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Thursday, March 22, 2012


Maine, 2005
Today I ventured from the house in the car for the first time in almost 4 weeks.  A meeting making plans for a luncheon for a women's group.  It was nice to work with the four ladies today.  Pleasant to see the folks at the church.  Gene did the driving as the doctor release for me to drive will come tomorrow.

As we pulled out of the parking lot, Gene asked if I wanted to go anywhere else.  I realized that I was ready to get back to the comfort of my 4 walls.  There were times in my life when severe anxiety left me unable to leave my home, my safe place.  That has not been an issue for several years.  I have just turned into a hermit.

Cape Cod shore, 2005
Do not presume that I am a religious hermit, spending hours in prayer and study.  Nothing nearly so high minded.  I just enjoy the home we have worked to have.  Most of the time I do not have the need to seek entertainment outside the house and yard.

Even when we take trips I prefer just the two of us instead of tours.  So does that make me anti social or just a person that does not require constant social contact to be fulfilled?

Ogunquit, Maine, shoreline
We were looking forward to getting together with some friends on Friday.  Unfortunately one of the group is in surgery at this moment repairing a ruptured abscess in the digestive track.  What had started as a clam, peaceful evening with a fire to remove the chill has turned into turmoil.

So tonight I am taking the time to be the religious hermit, keeping our dear friends Jerry and Bernie in prayer for successful surgery and continued healing.  Anyone reading this, please, offer up a prayer for this family.  And if not a believer, send healing thoughts through the cosmos.

Cape Cod clammers, 2005

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