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Monday, February 29, 2016

+ 5 weeks - 23

Ok, I seem to be able to not count or subtract.  It may be the leap year thing or something.  So I will give you the facts and you can decide for yourself.  We drive to Dallas on March 22.  We spend a night with my Sissy and fly out on March 23 at 5:40 PM.  My surgery was on January 25.  You do the math now.

Just for the record, the extension was 0 degrees without any warm-ups at PT.  No need for the second guy to be pushing down H A R D on the new joint like last Monday.  Flex, or the bend of the knee, was 122 without a warm-up.  Three pulls with a sheet and it was 131.  I am so very pleased with this as it makes everything involving movement so much easier.

To celebrate after a more aggressive workout at PT, I went grocery shopping.  I hate grocery shopping, usually.  Today it was great to just do something other than nurse and exercise a knee.  Gene met me at the grocery store gas pumps and we filled both cars.  We spent less than $14 for both cars as we had a $0.50 per gallon discount.  That was about 65 cents a gallon!  Good thing cause I blew $100 at the grocery store.

Finally returned home and put away the groceries.  Ate a bit of lunch, chicken salad on toasted bread.  It was time to elevate and ice.  Ahhhhh.  Total of one mile of walking left me tired and resting most of the afternoon.  You know, pacing......

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