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Wednesday, May 22, 2019

May 22, 2019

Yesterday afternoon our grand daughter spent some time with us.  She and I worked to design her graduation cap.  Because I had purchased the logo stuff for the party decorations, it was easy.  She wanted the pig and the word Arkansas.  Used the printable fabric for the design.  Cut out close to the full word leaving a white border around the edges as the cap is maroon.  Last we used fusible webbing to adhere the fabric to the cap.  The other edge of the cap will have the words, "Woo Pig Souee!"  printed in glitter paint.

Once that project was finished we went to the parking lot to inspect the damage to her car.  Seems another of the seniors was not paying attention and rear-ended her car.  Her car was still drive-able.  The person that hit her had lots of damage including smoke coming from the car.  The smoke was probably steam from a ruptured radiator.  We are just glad there were no injuries.  After petting some of the neighborhood dogs, we headed back to the apartment to work on the flags for friends project.

Several of her friends will be attending various colleges.  We came up with a basic design that we can use for the logo and names to put on the flags.  It is pretty plain as granddaughter really is not a frilly sort of girl.  Simple, clean lines are her preferred style even in clothing.  She told me the background color.  Then we experimented with different fonts and colors for the name.  A college logo was available for download for free so I grabbed that.  I added an additional outline of white for contrast to the background color.

Once the design was decided Ri needed to leave.  It was time for her to meet her boyfriend.  He had been working at McDonald's all afternoon.  A bite of dinner and I was back on the computer working to locate additional free logos for different universities and colleges.  One additional flag was put together just needing to confirm the letter format from Ri.

This morning was semiannual doctor visit followup.  Also, needed to provide sign out and transport from school to home for one grandson.  Since I had more items from the party to pickup from Son's house that would accomplish two things on the 5 item list.  I had completed one flag so that could, also, be delivered to the same house.  And there were a few more fresh peaches to be gathered.  While it was not on the list, DJ barked me into taking her squirrel hunting.  It was a good day as we spotted 5 or 6 squirrels along the shady streets.  DJ was so excited but willingly headed into the house when we returned.

Next up was a fabric store stop for one last roll of printable fabric.  I looked for a specific color of stretch fabric.  Not to be found, drat.  Another stop at the clothing store and I was ready to be in my easy chair for a while.  Oops, I forgot to pickup the new prescription.  After a bit of time off the hoofers, I headed out to get the meds.  OMG $445!  Nope, not today.  Seems there is a $415 deductible I need to cover.  After that is will be only about $48 a month.  I may just have to hurt.  Just saying.

Guess I'll just work on a few more flags.  Ya'll be safe out there.  Later.

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

May 21, 2019

What day is this?  Not a question most working folks even think about.  A person working outside the home usually has a pretty good grasp on days of the week.  Retirement brings the look of wonder/befuddlement to even a calendar.  It seems I live my life with the days of the week being soccer game night, lacrosse day, track meet day or some doctor appointment.

With graduation of the granddaughter coming up, the track meets are long behind us.  Did I mention her 4 x 400 m relay team broke the 28 year old record for the school?  Yes, she is that fast.  Missed going to state by just a split second.  We had a taste of what the future of days of the week will look like in just 3 more years this past winter.  With 3 of the grandsons benched for broken bodies there were only track which we kept forgetting or was too far to travel and soccer.  There has been so much rain several of the games were cancelled.

But for now I will tick off the days by adding to memes.  Except not this week cause I forgot.  And stuff.   Tomorrow the granddaughter is coming over after school to decorate her grad hat.  That will be about the last thing I will do with her relating to school.  I did spend time resizing some photos of DJ the dog.  I have ordered a yard of fabric with the dog printed on it.  I plan to make a pillow for the granddaughter to take with her to college.

Why a pillow with the dog printed on it?  The dog sleeps with her every night.  She has mentioned how much she will miss having DJ with her.  Not a problem!  The fabric will be 52 inches wide.  One side of the pillow will be a sleeping DJ, the other side has open eyes.  Only she does not know about this so mums the word. 

The fabric is being printed by a company named Spoonflower.  I had fabric printed to make youngest grandson's shirt the year he wanted a Balloon Boy from Friday at Freddie's costume for Christmas.  Have you ever tried to find red and blue strips?  Really big strips?  The shirt material was slightly more than the material for the pillow.  The pillow material is less than $25 including shipping within the US.  Just in case Mara wants to know. 

Well, that is about all I have for now.  Ya'll be safe out there.

