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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Professional Packing Day T - 2

Packing Day Schedule As We Lived It:

  • 6:00 AM  
    • Alarm of need to go potty goes off for Gene
    • Needs light to pee
  • 6:12 AM 
    • Light from bathroom shines in my eyes 
    • Awakening me
    • Cover my head
  • 6:12:30 AM 
    • Yell at Gene to either turn off the light or
    • Close the door
  • 6:49 AM 
    • Gene clearing out his sinuses
    • Give up with all the noise
    • Get up & dress, too
  • 7:00 AM 
    • Finish packing suitcases for trip
    • Hide stuff in closet so packers to no pack in error
  • 7:45 AM 
    • Gene prepares last two tablespoons of coffee in press pot
    • I get distracted by another box of crap or something
    • Have to re-heat water for the coffee grounds
    • Another distraction so Gene reheats water again
  • 8:15 AM 
    • Packing crew arrives
    • Give basic instructions of what goes etc.
    • Packers get set up for the task
    • I smell the coffee but get distracted
  • 9:30 AM
    •  Packers call for additional instructions from three different directions
    • #1 packer label these pictures MBR, these JR, these LR
    • #2 packer needs a phillips head screwdriver
    • #3 is working the kitchen and the cups are already packed
    • I want coffee so dig out the disposable cups set aside for this use
    • Coffee is luke warm and I do not care
    • Realize need to start dishwasher for last few dirty dishes
    • Grab less than luke warm coffee, sit in a soft chair and eat a muffin
  • 10:00 AM 
    • Find Gene packing stuff in garage
    • Ask him where small tool caddie I had ask to be set aside is?
    • Packed halfway down the box
      • Dig it out
      • Still not happy about light in eyes a t 6 AM
  • 10:45 AM 
    • Work to get last bit of printing done and clear off table
    • Packers #1 & #2 are finished with MBR, JR BR, Office Room & Utility room
    • Packers #1 & #2 in entry hall and LR
    • #1 asks if we have coats to kept out to wear
      • Dang meant to do that last night
      • Take jacket to MBR Closet
    • Realize there are hanging things on bed to be added to this wardrobe
      • Barely make it back with the clothes in time as she is prepping tape
      • Geeze #1 is fast
    • Need more coffee but none to be had
    • # 3 still packing my kitchen cabinets
    • Realize I did not get any pots or skillets before he packet them
      • Found one skillet
      • Two small Corning dishes
  • 11:30 AM 
    • Send print job to printer in Kit
    • Printer unplugged so no printout
      • Thought I had finished so packer had unplugged
      • No prob. just plug it in
    • #2 has come to kitchen to help
    • #3 comments on how much I have in the kitchen
  • 11:45 AM
    • Packers no where to be found
    • Oh, yes, it is lunch time
    • Would love another cup of coffee
    • Settle for a cookie
  • 12:30 PM
    • All back on job with # 2 & # 2 still in kitchen
    • # 1 helps in kitchen for a while
    • More comments on how much stuff in kitchen
    • Told them they should have seen it before got rid of about half of it
  • 1:15 PM
    • # 1 moves to garage
      • More instructions on which goes
      • Which stays
    • Discussion on what we need to disassemble
  • 3:15 PM
    • #1 asks for a walk through on garage
    • Give her some wreaths
  • 3:35 PM
    • #3 begins filling out paperwork
      • Turns out # 3 is the lead
      • He spent the entire day on my kitchen
      • # 2 did mostly dining area
    • I do have a lot of dishes
      • 32 5 piece place settings of inexpensive china
      • 6 place settings of Corell
      • 15 or so place settings of stoneware
  • 4:00 PM
    • Packing crew leaves
    • Gene eats my left over lasagna
  • 4:30 PM
    • I begin cooking thawed chicken legs Sharon did not want
    • Realize I have no
      • lid for skillet
      • utensils for turning chicken
      • utensils for eating the steamed veggies
    • Remember the picnic basket Gene snagged just before # 1 boxed it.
      • Find camp utensils
        • lid too small
        • use two heavy duty coated paper plates
        • worked like a charm and did not need a hot pad
      • Find spoons and one knife
      • Prepare chicken in flavored oils
      • Open a bag of cookies
        • Help myself to several
        • Wish for coffee
  • 5:30 PM
    • Food ready
    • Pour last of wine and eat another cookie
    • Enjoy dinner
  • Sometime PM
    • Wash dishes
    • Wash baskets from freezer
    • Begin fridge clean
    • Pack last of items from kitchen
    • Mark items in garage for move, stay, sell
    • Gene asks where the little tool caddy I had him dig out is
      • Where did you leave it?
      • In the floor
      • # 1 packed it then
        • Dang she is fast
  • 9:20 PM
    • Sit down to check emails & facebook
    • Instead write this blog post.
  • 11:10 PM
    • Realize the time
    • Head to bed
  • 12:01 AM
    • Still awake 
    • Trying to figure out how to have coffee in the morning

