach challenge me to be very aware of the size of bites, the frequency of bites and most certainly the moisture content of foods.  I have been successful some days and not so successful other days.  All is going well above expectations!!!!!

That's the news from Round Rock, TX, at this one particular address.  One late addition, Hubby has a torn rotator cuff.  I am beginning to think old age might have a few challenges!

Take care, 

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

May 27, 2020

In May, 1962, my Aunt Sissy was visiting from California.  On this date, a Sunday, shortly after noon dinner time the phone rang.  #1 Sis was in labor and moving fast.  All the adults and maybe even my baby sis headed for the hospital.  No social distancing or privacy in those days.  I was to clean up the kitchen while everyone else awaited the new arrival.  Oh, thank goodness it was a girl.  Daddy was so excited the very next morning he went to the jewelry store and purchased a baby ring for the newest star of the family. 

And what a cute curly redhead she was.  She was a momma's  or maybe daddy at times.  Did not want any thing to do with her Granny.  Granny was determined and soon learned of #1 Niece's love of cats.   Luckily our neighbor had a couple of outdoor felines.  All Granny had to do was hold out her hands and ask, "do you want to go see the kitties?".  #1 N would lean into Granny's arms.   If there were no kitties to be found #1 N demanded to be returned to her Mom.

By the 2 year level #1N and Granny were great friends.  #1N lived with Granny and Grandad for a few years after she graduated highschool.  Granny had started sewing for #1N before she was walking.  During the time #1N lived with the folks she had to be careful not to mention an outfit she thought was cute.  Within days Granny would have it made to a perfect fit.  #1N and Granny were great friends to the end of Granny's life.
The red hair and curls just kept staying curly and red.   Of course as the teen years arrived so did the need for Farrah Fawcett look.  Then came the 1980's and whatever that look was.  Others may have needed permanents to get the curly look but not #1Niece!
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By the mid 1990's the look was straight and long.  Even now still working in the same job she started after highschool, the hair is still red.  I do not ask if there is a little liquid help cause she is still beautiful as ever.  In that job she is now considered indispensable.  Manager and executive assistant.  She and her husband had one set of twin boys.  They graduated university last spring.  They were in the top 10 of their schools.  Now they are working on PhDs.  Love this accomplished, sweet woman.  
While I showed photos of #2 Niece had interactions with #2 Sis there is no such thing with #1 Niece.  No, sir re bob.  # 1 Niece will not come closer than 20 ft to # 1 Sister.  Like her Granny, this girl is a stickler for the rules.

Ya'll all take care. 

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

May 26, 2020

Several of the last few mornings since I returned home I have enjoyed the early morning sounds on my patio.  No one can come any where near the limited social distancing requirement.  Many times I see no one other than the occasional dog walker on the sidewalk.

Our little fountain provides a soothing trickle sound.  The coos of the many white winged doves add to the music of nature.  The view to the northeast allows me to see about 10 miles (16 KM).  The view with distant sights brings a feeling of release.  Release from concerns, release from confinement, just a release.  Whether there are storm clouds or bright sunshine the feeling of being with nature is healing.

Yesterday morning Hubby joined me as he has other mornings.  The previous night's storm front had brought temps down from the highs of 97 F (36 C) earlier in the week to 65 F (18 C) yesterday morning.  With the slight breeze snuggling together on our little love seat felt so good.  To have the arm of my best friend across my shoulder and to lean into his massive chest, well that is about as good as it gets.  We sat quietly for several minutes.  Listening to the sounds of the holiday morning. 

Hubby tapped my shoulder and nodded to the patio floor.  There was a squirrel between our feet.  Before I could get my cell camera going the squirrel had moved off the patio.  It scampered across the stones, jumping the path and into a nearby shrub.  I was able to only catch this glimpse of the creature.

We felt so blessed to be in the middle of a retail and business area and still be able to be with nature.  It makes recovering from surgery so much easier.  It makes living in shutdown for Covid easier.  Would I love to feel my son's hug, to go to a grandson's graduation, have sister time?  Sure.  But I think I'll take this and just soak it into my soul.

Last evening Hubby prepared a pork chop for himself for his dinner.  The smell was so tantalizing.   I can only drink so much protein shake and protein waters.  The wonderful broths are great.  But the smell was soooo good.  Hubby then did this.  That is mashed potatoes, mashed green beans and a gravy from the pork chop drippings.  You know he is just the very best man for and to me.  I spent almost an hour eating this amount of food.  I savored every bite. 
Lots of flavor not much chewing!
Yesterday ended with my Facebook post of the percent of additional tests performed in the last 6 days and the percentile of that number that were positive.   There was 21.6% increase in tests.  The percent of positives was 6.1%.  That last number was down .6% with hospitalized being down 2.3%.  Those numbers are surely important to see just how well the reopening of business is going.  I choose to look forward in hope.  With that I say good day and see you tomorrow.

Live long and prosper,

Monday, May 25, 2020

May 25, 2020

Today is Memorial day.  The US of A honors those soldiers killed in service to the country on this day.  Hubby's uncle was in the service in WWI.  He died not in action but in a hospital from the Spanish Flu pandemic. As many photos as I have scanned there are none of that 18 year man child. 

Hubby's mom always spoke fondly of him.  How she adored him.  She was only 4 when he left for the service.  His mother had died and MIL was the first child from the second wife.  The document to the right hangs in our living room.  It is from France thanking the soldiers of the US for helping gain their freedom. 

