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Thursday, June 25, 2020

June 25, 2020

The monster looking caterpillar is now a chrysalis.   Yesterday I had finally located the monster 'resting' on a metal foot scraper near the rue plant.  Today when I checked it was changing stages.  Still sort of intimidating looking I think.  Will continue documenting the changes as I can.  More thunderstorms coming tomorrow so may not be able to get a good photo without getting wet.  I would melt I am certain as I am made of sugar you know.

There is another caterpillar munching on the rue and growing.  It is about .5 ", 1.25 cm long right now.  It had doubled in size since Tuesday.  We may get to watch two giant swallowtails go through metamorphosis. 

I spilled some of the bird food while refilling the feeder.  Since we have several 'ground feeders' I decided to just sweep the spilled grains onto the gravel walk.  Hubby looked out the patio door later and found a bit different creature feasting on the grains.

I have seen grey squirrels.  I have seen brown squirrels.  I have seen black squirrels.  But never have I seen this color combination.  Hubby kept saying, "It's head and neck are black!"  I handed him my camera and he took the photos.  He was correct in his observation!  New to both of us.

Earlier in the day Lucy and I were just sitting on the patio soaking up the heat.  A bunny came to visit but I did not have my camera at hand.  This photo was from a couple of days ago on the other side of Building 1.  So even living in an high traffic area we do have small wildlife.  

The street at the end of our building has agave plants in the median.  This one is blooming.  The rose bushes at the base are about a meter high to help you see how tall the blossoms grow.


I am still working on reading The Great Influenza.  It has lots of big words and no photos.  Considering the subject matter I prefer no photos.  It is rather interesting how the virus came in three waves.  It is sad the number of populations that were almost wiped off the face of the earth.  Eskimo and Native American communities were hit terribly hard.  Some Eskimo villages had no survivors.  Infants and young children having starved or frozen to death after all the adults died.

That is about all that is going on here at 2601.  Lucy is doing more sleeping than leaping.  Hubby is hamming it up on his radios.  I read, take a few photos and write a bit.  We will be staying in even more as the governor is halting further reopening.  He has, also, requested that folks stay home and stay safe.  Tomorrow I will do 3 curbside pickups.  Then is all goes well finish a few more masks as that is becoming a bit more of a mandate for myself.  

Y'all all stay safe and healthy.


Wednesday, June 24, 2020

June 24, 2020

Shortages of wipes for sanitizing are in very short supply.  My standing order with Amazon could not be filled.  The order has been in place for about 18 months.  In addition the dishwasher pods were not available on the Subscribe and Save side of Amazon.  I could order from just regular Amazon but really needed the sanitizing wipes.  I found wipes on Amazon 'Fresh'.  Limited to one canister.  Fresh had the pods I needed, too.  There were some other groceries I had failed to order from Walmart.  By the time I had added everything to the cart I had free shipping.  First time using Fresh so I was eligible for a $10 credit.  That made the purchase a no brainer.  Selected the time of 9 - 11 AM and pressed submit order.

By 7:45 this morning I was up, showered and dressed.  Not so much energetic but Leaping Lucy needed a walk.  The walk which must include lots of sniffing and marking was accomplished.  At 9:30 the driver was asking for a code to enter the building.  I had failed to put the pass code in the instructions.  Oops.  Code given and order delivered to the kitchen counter.  Of course the sanitizing began.  I used the last wipe we had in the kitchen to clean the grocery items, bags, etc.  Hubby, who was up and already playing ham radio did not realize any of the order and delivery had happened.   That is how smoothly the order and delivery went!

Yes, Leaping Lucy is with us till Sunday.  Her dad is meeting his sister, her family, and his parents in Destin, Florida.  He was flying.  A bit concerned due to the Covid 19 being on the upswing.  We gave him a travel size of hand sanitizer to use on the plane.  Of course, since he is my #4 sister's son he was one his way to be with that part of my family.  They are being really cautious with the social distancing, mask wearing and super cleaning of stuff.  #4 is seeing to that.  She had to make her own sanitizing wipes as none were available in the Dallas area.

 By the way, Lucy is, also, recovering from surgery.  She had to have an emergency surgery one weekend for bladder stones.  She stayed in the doggie hospital for a couple of days.  From the way she is able to jump on the bed I am thinking her recovery is moving faster than mine!  For right now we are snuggled together in my easy chair while I write the post.  Hubby is putting away his antenna for the evening.  Once he settles into his recliner, Lucy will go to him and snuggle between his calves on the soft leg rest.  But for now she is my girl.

