Friday, October 12, 2012

Aux Arcs

The deep sound of thunder awoke us in the early hours of the morning.  But we just rolled over and returned to our old age sleep.  Eventually we did arise and prepare for a Jeep trip into the Ozark hills.  A Living Social deal or two were needing to be used.  Actually only one was on the verge of expiring and it was for three bottles of wine and a wine tasting.

A check into the website of the winery had shown it did not open until noon therefore our easy start to the morning.  We load ourselves along with a few pistachios nuts for munching into the Jeep for the 90 mile trip.  A Starbucks stop for a caffeine fix & scones for our tanks, a Murphy's gas stop for the Jeep tank and we were off on our little day trip.

Other than the overcast skies, the weather was delightful for a fall ride.  The leaves while not at peak certainly were eye candy for us after months of surgeries and recuperation.  Never mind that there may be more surgery in the near future, today was to be our day to enjoy fall.  We were not disappointed.

The drive to the winery was only a short distance off pavement.  A right turn onto a slightly winding gravel drive ended at Travers Home Winery.  We rang the doorbell and walked in as instructed on the sign.  A single room filled with wine making paraphernalia had the stage set for our tasting.  Mr. Jim Travers, who had just returned from a trip to Korea with his daughter, shared his wine and some of his life story.

We enjoyed the fruits of his family's labors sampling about 10 or 12 different wines.  All wines were grown in Missouri.  Two of the wines are made from just his grapes.  I am certain our wine connoisseur son could give all sorts of reviews.  Next time he is home you can call and talk to him for the connoisseur version.  Otherwise here is our assessment.  We came home with 6 different bottles, some sweet, some semi sweet and one that is "almost a port".  

For you folks here in the Springfield, MO, area the winery has tastings every other Friday at the new super market at Kansas and Battlefield.  Oh, you know the one!  If you wish to make the short trip to Willow Springs to the Travers Home Winery prepare to do the Aux Arcs Wine Road tour.  There are three wineries with in a 5 mile radius.  We already are thinking about who we will take with the next time we go down to Willow Springs.

So hope you have enjoyed our fall wine tasting tour here in the Ozarks.  Or as the French name for the region north of the northern most bend in the Arkansas River, Aux Arcs.

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