As for memorials and remembering the fallen, the nations of the militaries of the world do that.  I can think of all the innocents killed during wars and hate champagnes.  A family sitting at table, asleep in their beds or just visiting a beach in Nice, France.  To be slain for one person's need for power or glory.  For a group of like minded people that think they are superior and should rule the world.  Or kill all who are not to the standards set by that group. 

Many folks minds may jump to Nazis.  They were neither the first nor, unfortunately, the last to kill the "others".   On the Military History Now website it is noted there are records on carved stone having military battles circa 2500 BCE.  Even further back is speculated between city/states.  What is it in we humans that we want to kill or subjugate other humans? 

On this Memorial Day Covid 19 continues to ravage its way around world.   Much like the flu outbreak in the 1916-1920 once ravaged the world.  I honor the memory of Uncle Harold.  But even more, I pray to the universe, to the Creator that scientists can find that bit if DNA that causes humans to kill humans.  Find it and destroy that DNA.


Sunday, May 24, 2020

May 24, 2020

Napping on Granny's sofa.
The baby girl in these photos was born on this date 57 years ago.  She is the youngest of my two older sisters' six children.  The first four were all boys.  That was a system shock for my family.  Four daughters and no brothers.  Daddy had no brothers.  Mom had 6 brothers but we only spent much time with two of them.

#1 Sis had broken the boy run the year before with the birth of her daughter.  #4 Sis and I rejoiced.  No more stinky boys.  Then #2 Sis had this little lady 362 days later.  When #2 niece was only a few months old #2 Sis's family move to a house across the street from Mom and Dad's.  Of course #4 Sis and I were still at home.  We played with this baby girl so very much.

Nieces and nephews are special creatures in our lives.  We are still young enough to have the energy to keep up with them.  Unlike being a grandparent with a bit less energy.  We may be old enough to have jobs to do some spoiling.  I was able to do that in a few short years.

#2 Sis and her family moved to Oklahoma less than two years after moving across from Mom and Dad.  My mom never forgave my sister for "taking her grandkids away from her."  My wise Granny C., Mom's mom, told Mom to quit acting like that.  The family has to go where the work is for the family.  Mom never accepted that answer with #2 Sis nor #1 Sis when she moved to Oregon.  Nor me when I moved to Missouri.    Till her dying day she would tell total strangers how we moved her grandbabies away from her.

The distance did not make a big difference in a lot of ways.  Mom and Dad put thousands of miles on autos going to football and basketball games to see the grandkids play and perform.  One of the things my #2 niece always remembered was Mom singing a little song from "Guys and Dolls", I Love You a Bushel and a Peck.  This morning #2 Sis had a small gift for #2 Niece.  It was a music box that played that song.  Our little #2 Niece cried at the memory.

Saturday, May 23, 2020

May 23, 2020

Saturday morning I woke by 5 AM.  That was 5 hours straight hours of sleep.  Not really time to get up so I fell back to sleep.  I was awakened by Robbie announcing they would begin smart cleaning.  Once they were in the bedroom I noticed they had stopped.  With my app I was able to restart Robbie.  I think they get their wheels or brushes caught on something and just need a reset.  By 6:30 we were both up and moving.  Robbie is definitely faster than I am at this point. 

Robbie had finished the bedroom and I guided them to the bathroom.  Closing the door to the bedroom and opening the closet door, Robbie did their thing.  Once that area was completed I sent Robbie on the way back to the living area to complete the vacuuming.  I counted out my pills for the week then took my daily pills.  Too much, too quickly and it was no comfortable.  Still working on the best way to swallow and the best amount of liquid to carry the pills.  This will get figured out and soon!

A few other stand up chores, heat a cup of coffee and rest.  When I sat down in the recliner these beauties greeted me.  The early morning sun was just peeking over the nearby buildings.  Nothing like tulips sitting in sunshine to help one relax.

Hubby has been up for some time now.  He brought me a tablespoon of ice cream.  that went down just fine in about 4 bites.  He then prepared himself a wonderfully smelling breakfast.  I take a small sip of my flavored, protein enriched water.  Now he is watching grilling shows with all sorts of delicious looking foods.  I take another sip of the pineapple flavored water.

It will be at least 6 weeks before I can enjoy a grilled steak.  Please, no more torture, change channels!  Maybe I'll get Hubby to heat up one of the broths Son brought yesterday.  That sounds really good. 

I have no idea what the rest of the day will bring.  I am thinking a nap for sure!  And more bird watching when I am not napping.  I got a kick out of these sibling blue jays on the railing last week.

Looking at sibling like what is your problem?

I do not know, it just fells good to do this.

Mom, they are almost touching me!!!


Finally I can enjoy some alone time!

Ya'll all stay safe ad healthy.

Peace and love,

May 22, 2020

Received a notice there was a delivery.  Hubby asked what I had ordered.  Nothing.  He went to the hub and returned with a box.  As usual, I had fallen asleep in the recliner.  He awoke me to see tulips.  I told him where to find additional vases.  Hubby sat about being a florist.  He could do this in his spare time I think!

Yes, my sweet DIL sent these from the entire FAB family.  Later in the day Son brought three different types of broth.  Hubby had, also, made a vegetable broth.  Another young couple asked what they could bring.  I might suggest they bring Hubby some ribs.  Because he had his ear surgery.  There is probably 15 stitches in his ear as about 1.5" (3.8 cm) had flesh removed.  The ear is not bothering him.  The shoulder still is causing some pain even with the  kinesiology tape.  He says the tape does make the pain better.  We'll put new tape on tonight.

I am back to sleep for now.  No, it is not a drug sleep as I  am only taking Tylenol for the discomfort.  It is probably anesthesia side effects.  So for today,  be safe out there among the people.

Peace, love and good health.