Y'all have a good Thursday.  Stay safe and healthy.


Tuesday, June 23, 2020

June 23, 2020

Thunderstorms swept across the Texas landscape from the Red River to south of San Antonio in the early morning hours.  One thunderous crack awoke me with a startle.  While I did not sit straight up in bed and scream "Help me, Jesus" it was definitely one of those types of moments.  Hubby slept through the whole thing!  I checked my phone and noticed Robbie was 'hibernating' so I just got up for the day.

Twice in as many days Robbie has trapped them under the sofa.  Obviously, I must just change my approach.  Blocking is not working.  I will just stuff one of the skirt edges up under the sofa pillow.  Robbie can manage to push under the skirt when going under the sofa.  For some reason they cannot push it up to come out from under the sofa.  Robots.  But it is really clean under the sofa now.

By the time I had dressed, eaten my breakfast and completed a couple of chores the rain had stopped.  Hubby had noticed a new being on our rue plant a couple of days earlier.  Yesterday's attempt with the long lens did not suit me.  A change of lens and I was ready to see if the closeups could be a bit better.
Let me say up front we have no idea what this caterpillar is.  See if you can figure it out from these photos.

It is certainly different than any I have seen before.  Possibly a hawk moth or owl butterfly type of thing.  Just found it on this website!  Papilio cresphontes, larva, will become a type of Giant Swallowtail.  That's something for us to watch to see if it begins to move to the next stage of development.

Not much else going on here today.  

Take care cause the virus is raising its ugly head around here again.  Folks not wearing masks and running around like everything is just fine.  It is not.  In the State of Texas the percentage of newly detected virus cases in relationship to the number of folks tested in any given day has steadily increased from 5.9 % on June 1 to 7.54% on June 23.  One and a half does not sound like much.  Since I began on June 3 tracking the # of viral tests each day the average number of tests is 29526.  That 1.5% = about 472 more infected people per day statewide.  

We live on the line between Travis and Williamson counties.  Travis county on June 10 had 535 total confirmed active cases.  June 23 Travis has 1783 active cases.  Williamson county on June 10 had 148 confirmed active cases.  The confirmed active cases has risen to 607 in Williamson county.  The number of cases requiring hospitalization statewide has fluctuated from 8.84%, June 1, 7.85%, June 11, 8.63% June 23.  Since June 1 the number of  recovered individuals have gone from 43338 to 70714.  During the same period the statewide number of Covid confirmed cases hospitalized has increased from 1756 to 4092.

So, yes, stay home, stay safe.  Only, three of my grandkids are working as servers, delivery and counter persons at restaurants.  They are definitely working in high risk.  Face masks and gloves are their protection.


Friday, June 19, 2020

June 19, 2020

Juneteenth | Out of the Stacks

It is Juneteenth!  I remember the first time I heard the date and what it was about.  My Dad said, "Well, it is Juneteenth.  None of the n*****s will be working today."  I asked why and he explained it was the day the slaves were freed in Texas following the Civil War.  

My Dad was a racist.  Not a hood wearing, kill the blacks kind of racist.  The subtle kind that would not eat if he saw a black person cooking at a restaurant.  The kind that used the n word.  He admitted he was racist.  He believed the races should not mix.  Separate but not quite equal.  When I was a teen around 1961 he and I would have arguments about races.  I remember sitting at the supper table arguing one night.  I had said something to the effect he needed to change his opinion about other races, they were equals.  His rebuttal was, "Kid, you just can't change these set ways in people.  Maybe in a few generations it can be gradually changed but it will not happen now."

My mother was reared differently from my dad.  Her father had taught her that there but by the grace of God walks you or I when discussing especially blacks.  Mom did not enter into the arguments between Daddy and me.  She usually referred to blacks as colored folks.  One of mom's best friends that she made working at Texas Instruments was Ruth.  Ruth was black.  Her husband was a minister at one of the churches in McKinney.  After retirement Mom continued her relationship with Ruth.  Mom and Daddy would visit Ruth and her husband in their home.  Daddy worked on their appliances.  And Daddy would eat food Ruth cooked.  In spite of everything 30 years later Daddy had changed.