PS:  Please, ignore the date stamps on pictures.  No brain power to change the setting on the camera tonight.
Utility Room

Living Room

All those dishes!  A lot of stuff

Picture crates in JR RM

Other side of JR RM


Improvised lit

All that is still usable for cooking

Who cares so long as there is wine and cookies!

Oh No, I Am Late For T - 3!

Busy, busy, busy.  It is now 8 hours till the packing crew arrives.  Spent time with some wonderful people today in between packing more stuff.  Sharon fed us yet another meal.  The Vandewege girls came to gather penguins.  Sweet bye kisses from wonderful girls!  And the day ended with Charles and Brenda taking us to dinner.  People we love and who have our hearts in their hands.  People we will miss.  Some daily, some watching them come to visit the penguins.  The last two to leave are family we love.  Family with whom we have shared good times, difficult times and in the Adcock tradition, just sat and looked at each other without saying a word.  And we will always know what it means when someone must have been hauling bees.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Crisp, Fall Morning With Some Color T - 4

As it nears Halloween I am not really doing much of anything for the day this year.  Not buying any candy.  No decorations in the yard.  No, not this year will Husband teeter on a two foot ladder instead of using one of the three far more stable ladders we own to install the flying bat.  The bat strategically placed on the eve above the sidewalk so parents and kids must dodge it to get to the candy.  No plans for dressing up in dark colors to sit quietly until the too old to trick or treater gets just close enough to grab at them.  No eerie jack o' lantern that slowly levitates as the door opens to the ghouls and goblins.

Last year's flapping bat.

Instead this year we will be little more than just a couple of old, homeless zombies.   At 10:00 AM, October 31, we sign the papers to officially sell our home to others.  Therefore we will be homeless as we do not have a place to call ours until November 9.  As for the zombie part, I assure you it is easy for us to meet the requirements of that hoard.  We are dead tired of sorting, hauling, packing and all the other stuff required for a successful move.

We awoke this morning not being terribly energetic.  But the list of to do's stares like a grimacing kidnapper.  A captor requiring that we pick the bones of the place we have called home for almost 21 years.  And do it quickly as it is only the day after tomorrow the rest of the captors will arrive to gather the bones of our life.  These brainwashed beings will place the bones in coffins they believe to be boxes.  Together we will become soldiers in this army of mindless, driven beings seeking life from the bodies of the living.

Former hall bath

What is lurking under the bed?  Zombie dust bunnies!!

No bed, no where.

Just a few days ago live people ate here!

Beware all you people that know the former Gene and Janice.  Starting on All Hallows Eve the latest recruits in the army of the living dead will be seeking life.  Or at least a place to sleep besides an old, wrecked Lincoln full of the past.  Be fearful of a Jeep pulling a trailer of stuff too dangerous to be carried on the Captor's Hall of Terror,  That Hall of Terror is disguised as a United moving van.  The Captor is holding our worldly possessions for a costly ransom:  new recruits in the mindless, life sucking army.  Beware, we beg you with the last bit of strength we have to grip our once sane life.  Lock your doors and save yourselves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pray for our souls and regained sanity!
For more stories of Horror grab your broom and fly on over to The Spin Cycle!

Second Blooming

Saturday, October 26, 2013

T - 5 And I Am Losing Steam

Up early to get things ready for the washer and dryer to be picked up today.  Then clean the areas I was not able to reach with the washer and dryer in place.  Well, sort of clean.  Both men seemed pleased with their purchases.  Guy First Cousin stopped in to pick up the wood bin and wood hauler.  It sure seems something else was to have been picked up but I guess that is it.  Oh, I know what needs to be picked up, my butt cause it is beginning to drag!