Sunday, May 19, 2019

May 19, 2019 Another Day After Something Big

 From the ideas in DIL's mind to gathering stuff to piles of stuff cluttered on tables and stools to the final hours Saturday morning, the last few weeks have kept us two women busy.  Of course, Son, Hubby and grandkids were roped in to help get it together.  Free labor.

At 12:45 PM on Saturday DIL and I looked at each other and said, "It's ready!"  We actually had some time to relax before the guests began to arrive.

Not sure if it is my shaky hands or something going on with my auto focus or my settings but I am disappointed with the grainy photos from the Big Party day.  Oh, well.  Here is what I was able to capture.
Graduate and her Mom, the DIL

 For a point of reference, the theme for the cake table was Dr. Seuss' book, "Oh the Places You'll Go".

The grandkids, left to right ages:  14, 18, 15, 13,  and 18 yrs.
The table setup that was to have been on the back lawn was for the University of Arkansas.  That plan changed as there were thunderstorms on and off that afternoon.  Granddaughter will be attending the University of Arkansas. The school mascots are Hogs.  Before and during games the crowd will call the Hogs, Woo Pig Sooie!

DIL made the HOGS sign and all the painted jars.
 If you have followed my blog for a time, you will note several items used for Son's birthday bash are being used again for this gathering.  Surely was easier this time as items are already easily available.
Drink table using a table cloth my Mom made probably 20 or 30 years ago.

The outdoor Welcome Table is where that flag I designed and printed was used.  DIL is encouraging me to market these for sale.

DIL and I figure the materials will be used for other gatherings.

At 4:30 we left the grad party to attend Youngest Grandson's end of school Choir Concert.

Combined 6th, 7th, and 8th grade choir from Chisholm Middle School

Again, wrong lens for distance shots.  But the point was not photos it was Grandson.  Grandson was ear to ear smiles the whole time.  He loves choir.  Says he wants to "major in choir in college".  It is to no avail to explain that might require some music courses but who knows.  He is to the right of the tall mike in the center.  He is on the second row from the top.

Once the concert was completed Hubby and I returned to our apartment.  DJ the grand-dog had stayed at our place during the party and concert.  Our kind neighbor had stayed with her for a couple of hours.  We took a bit to sit and relax for a bit.  Then we gathered DJ up and headed to the Son's home to help do the 'tear-down' and cleanup from the party. 

Those younger folks had it 90% + done.  I gathered up most of the things I had taken over for the party.  There were a few bites of cheese and crackers that called my name and got in my mouth.  With almost the entire bottom layer of the cake left over I ask if I could take some to the neighbor.  Please, yes!  Cause no one needs that much cake.  Goodbyes and good jobs as well as hugs and we left for our apartment.  It was 9 PM before we finally were home for the evening.  Unlike my usual 1 to 3 AM bedtime I was lateral before 11 PM.

Today has been pretty laid back for us.  The items I had brought home last night were just put on the washer and dryer.  I did put away all those things.  A runner we used on the Dr. Seuss table needed to be hand washed.  That was washed and hung to dry.  I've been catching up on bloggers I follow and writing a haiku or two.  I know this week's project will be the top of the graduation cap decoration and maybe a bunch of flags for Granddaughter's friends.

Ya'll all have a good night and see you later.

Friday, May 17, 2019

May 17, 2019 Sigh

It is crunch time now. Saturday is the Big Graduation Party for our granddaughter.  While DIL and I have each been busy with different parts there had been only one time we had talked face to face.  That was late Tuesday evening.  I had gotten most of my previous assignments completed.  As with anything, new ones came to be needed.  Like a small flag on the table to greet folks.  Grab the small flag pole and another hanger.  Oh, and make the flag.

That was an evening coming up with the design using photoshop.  Blending my own designs with purchased backgrounds and the school mascot gave the result at right.  I printed on printable fabric, found an old child clothing size hanger and blacked checked material in my stash.  Made a cover for the hanger then attached the fabric flag to it.  I had wound jute string around the exposed part of the hanger while I was taking a sit down break.

Upon seeing the flag, the granddaughter seemed really pleased.  We decided that the flag idea changed for colleges where her friends would be attending would make great gifts. Looks like I will do some experimenting on ways to make the letters pop to make the process a bit quicker.  Bet I get it figured out so it will be quick, easy and good to go.