My Dad, aka, Cow-Grandad and #2 Nephew

What on earth had brought about the change in my racist Dad?  Life and the surprises life brings.  Daddy loved, cherished and enjoyed each and every grandchild for their own unique personalities.  Daddy nor Mom ever showed favoritism in any way.  You know it is coming, but, my Number 2 Nephew (#2 N) and Daddy had a close relationship as #2 N lived with my folks for about a year.  Also, Daddy and #2 N's personalities were similar.  #2 N fell in love and married a black woman.  An educated, lovely black woman named Cindy  

#2 N and Cindy were next door neighbors growing up in Lawton.  They were attracted to each other for years.  #2 N knew the prejudices on both sides of the family.  Remember we all lived on cotton farms in north Texas.  Dallas was the closest 'big' city.  It was, also, where the KKK started.  Though both adults #2 and Cindy would sneak around to meet and date.  Finally #2 announced his intentions to both sides of his family.

#2 N knew he was on thin ice with the families.  Some in the family on his father's side cut #2 N our of their life following his marriage.  On our side of the family all were accepting.  Of course my Dad was conflicted.  Daddy loved #2 N so very much he just could not reject him.  But, still.  Eventually through Cindy's graciousness and the work of a High Power, Daddy accepted Cindy.  He discovered she was an excellent cook.  Guess the way to Daddy's heart truly was through his stomach.

Cindy and #2 N were unable to conceive a child.  Eventually they were able to adopt a child.  Jordan was the apple of Cindy's and #2 N's eyes.  Cindy developed lupus.  The medications could cause problems.  One January day Cindy and 18 month old Jordan headed into town to do some shopping.  Jordan was strapped in the back seat in the proper child seat.  Cindy lost control of the car on some gravel.  The car flipped and threw Cindy out the passenger window.  She did not have her seat belt fastened.  She was left unrecognizable.  Jordan was hanging upside down in his seat still safely strapped in.  Jordan later told my sister, "Mommy hurt her face."  Tragic loss to the entire family.
# 2 Nephew and Jordan

The marriage of #2 N and Cindy was how my Daddy ended up eating food cooked by Ruth in Ruth's home.  Did he still carry a prejudice at death?  Most likely but at least there had been a major change thanks to two black women.  Cindy remains in our hearts and minds.  Ruth was one of the first folks outside the family we called to let her know Mom had died.  Ruth wailed, "Oh, Jesus, my Mary is gone.  Help me Jesus."  She continued this for a minute or so.
Mom and her TI BFFs

Today may there be celebrations on this 155th anniversary of when Texas, the last state, freed the slaves.  May we each recognize within ourselves that bit of pre-judging we do toward other humans.  And may we each work to overcome that pre-judging (prejudice) of others.

Ruth and husband

In peace, Janice

Wednesday, June 17, 2020

June 17, 2020

Things are fairly quiet around 2114 except for the painting that is still going on around the complex.  The most noise is when the lift bucket is being driven around the area.  Beep, beep, beep every few feet of travel.  The crew is still working on the railings.  As promised here is a photo of the some of the crew painting on the third floor.  They do go all the way to the roof line to paint the trim.  May I just say there is not enough money to get me to climb a ladder that high to paint.

It takes a special kind of human to have the balance and self confidence to paint while standing on a ladder rung.  

I do well to walk to the edge of the parking garage to take the photo.  There are steel cables to keep me safe.  These workers just have their natural courage, ability or some intangible something.  

Tomorrow is four weeks since my surgery.  The last three days I have been able to eat chicken with no problem.  Of course the chicken is in tiny bites and thoroughly chewed.  Strange as it may seem liquids can cause more problems with taking in too much too quickly with too much air.  Relearning to sip not chug my liquids is, well, teaching an old dog new tricks.  Maybe I need to get me sippy cups!  I do use cups with lids which does help.

Hubby's thearapy sessions are improving the shoulder issue.  Not healing, only surgery will do that repair work.  The strengthening of the supportive tendons and ligaments is relieving the work from the torn part of the rotator cuff.

A few days ago I was enjoying the early morning hours on the patio.  I had snapped a couple of photos when I noticed some movement in the distance.  Two hot air balloons were enjoying the calm morning, too.

For a bit of perspective the following photo was taken as the balloons were moving almost out of my sight.  They were never very close and it was really a hazy morning.