And I am sitting on that dragging part of my anatomy instead of hauling some boxes to the car, finishing up clearing off the trailer, and one of a couple of dozen other things I should be doing.  TCU plays UT in Ft. Worth today with my nephew marching in the UT band.  But I must get up and get going so some more can be done.  I have packed another 5 or 6 boxes already today but there are still more to be sorted packed.  So here I go.  Did you see that?  I am really quick sometimes so you may have missed my moving.  And while the title says 5 days, it is just 3 days till the packing people come to do the heavy and fragile stuff.  This is exciting.  And will be even more so if I could just take a short nap.

Only I did not get much of a nap, maybe 3 minutes.  Gene went into the attic and I felt ashamed of being so lazy.  I dragged myself out into the garage and we worked another couple of hours.  Everything is down from the attic including Gene and his ham antenna.  He said goodbye attic as he came down the fold up steps.  Last year before the knee replacement he would not have been able to do the attic thing.

My car's trunk and back seat are now crammed with Adcock, Harness, Chandler and Rogers' photo albums and historical treasures.  The old faithful laptop will have to sit on top of boxes in the passenger seat as it guides me to the new adventure.  Gene will be driving the Jeep and pulling the baby trailer.  We figure the possibility of our getting separated in traffic is pretty high.  Therefore, I will use the laptop GPS program that guided us through the northeast in 2005 and Canada three years later.  Gene will have the Nuvi to guide him.

We came to the end of the day feeling like another hurdle of the move had been cleared.  Now maybe I can stay focused on the few remaining items I am committed to pack prior to the pros arrival on Tuesday.  For now after a nice, warm hot shower, a snack and some water I am ready for some lateral time.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Skywatch Friday T - 6

There are so many beautiful pictures to see the rest of the world from the comfort of your laptop and easy chair by just clicking over to Skywatch Friday.

My contribution is just a quick shot with my older cell phone at a stop light where there were some colorful trees.  The first attempt was so rudely interrupted when the light turned green.  The second attempt at the next light is only a little better.  But you get the idea of clear skies with crisp temperatures on our last Friday to live in Springfield, MO.  May you all have a great week.

Well, there is a little sky and one tree with some color.

City of Springfield offices are surrounded by older trees that still have not fully recovered from a 2007 ice storm.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Photo Theme for Thursday - Landscapes on T - 7

In October, 2005, Husband and I took a month long Jeep ride into the Northeast.  We were graced with many beautiful landscapes to photograph.  I am choosing one of the more simple views of a small cabin in a cove along the Acadia National Park coastline.  This picture was taken on this date 8 years ago and I still can feel the late autumn ocean breeze.  For other landscapes around the world visit Thursday Theme.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Count Down Continues T - 8

Shelves are looking somewhat empty.
More and more of our stuff is being sold.
The leaf net is on the pond by now.
And this packing and parting is getting old.

With only one penguin in the 'packed stack'
I know there is still so much to get done.
The office closet is still stacked high with
At least 150 penguins if there is a single one.

It has been quite the sight this week
As us two slow, grumpy old farts
Attempt to get it all sorted and packed
Before the big moving van starts.

We worked more focused on this day.
Husband sorted through his many tools
While I repacked from tubs to boxes.
We worked into dark like old fools.

Now why on earth am I taking time
To write this blog each day?
Well, I guess it is nothing more than
Relaxing before I hit the Hay.

So on the Wordful Wednesday
I create for you this poem
That tells about the adventure of
Downsizing to a loft apartment Home.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

T - 9 Into Single Digits

What day is today.  I am thinking it is Tuesday or is it Wednesday.  Not quite sure which day till I check the computer calendar.  My brain cells are turning to mush.  Probably from smelling so much cardboard and newspaper.  I know we are making progress but really, I do not seem to be able to tell the difference today.  We did find a wonderfully helpful group from Mike's Unique store that is coming to help carry off all things not donated or packed for shipment.  This is an enormous relief.

Tomorrow will be more pickups and cool meetings.  Shared birthday girl who is an archivist specialist is coming to help me with the document I uncovered two days ago.  It is a document from France thanking the family of Harold Harness for his sacrifice in WW I.  It is a beautiful print that is hand signed noting the name, rank and company of this young soldier.  Harold was only about 18 when he entered the service.  He was Husband's mom's half brother.  Until she lost the ability to remember most things in her life, she would speak of Harold.  She was only 5 when he left for the war.  We have a few other mementos of this man as well as his mother.

