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Monday, September 3, 2012


About the most I ever thought of filters was when I smoked about a gazillion years ago.  Next was looking for the air conditioners filters for the uniquely sized air conditioning unit at 3871.  Well, and there was the brief period of filters on my sink and ice maker.

I have been filtering the news and ads for political stuff.  That has made for less stressful television viewing.  I was filtering outside noises so well at the hospital, I did not hear Gene trying to get my attention.  I do use paper coffee filters inside a metal coffee filter.

Greenfield filter.
Today was a look into Gene's abdomen to check on a Greenfield filter installed in 2007.  After the "event" that year the filter was installed as a precaution to catch clots that might form in his legs and travel to the lungs.  Well, it worked.  There was a clot caught in the filter.  The tiny pieces that made it to Gene's lungs came from that clot.  The tiny pieces were not of a life threatening size in the lungs.

So thanks to all the inventors that thought about filters more than I ever will.  I appreciate the good tasting water, coffee, filtered air and less noisy television.  But tonight I sit here thanking Dr. Lazar J. Greenfield, Mr. Garman Kimmel (an oil industry engineer) and one young motorcyclist.  Because of the death of the young motorcyclist, Dr. Greenfield began working toward a better way to prevent pulmonary embolism.  Working together Dr. Greenfield and Mr. Kimmel developed the Greenfield Filter.  For the entire story, visit

Gene still enjoying life because of Dr. Greenfield, Mr. Kimmel and a departed young man.

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