I have not been fast enough with the camera to catch the teenage bunny rabbit that is coming to visit.  Maybe I can get one of the painters to come help me.  The painters have great reflexes it seems.

Y'all stay safe out there.


Sunday, June 14, 2020

June 14, 2020

Up early for me this morning, 7 AM.  I was having a dream where I was back working for Litton/Northrup Grumman.  I suppose that is a natural thing since I worked for that company for 20 + years.  Most of the time was spent in the area where phototools were made.  The original area was named 'Camera'.  The name derived from the enormous camera used to reduce PCB artworks.  The camera was mounted on worm screws to move to precise locations to achieve the correct distance from the copy board.  The copy board was mounted vertically and was about 2 meters by 2 meters.  The entire setup occupied approximately 5 m wide x 6 m long x 3 m high.  A very large camera indeed.

Later the area would change names and areas occupied.  The final evolution was CAD-CAM.  All computerized with no photos, only digital data for everything from the pcb layout to drill information to electrical testing information.  Even the prints and specifications came as digital data.  It was fun watching the maturing process for the backbone of the digital age.  First were the pnp and npn transistors my mother assembled in the late 1950's for Texas Instruments. 
Texas Instruments - Transistor History
One like Mom built. 

Next came the IC chips I worked in the image and metal depositing area at Texas Instruments.  The size I worked with were about the size of a half dollar.  The smallest one below is 2 inches.

Silicon wafers with uncut integrated circuits (ICs). The diameter is 2, 4, 6, and 8 inches (from left to right).
Silicon wafers with uncut integrated circuits (ICs). The diameter is 2, 4, 6, and 8 inches (from left to right).
Source: Wikipedia

The final part in which I was involved were the big as a table top backplanes that we built at Litton.  We built much smaller boards, too, but the backplanes were the bread and butter for our division.
Backplane VME64x J1/J0/J2 | Backplanes

There were stops at Collins Radio, a finance company, a gas regulator company, my husband's television repair shop and years of baby sitting at home.  But back to my dream about Litton.  I was working to get the clean room even cleaner.  Then I dreamed I was looking for a restroom  And that is what finally caused me to awake, the morning potty call!  As long as I was up might just as well grab a cup of joe and enjoy the early morning quiet on the patio.  And that is exactly what I did leaving the clean room worries to the younger generations!

May your upcoming week be filled with flowers and sunshine!

Stay safe and healthy,


Saturday, June 13, 2020

June 13, 2020

Sure as I note that all is going well with Robbie something happens.  This morning the main brush was trying to eat a throw rug.  Robbie has been crossing the rug with no problem for weeks.  This morning both bath mats were rolled upside down.  I have not a clue what the difference is.  No biggie.  Robbie had covered the entire apartment before becoming entangled.

The paint company has spent several days this week working on our building.  We are building #2 but appear to be the first to be completed of the three buildings.  The outside and entrances to the building look so much better.  Now if the office will decide to power wash the hallway floors I would be a happy camper.  Hall walls could use a fresh coat of paint, too.

The workers in the bucket would wave if they saw us watching.  And as old folks staying home we 'needed' to do some serious watching!  There were a few times I saw the bucket being moved horizontally at a slower pace as if it was doing the painting.  Back and forth very slowly.  While I did not go to check, I was pretty sure that the painter was approving of the extra help to complete the job.  

There are areas where the power bucket cannot reach.  Particularly in the courtyard areas.  Courageous (or crazy) men are on the extension ladders painting the four story building.  Very time consuming it seems.  I will try to remember to go out Monday morning to get photos of the folks on the ladders.  In any circumstances the painting has given us something to breakup the time.

Yesterday evening we started figuring out how we wanted the patio arranged.  Previously we had placed an 8 ft. large bamboo post diagonally in the corner on top of the fence.  Over the last 6 years the area between the post and fence had become solid trumpet vine.  Those vines gave lots of additional shade.  In order to be able to raise the new rectangular umbrella the post and vines need to be removed.  And remove we did.  That trimming filled a 50 gallon trash bag.  It, also opened up about 2 feet of overhead space.  That bit of extra space allowed Hubby to move the ham antenna a few feet further from the building.  Every inch counts in a small space!