Those mementos along with about 10 other tubs of  like items will most likely make the trip and be dealt with in Round Rock.  Everything from Grandpa Harness' rocker to the piano are finding new homes.  Red wagon used by Son and later to do garden building all will find new homes.  Homes that hopefully will find joy and pleasure in their use.  I think we have both reached the point of not being so nostalgic about everything.  But I am sure Son will find that we kept entirely too much when we moved.  Just as we have found with both of our mothers' belongings as they each had to downsize even further.

For now for us it is getting pretty exciting.  Single digits till we begin the new, exciting adventure.  An adventure that looks more like the beginning of a young married couple rather than two old poops.  We like living our of our demographics.  We like being involved with newer technology.  Husband thrives on learning of other cultures.  He loves to look at things from a different perspective.  And we will be near 3 terrific grandsons, Son and the varied life they lead.

It's now 7 days till professionals arrive for packing day, 8 till load day and 9 till the keys are handed over to the new owners.  Single digits and we leave the fish.  By the way, the contract we signed on the house had included that all things regarding the pond be left including the fish.  The bank balked as they do not make loans on fish!  So the words 'including fish' were removed and an addendum was added stating we would leave the fish.  So long my wet friends.  Now hand me the money, Mr. Banker!

My goldfish for 9 more days.  I'll miss these critters!


Monday, October 21, 2013

T - 10 Was A Packing Day

No, we are not packing heat, we were packing boxes and boxes and boxes of stuff.  Clothing, books, photo albums, stereos and other stuff.  Husband learned today that when packing one can grab plastic lids, plastic trays, etc to use between items instead of packing papers.  What a revelation to him that it serves double purpose.

Husband did get on the phone and was able to get our appointments set up with a new doctor in the area to which we are moving.  This is the first time we have had to change doctors since being old enough that our primary insurance is medicare.  For many, many years there have been doctors that do not wish to service more than a certain number of persons in the medicare system.  Surely understand that as one must meet one's expenses and pay off the high cost of a medical degree.  While my needs are not critical, Husband's needs are vital to his life.  After a near fatal clot in 2007 and another clot last September six weeks after knee replacement, INR monitoring is essential to his life.  We are thankful today to have found a doctor that has an appointment available soon after we arrive in Round Rock.

Today's post will not be long as we have two more sets of folks to say our byes to tonight.  There will be one last group planned event this Thursday.  After that it will be just the smattering of folks we see as we deliver items and buy more packing tape!  No lovely outdoor pictures nor Macro Monday pictures today, just boxes and boxes and boxes of stuff.  And piles of stuff to be documented and boxed.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Panic T - 11

Hey, silly, do not panic.  Think how God cares even for the flowers! 

Last evening was a neighborhood gathering of folks we have known for from just a few months to 20+ years.  Three of the households present moved in between August 1992 and April 1993.  Two households were empty nesters (of which we were one) and one had two young sons.  Our son was away at TCU in the second semester of his second year.  We were tired of running two cars 70+ miles each day to our jobs in Springfield.  We relocated in February, 1993.  Jack and Ann relocated from Maryland to be near a daughter to help with a small child.  Brian and Jane were moving to a new home with the two small sons.

Twenty one years has brought a lot of changes to the three original households.  The small child that needed extra care from grandparents due to a heart defect is fully healed and living a normal life.  The 'boys' of Brian and Jane are grown men.  One is in the film industry in California.  The other has just returned from a third rotation into the Middle East war zones.  That son has made Brian and Jane proud grandparents of a precious little girl.  Our son graduated TCU and UT, Denton, with a masters in industrial psychology, a marriage, three grandsons and a divorce.  Twenty one years sees a lot of change for all of us.

All the other homes on the block have changed hands as least once and some, numerous times.  The house next door to the east we calculated has had 18 different residents in the 20 years since it was built.  The last owners have live there seven years and vow to leave in a hearse.  The day we moved in on February 18, 1993, Charlie our grey striped cat ran under the subfloor of that house.  There were no walls, only foundation and subfloor.  We were agile enough to crawl under that house and retrieve Charlie.  Within just a few days Charlie bolted out an open door never to be seen again we feared.  Next door neighbors on the other side helped us look for him to no avail.  Those neighbors moved away after about 10 years.

