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Friday, October 11, 2013

The Color Of Love - Blue

'In the day' when I was a preteen and teenaged girl EVERYBODY loved Elvis.  I liked Elvis but I did not swoon, what ever the heck that is.  I think swooning is somewhere between fainting and having a pubic area sensation.  Whatever, Elvis did not do it for me.  Loved his songs, just no fainty, twingy feelings.  There were a lot of singers, actors and nice looking guys that could cause one or both of the feelings.  Not Elvis, neither Don nor Phil Everly, not Fabian nor even Ritchie Valens.  One of the Beach Boys, Tim Considine and Paul McCartney came about as close as any.  Sam Cooke was hot as was Johnny Mathis, yum.  Yes, I know. Please, remember I was a country teenage girl.  All I knew was that twingy thing.

What does all that have to do with the color of love, this week's Spin Cycle challenge?  Bobby Vinton and his songs.  "Roses are red, my love, ......."  "Blue on Blue, heartache on heartache"  And one of my all time favorites was:  "..She wore blue velvet, Bluer than velvet were her eyes.  Warmer than May her tender thighs  (a girl could dream) sighs, Love was ours"....  I would spend hours listening to the stack of 45's on my portable stereo and Bobby Vinton's songs would send me to dreamland every time.  A dream of a tall man that would make me feel small as I was overweight most of my early teen years.  A man that would love me and want me to be near him.  I would pull the blankets tight against my legs and back and dream of a time I could go to sleep in the arms of that unknown man.

Fast forward to the boom days of Branson, Missouri.  Everyone wanted a piece of the upcoming music mecca.  In 1993 here it was, Bobby Vinton's Blue Velvet Theater.  I paid full price for two tickets to go see and hear Bobby Vinton's love songs of my youth.  And I was not disappointed.  His voice was still wonderful.  Then the band struck the chords and I knew the song, "She wore blue velvet ......"  That is when Husband, the man of those long ago dreams, took my hand and led me to the dance area of the theater.  He held me close and we danced.  My mind was back listening to the 45's and now in the arms of my true love.

June 30, 1967, Allen, Texas.
"Dressed" for characters in 1972 Allen, TX centennial.
June 30, 2012, 45th annivesary in the arms of my love.

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