Up early and with a nice breeze the flowers were watered by 8 AM.  Birdbath was refilled so the birds could splash it all out today!  A bit more moving of small items and it was time for a sit under the new umbrella.  Hubby joined me by that time.  The rectangular shaped umbrella did what we had hoped.  It provided shade for our love seat so we could enjoy the patio for a couple more hours every day.  Still more subtle changes to be made on the patio but there is no rush.  All we have is time and our imagination to plan the next step.  

Y'all all be safe out there in the world.  I'll hold the fort down here at 2114! 


Thursday, June 11, 2020

June 11, 2020

The sun is setting as I am in my easy chair tapping away on my laptop keyboard.  Knowing friends were coming to visit today, I was up with the sun.  So was Robbie.  Yes, every morning at 6 AM Robbie announces, "Smart cleaning mode" and  roars into action.  Well, not so much roars as hums into action.  Some mornings I hear the announcement.  Other mornings I snooze right on through all the action. 
Robbie has not locked themselves in the closet nor the laundry room recently.  They did try to eat a rug and it became stuck in the brushes.  That caused them to shout something about a wheel being winded.   They, also, decided to get caught under the hutch again and an error code was sent to my cell phone.  Hubby was the one that found them that time.  

While vacuuming under my bed, which they do every morning, somehow the brush caught the end of my earphones.  "Jammed brush" was the call that time.  Then they did not want to let go of the cord.  Guess they were wanting to listen to some music while cleaning.  That's where they are like me.  I really like cranking up some old vinyls on our old Sylvania portable stereo.  Nothing like some Elvis, Willie or Roger Miller to get the feet moving and the rooms cleaned!

Feeling great this morning I set to doing some extra cleaning in the kitchen area while Robbie vacuumed.  Stainless steel sinks were covered with spots that only a good scrubbing would remove.  That done I moved to removing the crumb buildup in the toaster.  Cleaned and polished the granite counter tops.  Changed Robbie from a vacuum to a mop attachment and set him back to work while I finished the kitchen.  Leaving Robbie to the mopping I moved to the patio.  Cleaned the 'so streaked and speckled I could not get decent photos' patio door.  Cleaned the glass bistro table top, emptied scraps into the worm farm and headed back inside.

By this time Hubby was up and sort of moving.  I grabbed a cold protein water, took a couple of sips and headed to the bathroom.  Always like to freshen counters, sinks and stool before company arrives.   I had not planned to dust but what the hey I was still feeling good so why not.  Now mind you this was not one of those take everything down kind of dustings.  No, this was a lick and a promise kind of dusting.  Still made the place look a bit better.  Robbie had long since completed the mopping.  I did the daily cleaning of  Robbie's dirt tray and put the mopping attachment away.  Grabbed the protein water and sat down in the same place I am now.  It was 8:30 AM.

The remainder of the morning I just took my time getting dressed.  Even painted my nails.  At 11:26 my phone rang and our friends were here!  We drove to a nearby pizza place.  Pizza, salads and garlic cheese bread was ordered.  Twenty minutes later we headed back to the apartment and enjoyed a nice meal.  Even nicer conversations continued until after 3:30 PM.  Linda needed to get home to get things prepped for the food truck she operates in her retirement.  Byes were said with the socially correct elbow bumps.  The friends from that other life walked away again.

That other life of thirty somethings making a living.  Building lives and families.  Or in the case of Sharon building a career and friendships.  That long ago life of hopes, dreams, and joy.  Also, the long ago life of hard lessons learned, of dashed hopes.  Some dreams became nightmares.  But for 95% of the time just really good living and loving.  Making friendships that have carried us into the evening of our years.  

The sun has set in the west.  It is the opposite side of our complex.  The shadows on the buildings have disappeared.  Shadows yielding to the twilight, to the evening of this Thursday, June 11, 2020.  It has been a glorious day.

Good health and safe travels,


Wednesday, June 10, 2020

June 10, 2020

Mark with a peaceful protestor in Springfield, MO
Back on May 31 I posted a blog in which I referred to a man in Springfield, MO.  The man, Mark, is a father of two, husband to Heather, a major supporter of Special Olympics, and a law enforcement office.  

Our families have been personal and professional friends for decades.  Her grandfather was Hubby's extended families' doctor.  I was in a church woman's group with Heather's maternal grandmother.  We have known Heather since she was in grade school.  Heather and our son dated through most of his high school years. 