Our house has protected us from snow storms.  One had snow drifted up over 3 feet against our garage doors.  We did not make it to work that day.  Another storm left snow knee deep in the street.  That was after Gene had bought the Jeep.  We made it to work that day.  Us and about 12 other people.  We all went back home.  Gene loved all the 4 wheel driving in the snow.  Hail storms, ice storms and tornadoes have assailed this home.  And we have remained safe.  And now in 11 days we will leave it to protect someone else.

And the panic is not over leaving the home.  It is that my back is behaving badly today.  Heating pads, Advil and rest between packing each box is making the progress be slow.  But it will get done.  I just have to sit in a chair while sorting, packing and labeling.  No need to panic as things always work out somehow in this house.  Just like the day Son returned from TCU for summer break in 1993.  Within an hour of Son's arrival from out of nowhere Charlie the striped cat walked into the garage and meowed to be let in.  Son said Charley had been waiting for him to come home.  Guess there really is no need to panic on day t - 11.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Selling and Packing T - 12

I have a spreadsheet that has what we are trying to get done each day.  We do not always get done certain things on the assigned day.  Like yesterday I just wanted to get started on one certain closet and the tubs in the garage.  I was able to come to the end of the day tired and feeling like progress was made.  We began working on the TV armoire redo to make into shelves so it would sell better to the resale store.  Darn thing started looking so good we decided to keep it and us to store our china in the new place.  Not even going to try to finish the redo till we get to Austin/Round Rock.

Several items are listed on craigslist.  We have been spending time with folks coming to look and buy every thing from a candlestick lamp table to ladders to our washing machine.  The person buying the machine is graciously allowing us to use it till next week.  Even the dining table is sold.  We took it apart today to get it out of the way so I can start putting breakable items the movers are to pack on a folding table.  We still have the oak rolltop computer desk I gave Husband one year as a surprise.  It will probably go to a consignment shop nearby.

In 30 minutes we will be at a neighborhood good bye party.  Looking forward to chatting up the neighbors we call the waving neighbors.  Gonna be different this Christmas morning not delivering freshly baked goodies to these homes.  Been doing it for about 16 or 17 years.  Yes, this is going to be different living in a loft apartment setting where everyone else are 'not in our demographics' as Son put it after looking the place over for us.

Time to close, get freshened up and go hug friends and neighbors.  Oh, and eat some of Sharon's great chili.  Till tomorrow and T - 11 report!

Friday, October 18, 2013

Autumn T - 13

This year the leaves are not showing color as early as some years.  With this being our last year to live in the area I must admit I am disappointed.  Years past have presented wonderful fall colors.  Last year's blog post, Aux Arcs, included pictures of a Jeep trip with a small sample of the beauty in this area.  I have years of beautiful pictures of fall colors.  It is difficult to decide which to bore share with the Spin Cycle audience.
I will just use some I found on this hard drive.

Japanese Stroll Garden near our home, 2010.  This garden was developed
with the assistance of sister city, Isesaki, Japan.

Gene and his Jeep are in there somewhere, 2003.

There he is fording some stream in the Ozarks, 2003.  I was at work paying for the gas. )

2001 in Mark Twain Nat'l Park
Hercules Glades area.
Before good digital camera! 

The colors around here today were mostly on my table and mantel.  

The dogwood in the backgound is the one tree showing off this year.

No color showing except the roses.

Happy Autumn from my home to yours.

Second Blooming

Skywatch Friday October 18, 2013

Skies from around the world can be seen by simply clicking here to view blogs connected to Skywatch Friday.  You will see skies of spring from the Southern Hemisphere, skies of fall from the Northern Hemisphere and skies of beauty from all points in between.

Here in the Ozarks we had a clear, crisp start to this early fall Friday.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Thursday Theme - Blurry

Thursday Theme Photo Challenge is:
"Blurry" (unfocused, moving, foggy ....)
That describes most of my photographs!

To see photos by folks that know what they are doing with photography click here.

Hotel in Banff, no stopping, shot from inside the Jeep!

Kansas roadside, no time to stop!  The yellow blur are tickseed coreopsis flowers.

Husband was not driving or this would be blurry and foggy at Lake Louise, AL, Canada. 

Again, no time to stop and it is a moose for heavens sake!  