In the process of putting the HOGS banner together I realized I had not used the dots background for the S.  Ugh.  This morning I was putting some finishing touches on the flag hanger.  Of course the tension on my machine began acting up.  Rethreading took care of the tension.  But there was still the thread impaled between some moving parts.  Pliers, brushes, tweezers, and the neighbor dropping by to visit later I was back in business.  All projects seem to be complete till the last minute assignments.  Oh, and the cookie dish with the broken pedestal is sitting letting the glue cure.

Now it is off to run errands before an afternoon shower blows up.  After all, as sweet as I am I will surely melt.  Of course just to be clear, salt dissolves in water, too.

Ya'll all have fun.  robably be Sunday before I have time and energy to post again.

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

May 15, 2019

Well, the long road to the Supreme Court has begun.  Alabama has a law outlawing abortions except in the case threat to the life of the person with the uterus.  Even excludes rape and incest victims.  And yet rapist after rapist, molester after molester is set free without punishment.  Those poor men's lives would be ruined.  The fuck, you say.  Hmmm.  So now the rape and incest victims will have wonderful lives after carrying a baby to full term.  Cause the rape/incest events were not enough punishment for just being a human with a fertile uterus.

Let me make this clear.  Another state has when a heartbeat can be detected an abortion is illegal.  Some women do not even know they are pregnant at that point.  Another state is considering a bill that makes the morning after pill to be considered an abortion.  "Anything that prevents a fertilized egg from implanting in the uterus" were the words I heard one white, male politician use just today.  Yes, no birth control pills. 

Until such time as the dick of rapists are cut off, abortion, morning after pills, etc need to be legal.  Yes, folks, that is exactly how this person feels.  One more man getting by with just reaching out and grabbing a hand full of pussy, especially when bragging about it should have that hand cut off immediately.  And DAMN WELL should not be president nominating SCOTUS or any other judges for that matter of fact.

And casual sex?  You cannot make a decision about what you dumped for the fun of it in a woman's body.  Guys, just go jack off.  Quit the erection pills.  Using the same misguided "God intended" reference, if God intended men to get a hard on, it should happen naturally.

I was raped.  I did not get pregnant.  Until I was 55 years old I had nightmares about that rape the the sexual molestation of my youth.  If that did not happen to you, you do not have a dog in this hunt.

When the hell did our values get so screwed around that the criminals or fun seekers go free and the victims and uterus holding humans are punished for the act.

Monday, May 13, 2019

May 13, 2019, The Morning After

Hubby uses a Cpap machine.  Diagnosed years ago during a sleep study where he stopped breathing so many times in the first hour the study was stopped.  He slept there with a machine.  With few exceptions he has slept with a Cpap for almost 20 years.  He is on his second or third machine.  Recently he has been worrying about this one filter that needed to be replaced.  He had received the new filter but decided to protect the filter by adding additional filter material. 

Last night was a restless night.  When Hubby's mouth is open the air from the Cpap causes his lips to flutter.  The sound is sort of like a quiet motor boat.  Sometimes it is just a spewing sound.  With a reduced pressure his throat can close up and he does not breathe.  In the years before he was on the machine he stopped breathing a lot.  The body reacts by gasping for breath.  He aspirated saliva many times.  Once so badly he took several minutes for him to fully recover and breathe freely.  It was scary.  Of course the other side effect of sleep apnea is that annoying, rattle the windows snoring.

Apparently the additional filter was enough of an impediment that he just was not getting enough air.  Not being totally awake he just tossed and turned.  Covers on, covers off, flip on one side and back on the other.  Once I just stared at his back to make sure he was still breathing.  That is pretty common for me actually.  Checking to make sure he is still okay.  He finally gave up and just got out of bed and sat in his lounge chair.  He has another machine by that chair that he can use to make sure his naps are restful.  Tonight he will remove the extra material.  Hopefully it will be a better night's rest for all the occupants of the bed.

Life is good.  I do mean Life, living, sharing and loving.  Especially with this guy.

Sunday, May 12, 2019

Mother's Day May 12, 2019

One awakes to just another day here on earth.  At different points in history honoring mothers has had different forms and meanings.  This day my son, his family and brother and sister from other mothers would be joining us for brunch.  As usual we were the last to arrive.  A grand entrance.  No, just moving slowly.  I was seated next my son, my only child.  How does one even begin to describe the feelings evoked by the words my son, my child?

Of course love is one feeling but there are many more.  Pleasure in seeing their happiness.  Contentment in just the gentle pat on my shoulder.  Familiarity with the look from him, the turn of his chin, the common heritage.  Joy.  A peacefulness from a healed relationship.  Connectivity that is a scientific fact of life.    A part of one another forever.  That is the real celebration.  Turns out it is not just another day.