Having only met Mark once the main connection is through Heather.  There was an awareness the she and Mark struggled to conceive and carry to term her two miracles.  Through Facebook connections Heather's friends cheered her on as she has fought through life threatening issues over the last couple of years.  First was with diverticulitis that ruptured her intestines twice.  That issue led to the discovery of cancer.  Chemo, radiation, surgeries, temporary colostomies and all the hospital and treatment time that goes with it.  Always, always Mark was there.

Here is a bit more about Mark and his work in Special Olympics.  Yesterday morning Mark left for work in the Springfield Police Headquarters.  This morning Heather found this note, much like the one he has left every morning for her over the last 20 years of marriage.


The following is an official statement from the Springfield Police Department as to events that occurred yesterday morning: 
June 9, 2020
Officer Struck by Vehicle Outside of Police Headquarters
On June 9, 2020, at approximately 9:30 a.m. officers were notified of a white male at the front entrance of Springfield Police Headquarters (321 E Chestnut Expressway) causing a disturbance and urinating on the front door. Officers contacted him and asked him to leave.
He then got into a white SUV, drove away, then circled back through the parking lot, heading toward the front entrance of Police Headquarters.
He accelerated directly toward the officer who was standing in front of the building. The officer attempted to get out of the way, but it appears the driver intentionally struck the officer who became trapped under the vehicle. The vehicle continued forward with the officer still trapped and struck a concrete bollard.
A second officer yelled at the driver to stop and get out of the vehicle and when he refused and continued to drive forward, the officer fired shots striking the suspect and stopping the vehicle.
Both the officer and the suspect were sent to the hospital to be treated for their injuries.
The suspect has been identified as 28-year-old Jon Tyler Franklin Routh.
The injured officer is Officer Mark Priebe, a 21-year veteran of the Springfield Police Department.
The lobby at headquarters is closed until further advised. Citizens may conduct regular business at the South District Station (2620 W. Battlefield Rd.) until 7:00 p.m. today.
# # #
Media Contact Jasmine Bailey, Public Affairs Officer
(417) 864-1786
Release authorized by Chief Paul Williams

Since all this was happening two states away it was only through Facebook we heard of the tragedy. Heather posted first she was trying to get to her husband who had been run over not shot. Once she and the family met with the surgeons and doctors she reported on Mark's injuries. "He has multiple rib fractures, road rash, pleural effusion and spinal cord injury. As of right now he will likely never walk again."
8:14 and he is headed to surgery.
8:59 surgery started
10:22 pm. Nurse just called they are still working on him and everything is going as discussed.

Heather P
 is with 
 and 2 others.

13 hrs Shared with Heather's friends and friends of anyone tagged
12:02 Surgery is done! 🙏
Every went great. Spine is fused from T10-S1.
If he continues to do well over the next few days he will go to rehab hospital by the end of the week. We have a long road to recovery....we got this!
Positive attitude will be the only attitude we have!
Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Heather's nine year old daughter said at one point during the long day there would be no more attending the father daughter dances.  Heather's response, "Your dad will just go in a wheelchair!"  That is the type of courage and hope our world needs.

Y'all all take care.

Tuesday, June 9, 2020

June 9, 2020

Nineteen years ago our first grandson was born.  Soon to be grandparents, aunts and an uncle were in the waiting area awaiting the big event.  That was before smart phones.  We were left to read magazines and newspapers.  Every now and then our Son would come out to update the progress.  Eventually it was determined a C section delivery would be necessary as the baby was showing stress from the long hours of labor.  Son and his MIL left to prep for entrance into the sterile areas.  They were with the Mom in the delivery room. 

Excited Aunts!

Even though the technology was available no one knew if the baby was a boy or a girl before birth.  The anticipation for information was pretty high.  Before long Son came into the waiting area with a smile as big as Texas.  The baby was an 8 lb 12 oz baby boy.  A new generation of Adcocks had arrived. That was an exciting day.  Even more important Mom and baby were both okay. 
Proud parents in 2001

Today we visited Son and his now blended family.  They were having brunch to celebrate #1's birthday before #1 had to leave to go be an adult.  #1 Grandson has a job as a wait person.  Adulting sucks on your birthday.

# 1 Grandson is second from the right.

Happy Birthday #1 Grandson.  This Grandma loves every minute we get to spend together!

All y'all take care now.