Just did not want to set up a tripod at Indian Springs campground, my bad!

Thanks to all who leave comments.  I seem to be unable to reply.  Google and I are working on it, though!

T - 14 It Finally Hit

Last Goodbyes

Two weeks before we drive away
from this home of near 21 years
My body wakes to what is called an I hurt day.
As I sat in meditation came the unstoppable tears.

Last goodbyes are now a daily thing
Be it family, friends and others considered dear.
There are phone calls with words of love they sing
Those last long hugs, kisses and quiet whispers in my ear.

The new life we are moving toward
Can seem oh, so far away
Especially when the tears are flowing hard
On an I am hurting day.

But with the tears comes memories so sweet.
At the thought of games, parties and that one play
The tears bring release of tension from head to feet.
Just the thought of friends has changed it to I rejoice day.

T - 15 It Felt Good

Today I began cleaning and packing items we would be moving.  I decided I did not want to make this bed again.  I mean why?  I need to pack not make a bed.  Therefore, I ran all the shams, comforter and pillows through a Dryel cycle.  Folded and placed in a tub marked Master Bdrm, 1 of _ cause I do not know how many more boxes I will have for the Master bdrm.  Well, it is the only bedroom but whatever.  Also, backed up my laptop and made sure it had actually backed up properly.  It had.  Cleared breakable items from both bedside tables as well as all chapstick and lotions.  Found some candles in a couple of places.  Those have been placed in the 'we gotta carry not the moving van' box.

Gene spent a lot of his day in Marionville visiting and dealing with his Mom's issues.  She fell again yesterday getting our of the wheelchair.  The brakes were not locked and she pushed up only the chair moved so down she went.  The meeting with the care team had no new information.  The assessment was she continues to decline in strength and memory.  She will be 99 this Saturday.

We gathered the clothing that is too old and not the 'name' labels from yesterday's wasted time and took them to places where they were appreciated.  Battered women aren't nearly so fashion conscience as some folks.  Something about priorities I suspect.  While at the shelter dropping off some stuff it occurred to me how much I will miss doing the spiritual spa for these women.  While there are women at the church that will continue the tradition, I will miss the opportunity to serve these women.

I have one chair that cost us around $400 back in 1971.  That chair is so comfortable with a down pillow back.  One feels safe and snug in that chair.  I actually cried more than once about parting with this chair.  But there is just no room at the new home.  While at the shelter today I knew what needed to be done with this favorite chair.  It needs to live at the shelter.  It needs to be a place a woman can sit and be safe.  A place where she can feel cared for and loved.  And then it felt good.  I was ready to part with the chair.

This is really what down sizing is about, making choices of what to do with stuff that has become almost members of my family.  In addition to the chair having found a new home, we came home to call folks to eliminate the guest bedroom bed.  We were planning to take it and store till we moved to a two bedroom apartment.  We realized that was just not practical.  The chances of our moving into a bigger place are slim.  Different families had inquired earlier so we gave them calls.  Now it is down to coming to an agreement of value.  It felt good to let more of our belongings go to new homes.

A sister from another mother stopped by to visit 'one last time' tonight.  We had dinner ready for her as she was on her way home from work.  A leisurely dinner and great conversation was enjoyed by us three.  She had brought munchies for us to have to grab as we are working on the packing projects.  I will miss her so very much.  She was sent home with a metal butterfly yard decoration she had admired for years.  A book, Whatever Happened to Kansas?, given to Husband by Son will travel with that Kansas native.  It was time for her to leave.  We all hugged, cried and said good bye.  Then it felt good as I watched her put my butterfly in the trunk of her car.  Another part of me will stay here.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

T - 16 Wasted or Wiser

Been attending Financial Peace University.  Working to remake how we handle finances including disposal of all things we will not use in Texas.  I researched resale stores in the area and tried to cull anything I thought would not sell.  We spent money last evening purchasing dry cleaning kits.  I spent the morning cleaning several of Gene's dress jackets, coats and some of my stuff that were pretty decent clothing.  Wasted money, wasted time.  Lessons learned about taking clothing to resale stores.

  • Label names can be too old.
  • Name brand labels are about the only labels considered.
  • The stores are not responsible for damage to clothing while they are looking them over.  
  • Men's resale stores have all closed.  
  • A two year old $200 LL Bean down jacket is now worth $6.
  • We live in a shallow society that values a "label name" more than a clean, useful piece of clothing.
I will just donate the good clothing to a place that will help real people.  Not people more concerned with status, name brands and a self image created by stuff.  Sometimes there is a better peace than just financial.

Matthew 7:6

Amplified Bible (AMP)
Do not give that which is holy (the sacred thing) to the dogs, and do not throw your pearls before hogs, lest they trample upon them with their feet and turn and tear you in pieces.


Monday, October 14, 2013


I am a quitter.  I lack follow through on so many parts of my life.  I never went to college, really.  I did take one course, Old Testament History, in the fall of 1976 or so.  I still have one of the study books.  I made an A.  No, that is secondary school speak, 4.0 is what the slip of paper had on it.  I was 30 that December when I achieved the 4.0.  I spoke to the college admissions office about taking another course the next semester.  I learned that the ACT tests I had taken my senior year in high school were no longer valid.

It was of no significance that I had ranked in the top 10% in the entire nation in 1965.  "That score would have gotten you a full ride scholarship today," said the young lady in the admissions office.  "But you must retest in order to attend another course" she said with a kind, sympathetic smile.  Or another option was just to audit classes with no grade.  My dear, close, supportive friend, Donna, brought me a book to study to re-take the college entrance test.  Donna was a high school teacher/counselor so she knew her stuff.  I studied for a little while but I never did take the test, I never again attended an undergraduate class.  I quit.

That lack of a college education has cost me job advancements in the work place.  The lack of self discipline was the root cause of the, just write it, Janice, failure on so many levels.  I never went to college when I first graduated from high school because the money was not available.  My folks told me to live at home and save the money from my job at TI.  My mom still was verbally abusive to me.  I was a head strong twit that just wanted to get away from my unbearable parents.  I found a girl from Horizon club that, like me, was not going off to college.  We obtained a furnished apartment and I moved away from home without even telling my parents anything.  Momma came home from work one afternoon in August, 1965 and found me packing the car with all my belongings.

She threw a fit, as usual.  Daddy was very disappointed and angry, too.  They allowed me to buy the 1961 Falcon from them for $300.  And it was done.  I started my life of independence.  I sometimes call it my Year of Sin.  During that year I partied, I worked third shift, I made friends with folks at work and played on the Texins volleyball league.  Somewhere along the way the first roommate moved back home.  I found another roomie among the workforce in the Integrated Circuits department where I worked.  Carol Walter was her name.  She later dated the man that would eventually introduce me to the man of my dreams.

I changed jobs in August of 1966, about the same time I met Husband.  He was my date to the last TI buds party I ever attended.  I quit TI.  Worked for Columbia Finance for 6 months.  Then I quit there as I was not making enough money to offset the cost of working in downtown Dallas.  I quit my independent life for lack of money, too.  I moved back home.  It was not pleasant being back home.  I would endure my folks only long enough until Future Husband and I would be married in June 1967.  I have not quit him.

All this brings me back to feelings that washed over me this first day of packing for the move.  This day that I started by saying goodbye to family that has been visiting.  This morning that I sat to read a devotional and some blogs to catch up on blog folks.  This morning that I chose to click on a link to The Actual Pastor.  This morning that I clicked on another link that was a young author of books of faith.  This morning when I read of the blogger's journey in faith including her education.  Of seminars she attends to further develop her craft.  Of all the educated folks our there bearing witness to their faith.

While I have always had an outlet for my faith, I am beginning to feel that once again the lack of a degree makes my faith less polished.  Less useful in the 'you have to have a degree to work here' world.  I have noticed this lack of "formal education" as I sat on boards at church.  In a community that has no less than 2 universities and about 5 colleges, I am feel ...... useless.  Because I quit.  Now don't go all, "Oh, Janice you have so much blah, blah, blah," on me.  I am fully aware of my many gifts and talents.  Wildly creative, even inspirational at times in speaking and then my fall back, my humor.  But I always realize the paths that I blocked for myself by quitting.

I know there is hope for folks like me.  I know there is a place in God's plan for voices that are not so polished, not so educated not so full of self confidence that faith is just a business.  And for that I am thankful.  That Christ was not a quitter.  That the Creator never gives up, never quits.  And continues to love even quitters.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Blank Slate

Not sure what this day will bring.  It is Sunday, but I am ill prepared to go worship.  It will be a challenge as we relocate to initiate commitment to a new congregation.  Finding a faith practice home will be a part of the relocation of our physical home.  An important part of the process of the challenges that lie before us.   It is so much easier to just sit and write about all this than to get off my duff and get started.  Of course, I am waiting on the boxes for packing to arrive.

Tomorrow will be the last day for our dear relatives to be here visiting from other states.  They have come to spend time with Edna.  Their visit on Friday was as good as it gets now.  Edna was awake and talking.  Some sentences made sense, most were incomplete or incoherent.  BIL is back there this morning.  He has text that she was asleep and he could not wake her.  Husband text to get the staff to help.  With the oxygen back on her, which she will try repeatedly to remove, she is up but not responsive.  Sentences are not much more than sounds.  Not an easy thing for family, sons and granddaughter to see the slow descent of the family matriarch.  It seems almost cruel that she remains in the neather world between between life and death.

I wonder if Edna wished in her mind for a blank slate instead of the garbled visions and words of her 99 year old slate.  A slate that sees people she recognizes for a flash and then loses in the darkness of her mind.  It is as if she is seeing life with an intermittently flashing strobe light.  The confusion of total darkness punctuated by a bright flash of memory.  No wonder she stays confused.  No wonder she prefers to safety of almost comatose sleep.

T - 16 days till movers arrive to pack the delicate things.  T - 17 days till moving van loading.  T - 18 days till closing and a Blank Slate staring us in the face in the full light of day.  We are anxious for that day to arrive.

The Matriarch in August, 2010, still living in full light just 3 years ago.  

Saturday, October 12, 2013

T Minus Nineteen

Nineteen days to closing.  Today we began getting the tubs that I packed in May down so I could go through them again.  In May the plan was 3 bedroom, 2 bath, 2 car garage house of no less than 1400 sq. ft.  That was 300 sq. ft. less than our current home.  Not that much difference.  After considering all the options and visiting several areas our minds began to change in what we wanted for this new phase of life.  With 880 sq. ft. a lot more stuff must be eliminated.  Stay tuned for sorting fun!

Friday, October 11, 2013

The Color Of Love - Blue

'In the day' when I was a preteen and teenaged girl EVERYBODY loved Elvis.  I liked Elvis but I did not swoon, what ever the heck that is.  I think swooning is somewhere between fainting and having a pubic area sensation.  Whatever, Elvis did not do it for me.  Loved his songs, just no fainty, twingy feelings.  There were a lot of singers, actors and nice looking guys that could cause one or both of the feelings.  Not Elvis, neither Don nor Phil Everly, not Fabian nor even Ritchie Valens.  One of the Beach Boys, Tim Considine and Paul McCartney came about as close as any.  Sam Cooke was hot as was Johnny Mathis, yum.  Yes, I know. Please, remember I was a country teenage girl.  All I knew was that twingy thing.

What does all that have to do with the color of love, this week's Spin Cycle challenge?  Bobby Vinton and his songs.  "Roses are red, my love, ......."  "Blue on Blue, heartache on heartache"  And one of my all time favorites was:  "..She wore blue velvet, Bluer than velvet were her eyes.  Warmer than May her tender thighs  (a girl could dream) sighs, Love was ours"....  I would spend hours listening to the stack of 45's on my portable stereo and Bobby Vinton's songs would send me to dreamland every time.  A dream of a tall man that would make me feel small as I was overweight most of my early teen years.  A man that would love me and want me to be near him.  I would pull the blankets tight against my legs and back and dream of a time I could go to sleep in the arms of that unknown man.

Fast forward to the boom days of Branson, Missouri.  Everyone wanted a piece of the upcoming music mecca.  In 1993 here it was, Bobby Vinton's Blue Velvet Theater.  I paid full price for two tickets to go see and hear Bobby Vinton's love songs of my youth.  And I was not disappointed.  His voice was still wonderful.  Then the band struck the chords and I knew the song, "She wore blue velvet ......"  That is when Husband, the man of those long ago dreams, took my hand and led me to the dance area of the theater.  He held me close and we danced.  My mind was back listening to the 45's and now in the arms of my true love.

June 30, 1967, Allen, Texas.
"Dressed" for characters in 1972 Allen, TX centennial.
June 30, 2012, 45th annivesary in the arms of my love.

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